Ra Ra Riot - Too Dramatic

alex on August 06 2010

I know what youre saying, WTF Alex there's like 700 ra ra riot songs on left as rain alreeady(technically there's not considering there's 710 songs total on left as rain so thats a gross exaggeration on your part, chill out dude). and yes, i agree, but its all part of my secret plan to take over the world-ive said too much.

Taken By Trees - My Boys

chris on October 21 2009

A little Animal Collective Cover by Victoria Bergsman.

LCD Soundsystem - Time To Get Away

chris on March 31 2011

So LCD is disbanding and having their farewell shows in their home, NYC. I saw them last night, and I have to admit, it was pretty alive in there.

Beach House - Norway

alex on December 16 2009

damn New York, you cold! our heater in this apartment is either shooting molten lava out the vents or laughing at you while you suffer hypothermia. i need to move back to warm climates.

Dr. Dog - The Breeze

chris on May 15 2009

Repost of one of my favorites. Are there dark parts to your mind, hidden secrets left behind? Where no one ever goes, but everybody knows.

Dr. Dog - Heart It Races

chris on March 19 2009

Chris is on hard times here in Brooklyn. Nothing like a little Dr. Dog to cheer a lad up.

Deer Tick - Not So Dense

chris on January 27 2008

I am really drawn to the haggard exhausted grittiness of Deer Tick. Although relatively young, John brings the wise lyrics and mature sound.

Class Actress - Weekend

chris on September 14 2011

Breathie girls. Can't get enough.

TOPS - Way to be Loved

Alex on September 29 2014

I've smoked maybe 10 cigarettes in my life. Something about this track makes me feel like I should be riding in a pink convertible Cadillac smoking Newports.

Banjo Or Frweakout - Upside Down

chris on December 30 2009

There seems to be alot of pressure on what one does on New Years Eve, so i will drown out all of the worries with this industrial yet ambient track from a band with a terrible name.