Zoo Kid - Broke

alex on January 12 2011

Damn Chris already posted Zoo kid.. oh well. Chris and myself will be at the King Krule show on Friday if anyone wants to punch us in the face. In other news: I'm just discovering I'm allergic to some form of nut in this Men's Health Planters variety mix (Yes, I'm that asshole who buys Men's Health nuts). How does one go almost 29 years without knowing these things?

Deerhunter - Coronado

alex on October 10 2010

Happy pre Columbus day left as rain!! a really long time ago a spanish sailer sailed on to American soil and claimed the home of thousands of native americans as his! such a sweet guy. I want to make a TV Show called Columbus Colombo, about a crime solving explorer.

Animal Collective - Daily Routine(Phase One Remix)

alex on July 15 2009


Daniel Rossen - Too Little Too Late (Jo Jo Cover)

alex on April 20 2009

this cover of too little too late gives me goosebumps, all of daniel rossens music is so hauntingly beautiful.

Lady of the Sunshine - Silver Revolver

christopher on November 18 2009

Man, i need to change things up a bit. Thinking about taking up welding. I may put up a few more songs today and make it an even 500.

Kay Kay And His Weathered Underground - Bowie The Desert Pea

chris on June 11 2009

Closing a chapter and opening another. Phew that chapter was long. congrats mama.

The Soft Pack - Cmon

chris on October 06 2010

The Soft Pack, previously know as the muslims.

Lazyeyes - Wait

Alex on September 10 2013

I just shaved for the first time in probably 6 months. My first thought was holy shit my skin is sensitive now - my second thought was that razor must be magical future technology because it just transported my face back in time 20 years. The good news is no one will recognize me so I guess I can go wander around women's locker rooms and stuff -- no wait.. that's if youre invisible. There is no good news, I miss my face rug.

Santigold - Can't Get Enough of Myself

Alex on November 15 2015

I don't generally post at 9:30AM on a Sunday morning but when I do it's gold --- santigold.

Nurses - Trying to Reach You

chris on July 26 2013

Totally singing this, trying to meet you, for about 5 minutes. Wrong Chris, it's reach you dumbass. Oh and whats the deal with crazy people and bags? I watched an insane woman rearrange pieces of scrap paper in a bag for 15 minutes straight on the train today. Let's be honest and just call it trash actually. She was rearranging trash.