Sales - Getting It On

Alex on October 07 2014

Apparently Orlando has a music scene? Between Sales and xXpriestXx I'm really starting to vibe with this Post Mickey Synth Wilderness Lodge Mod Pop music genre.

Kitty - Ay Shawty 3.0 feat. lakutis

chris on February 06 2014

Highschool babe girl next door that hangs out with community college dudes and can't remember your name, comes hard with this sweet sexy serenade with an amazing beat. Lakutis has some serious white boy skills.

LIPS - Everything to Me

Alex on August 20 2013

How about we take it down a notch or 12. This track has been on repeat in my headphones for 2 days now. I'm like Lennie in of Mice and Men when I find a new song I love.

Lohaus - White Feathers

chris on January 22 2015

I haven't just been ignoring you, it's been dry out there people. Dryer than a nun's C word as they say. I decided to take a stand and not post anymore throwbacks until I discovered new music, AND BEHOLD! I've found some new amazing music... that I know absolutely nothing about... except that my ear holes are like, "fuck yeah dude!"

Kiiara - Gold

chris on June 24 2015

Just woke up from a mid afternoon nap. I could really get used to this unemployment stuff real quick. Idle hands are the devil's workshop or something... that's a good thing right?

Jenny Hval - That Battle is Over

chris on March 12 2015

At first I was like... No way Jose, get that Alanis Morissette bullshit outta my face. But then I was like, wait... Jagged Little Pill was kinda amazing. Then I was like, don't relate this artist to Alanis Morisette! She's her own strong independent woman, Chris! Get your closed minded misogynistic head out of your ass. I mean, it was International Women's Day the other day for Christ sake. You know what Jenny Hval... You go girl! Sacred Bones once again nails it.

Munchausen By Proxy - Sweet Ballad

chris on March 02 2009

My sweet sweet Zooey.

Sillyboy - Nature Of Things

chris on April 08 2013

Now we're talking. Something I can stand at my desk and slowly dance at work to.

Complicated Universal Cum - I Can Hardly Wait

christopher on June 22 2010

HELLO DENMARK. Thank you for giving me one of the sexiest videos I have ever seen. This one ranks up there with Ciara - Ride and that Daisy Lowe video for British Esquire. eff.

Wilco and Fleet Foxes - I Shall Be Released

christopher on January 26 2010

They say everything can be replaced. They say every distance is not near. So I remember ever face, of every man who put me here. That has always been one of my favorite lyrics. It sounds like Wilco is going for the Dylan version and Fleet Foxes are nailing The Band's version right down to the keys.