People Under The Stairs - A Baby

alex on July 16 2009

i'm 97% sure im sterile.

The National - Wake Up Your Saints

alex on November 23 2010

Welp... turkey day is fast approaching and you know what that means. I'm bound to throw up this week from over eating and drinking too much. Like clock work every year, this week, I puke out my guts from raging too hard. I, for one, welcome the vomit this year, bring on the cranberry sauce mixed with cheap dessert wine and the ocassional stuffing bit coming out my nose and mouth! I thank with my puke.

Pete and the Pirates - United

alex on May 19 2011

Well folks thats it, the world ends tomorrow. Remember when this happened in like 1995? I cant remember the exact year. I was a child and scared fucking shit less - I remember seeing tons of billboards reading the world was going to end. You know how terrifying that is to a child? So to all the religious nut jobs who think its ok to prophetize the rapture or apocalypse or the raptocalypse - fuck you.

Macklemore And Ryan Lewis - Thrift Shop

chris on September 19 2012

The hook says it all. This is fucking awesome. Thanks Derek.

Is Tropical - Berlin

alex on June 28 2011

I listened to this stuff called music last night, blew my fucking mind! what was your first peice of music you bought and on what format? Mine was a cassete tape with 95 South's Whoot There It Is. That's pretty embarrassing.

Handsome Furs - Talking Hotel Arbot Blues

chris on April 13 2009

Mondays are so great, especially when it feels like theres an icepick sticking into your kidney. This new bed is playing tricks on me and I'm not laughing.

Lykke Li - Little Bit

chris on December 26 2008

Off her debut album that dropped in sweden in January and here in October. Alex has a crush on her. I have a crush on her. hot! Oh wait, maybe he has a crush on Yelle. Either way, we like girls alot.

Belle and Sebastian - I Want The World To Stop

alex on September 27 2010

I just got caught doing the robot, I was walking down the street and I thought I was alone and there was a car alarm going off right next to me(for those of you who havnt been to NYC car alarms are basically the equivalent of birds chirping). For some reason I equate being alone on the street and a car alarm blairing in my ear with doing the robot, so I busted out a serious robot mid stride. After about 15 seconds of doing some solid robot action I realized some dude had been watching me the whole time, about 10 ft away from me. I tried to work it back in to my walk stride, like maybe i was having a mild seizure or a really weird limp. I'm pretty sure he bought it.

Cold War Kids - Out Of The Wilderness

alex on January 22 2011

All in all I hate this album, this track is cool with me though.

Bibio - Take Off Your Skirt

chris on May 20 2013

Plug in that talk box and rock my world with equal parts shred and facemelt. This song is journey.