Jonathan Boulet - After All

alex on June 06 2012

I want to pick up a really weird hobby.. like collecting cutting boards.

Destroyer - English Music

chris on May 09 2012

I'm back baby. I saw 360 miles of southern Coast and it changed me. Gave me a little perspective.

The Big Pink - Tonight

chris on October 26 2009

This goes out to the duck that swam across the lake and never lost a feather.

Warm Ghost - G.T.W.S.

alex on October 06 2011

thank you jack ass building owners for raising my rent by a ludicrous amount. In an economy where employment is at an all time low and people are working for pennies somehow raising building rent is justifiable.

Cake - Long Time

chris on January 03 2010

Some bands have a knack for making cool music. Listen to this and tell me this shit aint James Dean. Cut yo ass.

The Kills - DNA

chris on April 20 2011

Pretty hard stuff right here. love the blues riffs.

Rapture - It Takes Time To Be A Man

alex on August 10 2011

Im tan as fuck. In other news: Rapture kills it on their latest album. Chris and myself were lucky enough to see them at a secret show in a tiny venue in williamsburg(way too many prepositions there). Crazy good.

Iran - Airport 99

chris on April 23 2012

Here is a throwback to 2009, with a powerful track from sleepers Iran. Brainchild of Aaron Aites and Kyp Malone of TV on the Radio. I never leave home without this album. You know how I'm partial to anything that sounds 90s.

Eisley - The Valley

alex on February 24 2011

chris meant to write mountain dew. no big deal buddy, mistakes happen.

The Piano Plays Itself - Who We Were

christopher on May 24 2010

Introducing The Piano Plays Itself from Atlanta Georgia. Big sound players.