UNKLE - The Answer

christopher on September 13 2010

Let us all hold hands and praise the music Gods for bestowing upon us the new UNKLE album. Now can we smooch a little bit too. Too far?

30 Rock Soundtrack - Werewolf Bar Mitzvah (RAC Remix)

alex on December 04 2010

I know, I know what youre saying "WTF ALEX YOU ALREADY POSTED THIS SONG!!11!one!11!"(for some reason youre saying numbers out loud between exclamation points, its not my fault you talk like a computer(goto a speech therapist)) Yes wise listeners, I did in fact post this about 30 days ago BUT this is the REC remix and who can resist an REC remix, amirite?

Jeremy Jay - Gallop

chris on May 04 2009

I'm pretty sure I have the swine flu. panic.

SALES - vow

Alex on June 02 2014

Albert Hammond Jr. as a senorita (bonita).

Du Tonc - We Can Hold On

chris on October 27 2015

So I'm really just biding my time today. All I want to do is play the new Halo, but I'm pretending to be an adult about it. Get your work done Chris, then you can play Halo... Just wait until quitting time. Who am I kidding, It's five o'clock somewhere. I've been waiting three years for this damn thing.

BBNG - Fall in Love (J Dilla Tribute)

chris on February 06 2016

Like a finely printed book, a hand crafted mid century chair, a misty fall morning, an early 90s Porsche, the Welsh countryside... This is perfection. Haters to the left.

Snowden - Fineshrine (Purity Ring Cover)

Alex on April 14 2015

Cutting open sternums has never sounded so peaceful.

Maximum Baloon - Tiger (feat. Aku Orraca-Tetteh)

alex on June 16 2010

Welp here it is, hope you like it. Ive spent countless days, spanning over the course of about 7 months, sitting in my room working on this. I didnt get everything I wanted accomplished but its still a huge step up from what we were working with before. I'd like to bid a fond farewell(not so much) to our dedicated internet explorer users, its time to step up your game and use a different web browser. id like to thank mountain dew typhoon for providing me with the late night energy required to finish the site. we'll probably be getting a shit ton of new traffic so here's a couple tips for our new listeners - chris and myself are two dudes from brooklyn who enjoy high fives and good music, dont e mail us about spelling errors, im not quite sure how to properly use our puncuation system nor do i really care, this site is about the music first and foremost and our bullshit antics secondly, i spent sunday night on an Amtrak train with a the drunkest hippy ive ever seen who pulled down his pants on the train and was dragged out by police while screaming FIFTH! FIFTH! that should pretty much sum us up. - follow our twitter!

jj - The Truth

christopher on January 12 2010

My friend jonny says there are only two types of people in this world, people who know Karate, and people who don't. Now you just think about that.

Annuals - Loxtep

alex on April 16 2010

well a new annuals EP just recently dropped and its sounding a lot better than Such Fun. i still dont see the band living up to the Be He Me album, it seems like theyre still searching for a solid sound. in other news: yesterday was national high five day, and i for one did not high five anyone or anything. so tonight i will be out looking for just that, high fives and lots of them. *highfive world.