Simian Mobile Disco - Pinball

alex on August 24 2009

im still debating on if i like this album or not, however there are a couple clutch tracks. additionally, who doesnt like a good game of pinball? you know who hated pinball? the nazis... holy shit this is post 420, too bad i dont smoke weed anymore.

Young Buffalo - New Beat

chris on August 24 2009

Straight out of Oxford son. Oxford Mississippi that is. Now excuse me will I escape from work and soak in some of these dangerous summer rays.

Hockey - Curse This City

chris on August 21 2009

I find Hockey reminiscent of the strokes, and I dig it. You dig?

Soft Black - The Earth Is Black

chris on August 20 2009

Please god let me find an apartment this afternoon. Here is a track from some fellow Brooklynites

Asobi Seksu - Transparence

alex on August 20 2009

Asobi Seksu makes such sexy music, see what i did there? cant wait to hear the new album.

Tigercity - Fake Gold

alex on August 19 2009

new york, im gonna need you to turn down the heat for a little bit this is getting ridiculous. worst feeling in the world is getting out of the shower sweating.... burning alive comes in a close second.

Jack Penate - Tonights Today

christopher on August 19 2009

Very cool song Jack.... But why exactly is today tonight again?

Let's Wrestle - I won't lie to you

christopher on August 19 2009

I really can't imagine myself in another city than Brooklyn. But damn I need a new apartment real bad.

Arcade Fire - Wake Up

christopher on August 18 2009

Sorry for up-posting, but give me a break cause that second Where The Wild Things Are trailer really has me goin. You better look out for love.

Jerry Reed - Don't think Twice It's alright.

christopher on August 18 2009

All right. There has been some ups, some downs, but this southern boy is back in the big city.