Rawtekk - Snowflakes

alex on April 09 2012

Raver days flashback- and I'm ok with that.

Eels - Gone Man

chris on December 20 2009

New York is under white powder, it is absolutely amazing.

Chrome Sparks - Marijuana

Alex on June 14 2013

I just found out April 18 is national high five day. I'm going to start practicing right now for next year's high five day. I'm gonna be high fiving people so hard their fingers will blow right off their hands and they'll only be able to celebrate high four day.

The Smiths - This Night Has Opened My Eyes

chris on November 02 2009

She could have been a poet or she could have been a fool.

Little Joy - No One's Better Sake

Alexander gets wasteder on December 18 2008

Just for reference, if you drink a bottle of Oroya(a white wine for sushi) and then immediately after drink a bottle of white Yellowtail, you will be drunk-not only will you be drunk, the Yellowtail will taste like bananas. I shit you not, bananas. but more like the artificial runts or now and laters candy banana. and now we know. Its not neccasarily a bad taste, and by that point youre too drunk to really care, there's only one goal in sight at that point, to get wasteder. You can submit that word to websters for me.

Eastern Midwestern - Colorado

Alex on January 16 2015

Two Syllable Records passed over Eastern Midwestern's latest and I must admit - it's gold. The band worked with Jon Low who's produced for Local Natives, War on Drugs, and The National. Low's influence is all too obvious on most of the album which for me is fantastic -- the more we can get music to sound like Tokyo Police Club circa 2006-2007 the better.

Eastern Midwestern's ... wait... can we acronym this some how? E MWs? East Mids? I'm spent. Nothing will make you feel more like a 16 year old high school girl than trying to figure out a good acronym for an indie pop band... Anyways check out EasMidWest's (no?) album on Bandcamp.

NewVillager - Rich Doors

chris on January 08 2008

YES! Brooklyn, I knew you had it in you. Brooklyn is gonna make a comeback in 2009. So Duck Duck on Saturday. Oh and congrats South Korea, I had no idea. Alex never tells me anything.

Yo La Tengo - Mr. Tough

chris on October 11 2016

Here are some facts about Yo La Tengo... They have been dropping rad under-appreciated tracks since before you were born. They have a girl drummer. They are from Hoboken. And finally, this album title is the best of all time... It's called, I Am Not Afraid of You and I Will Beat Your Ass.

Jungle - Busy Earnin

chris on March 21 2014

It turns out the recording label XL is a freaggin powerhouse. The nicest lineup of artists from Bobby Womack to The XX to SBTRKT to Tyler the Entertainer.

Summer Fiction - Chandeliers

alex on June 07 2011

The dude at my bodega must have confused my large coffee request with molten lava. It's hot outside and im drinking liquid hot magma, great. On the other hand, what a fucking great song to start this beautiful day. fuck yeah music.