Classixx - All You're Waiting For

chris on May 06 2013

Classixx are nice with it. Good to hear my pal Nancy Whang on this track. What a talented babe.

Bell and Sebastian - Come On Sister

christopher on October 03 2010

Belle and Sebastian, bringing you really good Irish pansy music since 1996.

Robin Thicke - Pretty Lil' Heart (feat. Lil Wayne)

alex on April 18 2012

The past two nights I haven't been able to sleep, solar flares seem to really fuck with my head for some reason. Regardless - tonight I intend on taking everything in my apt that will make me sleep a full nights sleep. I plan on litterally collapsing on my bed full of clothes and bullshit and waking up fully rested with bits of loose change and garbage embedded in my skin from sleeping 12 hours on them.

Vuk - The Arms Of Spirits

alex on April 16 2009

fuck yes to warm weather. high five mother nature! whats that mother nature?? no i will not let you give me a hand job! ok.. just this once.


alex on April 25 2013

I'm conducting an experiment in my shower. It's called the "How many empty product bottles can we keep until we hit critical mass" experiment. So far things are going really well. I'll be sure to keep everyone updated on my progress barring I don't get caught in an avalanche of empty Thai Massage Axe body wash bottles. TO BE CONTINUED........

Lukestar - White Shade

alex on May 11 2009

Ive noticed that from an outisiders perspective I must listen to music with really annoying dude voices. and im ok with that.

Voxtrot - Fast Asleep

Alex on April 18 2013

I know every word to every Voxtrot song ever. ..... no one sentence has ever made me feel more like a 14 year old girl. I suppose I should just embrace it and have a slumber party. What a weird event - slumber party. At what age did the slumber party become the "fuck I'm too drunk to walk home so I'm crashing on your couch" party?

Hayden - The Van Song

william christopher thomas on August 10 2010

2nd up-post in the history of left as rain. don't hate on me.

Beck - 10000 Pesos

christopher on November 14 2011

A real tear jerker moment of the movie. Where he declairs he is going to win the moneys to buy a bus for the childrens to go on fieldtrips. NACHOOOOOOOOOOOOO!

Sr. Sly - Ghost

alex on September 04 2012

The music blogs are a'buzzin over mystery band Sr. Sly. Who could they possibly be?!! To tell you the truth I could give two fucking shits.