The Octopus Project - Wet Gold

alex on July 28 2009

This band has a ton of potential we'll see what happens with the full LP.

The Most Serene Republic - Dont Hold Back, Feel A Little Longer

alex on June 16 2009

This band has secretely been one of my favorite bands for over two years. heres some new shit from them, goose bump worthy, hands down amazing album.

Little Dragon - Feather

chris on October 26 2009

single white male

Florence and the Machine - Dog Days Are Over ( Yeasayer Remix)

alex on October 16 2010

very saucy remix.

Teen Daze - Treten

alex on March 21 2012

Its no secret I was a weird fucking kid but I think people will be able to relate to me on this. When I was younger everytime I took a shower I looked down at my hands and I noticed it looked like they were shooting out water. I remember being astounded by this fact, every day I would get in the shower and feel like a boss while telling myself "yep, I have super powers." .... moral of the story is reality is a mother fucker.

HAIM - Don't Save Me

chris on January 10 2013

This is 90s pop song if i ever heard it and fuck I love the 90s. You know this.

Chrome Canyon - Beginings

Alex on January 13 2014

This whole album feels like an electro-symphonic ride through a 70's movie about BMX bike riders who steal VHS players. I'd go as far to say that this album is lewd, crude, and totally unglued.

Daniel Spaleniak - Back Home (feat. Katarzyna Kowalczyk)

chris on June 08 2016

I am going to Greece for 10 days. See you later Alligator... After awhile Crocodile.

Lykke Li - Get Some

alex on October 26 2010

me rikey.

Portugal The Man - Senseless

alex on July 19 2011

You guys heard of this stuff called music? pretty good.