Mayer Hawthorne and the County - Just Aint Gonna Work Oout

chris on July 31 2009

Here is a little diddy from last years single. Mayer has a new EP out on stones throw as you read this. This guy was born in seventy-frickin-nine?!? what the eff, he sounds like a transplant from the motown era.

The Last Shadow Puppets - Time Has Come Again

chris on November 17 2008

I'm gonna bring it down a notch kiddies, let us swoon to The Last Shadow Puppets. Wow, that word can mean something great or something has gone horribly wrong. A spontaneous loss of consciousness caused by insufficient blood. That is the bad swoon.

Gardens and Villa - Bullet Train

chris on October 07 2014

The new Gee & Vee EP is available for free download on their site, so get that shit. Fun Fact: it's produced by DFA's Tim Goldsworthy - UNKLE, The Rapture and Cut Copy - so expect a different sound.


There is no Alex, only Zuul. on March 15 2013

so technically this song is called Zuul, correct? Could it be... a Ghostbuster's reference? CHVRCHES, you complete me.

Chris and myself set sail for Puerto Rico soon so this place will be a ghost town for a week or so.

The Do - Dust It Off

alex on November 20 2011

If these vocals dont pierce directly to your soul then you dont have one... In other news: I was searching for the perfect mac and cheese recipe last night... You know the one I'm talking about.. super cheesy with little bits of crumbly crunchy bread guys in there -- That's the one. Eventually I found it on Martha Stewart's website, but not before a little history lesson in our beloved Macaroni and Cheese. *dim the lights - story time* You see listeners, macaroni and cheese was brought to the US by the one and only Thomas Jefferson (that brilliant bastard). He aparantly discovered the macaroni machine in Italy and brought one back with him. Now.. picture this... the year is 1788 (i think) and youre a full grown adult, you think you've tasted everything this great earth has to offer. Youre over at ol' TJ's place for dinner regaling everyone with tales of yore when all of a sudden a dish of golden radience is put in front of your face. Now at first you'd be hesitant just like anyone else.. "I dont know about this yellow dish... but I shant be rude, I'll give it a go." So you try Macaroni and Cheese for the first. Now assuming you arn't lactose intolerant.. cause if you are you just shit your pants.. but if you aren't you just experienced what I can only presume unicorn turds taste like. Now lets not forget these dudes still believed in witches(sort of) and of course ol Theodore across the table isn't having it. The macaroni is too good - Teddy stands up "JEFFERSON, WHAT IS THIS WIZARDRY!?" Jefferson slyly looks over at Teddy and says "That's witchKraft, baby." - and that's the story of Kraft Macaroni and Cheese.

Modest Mouse - Satellite Skin

chris on April 14 2009

There should be a new EP or some singles about to drop!

The Strokes - Under Control

alex on April 21 2009

I really hope I hear The Strokes 30 years from now on a classic rock radio station. thats if radio stations still exist, and the zombie apocalypse hasnt completely consumed planet earth.

Sufjan Stevens - To Be Alone With You

a on March 08 2012

Just another night in shitshowville - mayor: me.

Fredrik - Alina's Place

alex on December 29 2008

I saw two gorillas humping at the zoo the other day, jussayin. If you dont go to the zoo every once and awhile and see some of natures marvelous creations youre doing yourself a serious disservice, i mean seriously go check out that mother fucking hippo, those dudes are fucking huge.

Florence and the Machine - Dog Days Are Over ( Yeasayer Remix)

alex on October 16 2010

very saucy remix.