Crystal Castles - Plague

alex on July 31 2012

Dear little kid eating a McDonald's chicken sandwich on NYC public transportation shooting lettuce all over everyone/everywhere, you are my hero. That time you shot lettuce between the dude wearing flip flop's toes and he had to pick it out with his fingers was fucking gold. Thank you.

The Juan Maclean - Accusations

chris on August 15 2012

This is rad. Just a rad ole time.

GANGLY - fuck with someone else

Alex on July 06 2015

Off to Europe for 10 days, you guys look after the place while I'm gone - no parties. ok some parties. ok parties all day but clean up.

Holiday Shores - Phones Don't Fued

christopher on June 02 2009

My body tells me it's friday, but my boss tells me to shut the fuck up and do your work. Been listening to their myspace and can't get ahold of an album.

LadyHawke - Paris Is Burning (Acoustic)

alex on September 04 2009

Not sure if you knew this or not but... moving sucks.

Modest Mouse - Autumn Beds

christopher on June 17 2009

Let it go for pete's sake, let us have summer. who is this pete feller anyway?

The Rutles - Let's Be Natural

chris on November 05 2008

So Obama huh? No Big Deal, we saw that coming. I'm not gonna lie that I was a tab bit scared Mr. Roboto would weisel himself into play. There were riots in the streets last night, literally... but friendly riots. So how about some mock Beatles to further take the edge off. Wow, It's like one of my many wieghts has been lifted. Only 17 to go.

Born Ruffians - Sole Brother

christopher on March 01 2010

New Born Ruffians is about to come out, which is exciting. I was a giant fan of Red, Yellow and Blue which came out a couple years ago. Wow! jsut relistened to that album. That is good from start to finish like woah.

League - Golden Maps

chris on June 07 2011

So I left the house with a poor choice of footwear. You better think long and hard what you might get into during the course of your day/night before you put on something you might regret.

Slam Donahue - C'mon C'mon

chris on February 22 2013

The only thing I have about being day drunk is that 6PM crash. If you power through you can ride it all night, but if you succumb to the 6PM crash, you're toast. Be strong my friends.