King Krule - Out Getting Ribs

chris on August 19 2013

Never have Alex and I been so spot on in terms of predictions. This is King Krule's re-recorded and razor sharply honed version of Out Getting Ribs. He's no longer a 16 year old zoo kid, but a 19 year old ginger king.

Kavinsky and Lovefoxxx - Nightcall

chris on September 23 2011

If you need me I'll be at the movies watching Driver everynight until I die. This song was in another soundtrack as well, The Lincoln Lawyer. Both good movies. McConaughna Haaaaaaaay.

Winter Gloves - Party People

alex on October 22 2009

You ask what left as rain is doing with their fun filled CMJ Thursday night... well, I'll tell you. We're DJing a sold out show at Music Hall of Williamsburg. no big deal.

The Darcys - I Got the News (Rey Pila Remix)

chris on April 19 2013

It's Friday, so let's pick up the pace... then bring it way down with 10cc. Big boys still cry.

Mayer Hawthorne and the County - Just Aint Gonna Work Oout

chris on July 31 2009

Here is a little diddy from last years single. Mayer has a new EP out on stones throw as you read this. This guy was born in seventy-frickin-nine?!? what the eff, he sounds like a transplant from the motown era.

Voxtrot - Fast Asleep

Alex on April 18 2013

I know every word to every Voxtrot song ever. ..... no one sentence has ever made me feel more like a 14 year old girl. I suppose I should just embrace it and have a slumber party. What a weird event - slumber party. At what age did the slumber party become the "fuck I'm too drunk to walk home so I'm crashing on your couch" party?

Le Loup - Forgive Me

christopher on September 29 2009

The Wolf gives us some more fantastic sounds. The percussion on this track is explosive, bring on the rain dance.

Dalton - Breaker

chris on July 30 2012

Just cause Alex said we were at Fire Island, doesnt mean we're gay. nttawwt.

Chet Faker - Bend

chris on June 19 2015

The Prodigal Son has returned. Please accept the return of the sinner and break bread, for I have awoken from the dead in search of undeserving redemption and your bountiful mercy.

Arcade Fire - Culture War

alex making shit awkward since 1983 on June 03 2011

Did you guys miss us? We missed you, I woke up in a cold sweat thinking about you.... sexually.