Foreign Born - In The Shape

chris on July 06 2009

For some reason a change in routine provides you with a rush of clarity. Was I jaded? Probably.

Destroyer - Chinatown

chris on April 05 2011

We should have a hell of a party when we reach 1000. Technically we should be around 1600, but we revamped the site a while back.

Blood Diamonds - Heart

alex on November 03 2010

No internet in my new apartment makes me a sad boy. Posts will be coming pretty slow from me for the next few weeks but i still love ya kiddos. In other news I just spent about 10 minutes watching a homeless guy on special K walking MAYBE 3 feet a minute.

Department Of Eagles - No One Does It Like You do.

chris on January 06 2008

Does what? The sex?

Winter Gloves - Party People

alex on October 22 2009

You ask what left as rain is doing with their fun filled CMJ Thursday night... well, I'll tell you. We're DJing a sold out show at Music Hall of Williamsburg. no big deal.

Cat Power - Run

alex on June 18 2012

This single sets the bar pretty high for Cat Power's new album - hopefully they can deliver. ..... -pizzas

Lake - Bad Dream

christopher on December 15 2009

I can't think of anything to write cause im watching I'm Gonna Get You Sucka. Very distracting.

Club Kuru - Seesaw

Alex on July 21 2015

This is damn fine listening.... damn fine!

Has anyone else ever noticed older women have a propensity towards cherub trinket collecting? What is that all about? At what point did the cherub fad fade out because I can tell you whole heartedly I don't know anyone born within the last 40 years who has anything remotely cherubesque in their home. I think I may have actually found my calling - bringing back the cherub. Excuse me while I go call my mom and tell her the good news.

Crayon Fields - All The Pleaseures Of The World

chris on August 03 2011

Ok people, lets not dwell on the past. To keep it moving into the future I bring you Mr. 1001.

Young Dreams - Fog of War

Alex on February 25 2013

My man says "Athena, Athena take me there -- Waiting for my own Athena." This song must be about my dog because her name is Athena. Lay off my dog, dude.