Fanfarlo - Shiny Things

alejandro raincloud puff n stuff supreme commando.... -jr. on February 28 2012

The clouds are like "HEY NEW YORKERS ! YOU LIKE RAIN??" and we're all like "no, please stop." "WHAT'S THAT YOU SAY? MORE RAIN? OK!" clouds talk really loud...

Tennis - Petition (Vacationer remix)

Alex on June 10 2014

You know what? I'll be the first to admit I actually sort of like Guy Fiere, Grocery Games is quality wholesome television. There-I said it.
In other news: I used to want to be an astronaut when I grew up so I could eat the space ice cream all the time.

LAKE - Sing 99 and 90

christopher on November 11 2009

I'm trying, I'm trying to drink away the part of the day that I cannot sleep away.

Miike Snow - Paddling Out

alex on January 21 2011

left as rain?? more like left ass rain! amirite? In other news: I love when I'm getting over a cold and I can actually sing without my voice sounding like a small child is being killed via bludgeoning.

Bag Raiders - So Demanding

chris on October 24 2011

pew pew pew pew papa pew. Compliments of the one and only Trice.

Local Natives - Eyes Wide (Fool's Gold Remix)

alex on September 24 2010

Are you fucking kidding me? amazing remix. goose bumps all the way.

Mew - Comforting Sounds

chris on November 18 2010

Listen to this while alone and sad. Then come to my mag release tomorrow at Rouge58 in BK.

Luna - Broken Chair

chris on January 08 2014

I'm restarting 2014. It officially starts today, so make sure you tell your friends and workplaces to avoid any further confusion.

Butterclock - Hustling

chris on May 02 2013

If Lana Del Ray got a little thuggish.

jj - Ecstasy

christopher on December 22 2009

I havent brought you anything from jj the Swedes, since my life, my swag. Shorty wants a thug.