Hall and Oates - She's Gone

chris on December 05 2008

I'd pay the Devil to replace her. That's when you know you are got.

Toro Y Moi - Imprint After

alex on January 28 2010

The safety word will be hwhiskey. In other news: great show Saturday, it was like a sea of high fives.

Deptford Goth - Union

Alex on February 29 2016

Pardon my absence, I've been in the woods. In other news: I noticed something today -- as you grow older the floor gets further and further away. I notice when I bend over to pick up stuff I make this audible noise I use to hear my parents make and be like "LOL UR OLD!" Jokes on me I guess, getting old sucks.

The Chairs - Polly

chris on December 29 2008

I'm digging The Chairs. Ijust got ahold of this EP and it has a cover of one of my favorite songs, which I am pretty excited about. In An Aeroplane Over The Sea.

AKW - Little Room

alex on April 12 2012

Super talented Alex Wisner show's us how it's done. Metric meets Bats for Lashes with a dash of total babe alert.

Electric Light Orchestra - Mr. Blue Sky

alex on June 08 2009


Dent May - Best Friend

chris on March 29 2012

Came in this morning and someone had put some disturbing porn on my screen for everyone to see and judge me by. I swear im not into 50 year old gay guy foursomes. I SWEAR! Thanks a lot travis.... you dick.

Zola Jesus - In Your Nature - David Lynch Remix

chris on June 04 2013

Zola Jesus only lets David Lynch remix her music. If I made music, I would only let Steven Soderbergh remix mine because Magic Mike really plucked at my heart strings.

Twin Shadow - Five Seconds

chris on May 02 2012

Thank you Twin Shadow for breaking my slump of non-bangers. Fuck yeah, this makes me want to dance like that internet dance girl that kicks her leg up. Mosh girl, also know as Moshzilla apparently.

Pure Bathing Culture - Pendulum

chris on June 06 2013

So the Chicago Sun Times fires all of their photography staff and just tells the journalists to snap off some iPhone pics instead. Quite possibly one of the dumbest things I've heard in a while. I want to punch myself in the face because of the state of things.