Pillar Point - Echoes - Zoolab Remix

chris on June 09 2014

Turns out ceiling fan shopping is way harder than I anticipated.

Broken Social Scene - World Sick

alex on February 23 2010

How bout some new Broken Social Scene? Yep, thats right. Breathe it in. ... ok you can exhale, i shouldnt have to tell you to exhale, youre old enough to know how to breathe on your own.

Glass Animals - Gooey

chris on May 07 2014

This one is by request. Shout out to Brian Bauer in Bozeman. You don't happen to know my buddy Blake Tharp do you?

The Postmarks - Goodbye

alex on November 24 2008

That lyric 'There's no need for you to wave cause I'm catching one on my own now' hits deep. happy monday kids.

Dalton - Breaker

chris on July 30 2012

Just cause Alex said we were at Fire Island, doesnt mean we're gay. nttawwt.

Dr Dog - Heavy Light

alex on February 06 2011

Dr Dog once again proves theyre one of the best in the biz.

MS MR - Fantasy

Alex on May 13 2013

Florence and The Machine.. is that you? ... no? Could have fooled me. You currently have one and a half weeks before this song is playing on repeat in Urban Outfitters so get your Herschel backpacks and Happy Feet socks before you hate this track more than MGMT's Kids during the summer of 2007.

Julian Casablancas - 11th Dimension

alex on October 13 2009

well look at fancy mr casablancas over here stepping out of his little pop rock box to join us cool kids in the electro game. welcome sir, sit down, stay awhile, have some punch, there's cookies in the pantry. no thats not a sexual reference, you know what on second thought julian you dont get any cookies.

Mayor Hawthorne - Your Easy Lovin Aint Pleasin Nothing

alexander on August 17 2009

back from the beach. refreshed... sort of. im workin on updating the code for this piece of poop site, which will include a new scroll bar, finally.

Captain Black - Sister

alex on November 20 2008

So I for one will be out tonight celebrating national dance like a robot day doing guess what?-the robot. I can only hope that while I'm sporadically moving my arms around that someone else half way across the country is also enjoying a mechanical good time. In other news: im retarded.