Behaviors - Don't Fight It

chris on March 16 2016

Listen people. I just want to be totally honest with you. I would hate for y'all not to trust me after all these years of dedicated listenership. Here it goes... I'm posting this from the toilet. There!!! Oh man, I fell so much better. Because I told you, not cause the other thing.

Holy Ghost - I Wanna Be Your Hand

chris on September 19 2013

This album continues to rock my world... but lets talk science. Apparently Ambien can reverse the effects of brain damage caused by strokes and the like. It totally wipes out speech impediments in a matter of minutes. fuck. This song is good too though.

Olympic Ayres - Magic

Alex on September 11 2013

I've been scavenging for good music lately with very little luck - finally struck gold on Sound Cloud after a solid two hours of searching. That's dedication, folks!

Minus The Bear - Guns and Ammo

alex on October 08 2008

Hey ya'll how bout some soothing Minus The Bear acoustic? That's what i thought, you will LISTEN TO THIS AND LIKE IT! GOT IT!? That little keyboard riff at about one minute makes my soul smile. I'm pumped I get to see Liam Finn perform this Saturday, for those not interested in going to the amazing sounding deisel party come hang out with Liam at the Bell House in brooklyn.

Craft Spells - Komorebi

chris on May 07 2014

I don't know if you've ever injured your back before, but this shit is no joke. I'm not a pussy either, I freaking broke my pelvis once, I know what pain is. That shit took me into an outer body experience. For what felt like a minute I was looking down on myself crawling. This back thing is different though. It's like you are periodically and randomly being struck by lightning and stabbed at the same time throughout the day.

King Krule - Rock Bottom

chris on November 08 2012

Truly one of the great artists of now. He somehow manages to be tough and sentimental with that amazing accent and voice. If he wasn't a daywalker I would definately be worried about him stealing our women.

Starfucker - Born

alex on January 06 2010

Every mid 30s guy I see with dreads looks like the dude from Counting Crows. If youre in your mid 30s quickly approaching 40 I think its time to hang up the dreads dude, I get it, youre a free spirit and wont live by the normalities of society.. but youre also fucking disgusting. In other news: this album cover has pterodactyles on it, I was sold without even hearing the album. After a good few listen throughs I've deemed this album absolute pterodactyl worth.

Human Highway - The Sound

chris on January 06 2008

Have you ever woken up during the night so sweaty you had to towel dry yourself. Yeah, try three times last night. I think there may be something wrong with me considering it was 60 degrees in my bedroom. Oh wait, those knives in my chest may have something to do with it too.

The Commodores vs The Cure - EasyHeaven (The Brat Mashup)

chris on August 03 2015

Just as you are slipping into the darkness, losing all hope in humanity, there is a faint glimmer of hope. Listening to this song should reassure all of us that everything is going to be OK.
Get the MP3 here

Arizona - Tumbles

chris on March 02 2009

Sweet ebony Jesus, i absolutely do not want to tromp through the foot deep snow outside.