Uffie - Ricky

chris on October 28 2011

WHO DO I HAVE TO FUCK TO GET SOME CRANBERRY! Explicit Pre-Halloween Friday. Bounce.

Zoo Kid - Broke

alex on January 12 2011

Damn Chris already posted Zoo kid.. oh well. Chris and myself will be at the King Krule show on Friday if anyone wants to punch us in the face. In other news: I'm just discovering I'm allergic to some form of nut in this Men's Health Planters variety mix (Yes, I'm that asshole who buys Men's Health nuts). How does one go almost 29 years without knowing these things?

Little Dragon - Nabuma Rubberband

Alex on May 14 2014

Still Little Dragon. Still killing it. Their latest album, Nabuma Rubberband (whatever the fuck that means), is painstakingly good.

Fredrik - Vinterbarn

alex on December 11 2009

lets get famous.

HAERTS - 10 Wings

Chris on December 14 2012

About to go to my work holiday party and my palms starting to sweat. I must try hard to not get fired. you can do it chris.

Midlake - Antiphon

chris on November 05 2013

I walked along with my head down, meandering through the humdrum of daily existence. Then I heard something... Something calling from the distance. It was Midlake, and now all is well with the world.

YACHT - Second Summer RAC Remix

chris on May 07 2013

Second Summer is an incredible concept, and at this rate of climate change it'll probably be an endless summer... or winter. This is where I stand strong and avoid an obvious Game of Thrones reference. BTW DFA stands for Dont Fuck Around.

The Rural Alberta Advantage - Drain The Blood

alex on February 12 2009

Cute music tipsters are the best. As the week winds to an end I find myself asking...myself(?)... why are wolves so mother fucking cool?? you marinate on that while I post on my new wolf blog on tumblr. unicornwolflazersfuckyou, check me out on tumblr.

Adele vs. Daft Punk - Something About The Fire

chris on March 05 2012

I have never felt as much like a human slug as I did for all of yesterday and all of this morning and all of right now.

Moons - Bloody Mouth

alex on June 01 2012

filled with guac, ready to rock.