Fruit Bats - Dolly

alex on July 26 2011

THE FEEL GOOD SONG OF THE SUMMER! in other news - I'm on a juice fast and it makes me feel like I've been pertually smoking crack all day. Fuck redbull you put a shit ton of kale, apples, lime, lemon, carrots, spinach, ginger, and celery in a blender and you'll be jacked all day. MARK MY WORDS FRIENDS.

Memory Cassette - Ghost in the Boombox

alex on March 20 2009

Ghost in the motherfuckin boombox, you better watch the fuck out or the boogieman is gonna make you fuckin boogie down. AMIRITE?!

Blonde Redhead - Will There Be Stars

alex on September 03 2010

No witty comments from me today, I made the poor choice of getting a deli sandwich from a gnarly bodega at 11pm last night and I'm just trying to focus on not shitting inside my pants. How's that for a weekend kick off post?

Pillar Point - Eyeballs

chris on December 12 2013

I knew I recognized this sound... This dude is from LAR fave Throw Me the Statue. Watch it guys, this dude looks like the type who'd steal your girlfriend at a house party when you go and take a piss in the bushes. No I don't think her leaving with him has anything to do with me being the type of guy who pees in bushes.

Super Drag - Sucked Out

alexander feeling sucker mejias on September 15 2010

Taking it back to 199motherfuckin6. I've been keeping a secret for 14 years that I'd like to share with all my listeners... are you ready? you might want to sit down. it was me. i sucked out the feeling.

Misun - After Me

Alex on April 28 2015

Sometimes I wonder if I'm a puker... Like one of those people who puke under super tense situations. I honestly devote time to wondering about this, I rarely ever throw up. I certainly don't throw up when I'm stressed .. but then again no one has ever held a gun to my face. That's the fucked up part, you never know if you're a puker until it's way too late. It's gotta suck to have a gun pointed at you but it sucks way more to learn you're a puker.

Cake - Long Time

chris on January 03 2010

Some bands have a knack for making cool music. Listen to this and tell me this shit aint James Dean. Cut yo ass.

Toro y Moi - Leave Everywhere

alex on May 24 2010

Adios LOST, it was a good run.

Buscabulla - Caer

chris on November 10 2014

I can't speak the language, so i just repeat to the beat... you're a babe, you're a babe, you're a babe, babe babe babe yeeeee. I do know that the duo are Brooklyn based Puerto Rican's and their EP was produced by Dev Hynes, who can apparently do no wrong. Except I thought I saw you in a Starbucks the other day buddy. If that's correct, me and you need to sort some shit out.

Tapes N Tapes - Headshock

chris on June 23 2009

Sorry for the quality of this track.