Frankie Rose and the Outs - Little Brown Haired Girls

christopher on July 16 2010

Where oh where has christopher been? I'll tell you where, straight relaxing in the South. I'm back now, so here is some of what you came for.

Calypso - Santiago

christopher on January 26 2011

Acoustic fades into studio recording. Pretty rad stuff Calypso. This is from a video shot for the website contributing editor.

The Decemberist - The Rake's Song

alex on January 19 2008

ef. its mlk day and im at work late. new president tomorrow? fuck yes.

Dark Night of the Soul - Little Girl (feat. Julian Casablancas)

alex on June 01 2009

this little gem is off of dangermouse and sparklehorse's new album. great tracks, find it, download it. EMI decieded to shelf this album, so this is going to be an album I support not buying, go download this shit and make EMI realize theyve made a huge mistake.

Minnesota - Hold Up

chris on November 28 2011

Getting ready for the Remember Paper Christmas party. Alex and I are gonna rock it.

Mansions on the Moon - It's Not Too Late (ft. Paper Diamond)

Alex on October 18 2013

For fuck's sake iPhone if I wanted to type ducking I'd type ducking. No one in the history of iPhone's has had their typo corrected to ducking. iPhones - correcting explicit rants to be humorous since 2007.

Seoul - Real June

chris on July 18 2015

I've been locked out of the site for days and finally got in. It's like I left my keys and I had to climb up the fire escape and climb in through the 4th story window.

Blood Diamonds - Heart

alex on November 03 2010

No internet in my new apartment makes me a sad boy. Posts will be coming pretty slow from me for the next few weeks but i still love ya kiddos. In other news I just spent about 10 minutes watching a homeless guy on special K walking MAYBE 3 feet a minute.

Holy Ghost - I Will Come Back

chris on July 10 2009

Whoa day chill out, you may be getting too bluey. WHO WANTS A MUSTACHE RIDE?!!!! This video is f'n sick btw. Say hi to sister Millhiser in there.

Justice - Newlands

chris on October 11 2011

Yeah,this is the new Justice. This time with much less French!