L ECK$ - No Troubles

chris on May 22 2013

I'm really into talk rapping right now. It almost makes me think that I can be a rapper. Almost. I'll stick to dropping the ill beats.

Stars - The Ghost Of Genova Heights

chris on April 24 2009

Hah, i completely forgot about that movie.

Best Youth - Mouth

Alex on October 02 2015

Awwwww yesssssss this is exactly what I'm talking about right here - heavy synth, breathy female vocals, and epic drums... what could possibly go wrong? I spend a lot (too much) of my time on Soundcloud these days and some of the bands I discover just blow my mind. Best Youth out of Portugal is definitely one of them, hit them up on Soundcloud if you don't believe me -- and never call me a liar again.

Local Natives - World News

alex on December 29 2009

just to drive the point home that local natives are the shit. in other news: its fucking 19 degrees in new york city right now.

Gotye - Sombody That I Used To Know

chris on September 20 2011

This song went triple platinum in Australia. Jesus. I wonder how hard that actually is.

Blood Orange - Forget It (Class Actress Remix)

alex on May 04 2012

Wow that thunderstorm this morning was crazy, I woke up half expecting Manhattan to be in ruins. ...it's not. Cinco De Derby tomorrow! put on all your fancy... sombreros?

Good Shoes - The Way My Heart Beats

Alex on September 05 2014

Pro Tip: If you're a band and you're trying to win your way to my heart sound identical to The Kooks or Two Door Cinema Club. I cannot help myself from loving a poppy punky British band.

Bombay Bicycle Club - Overdone

Alex on February 07 2014

I was in Mexico and saw a Bombay Bicycle Club and thought for sure that's where these guys got their name. I cracked the case of the curious band name. The second I had internet access I looked up where the name Bombay Bicycle Club came from - turns out its from a (now shutdown) chain of Indian restaurants in Britain. My response? Keep telling yourself that Wikipedia -- I know the true truth. The truthful truthy truth.

Alaska In Winter - Close Your Eyes

alex on December 10 2008

Sick album cover on this guy. busy day, i'll share what ive been working on next week.

Josh Ritter - Long Shadows

chris on October 09 2016

Sometimes life problems are misconceived, jumbled and or muddled. Small problems seem really-really big, and big problems seem inconsequential. Just take a step back and get some f-word perspective. I think that Nietzsche had some insight when he blabbered, There are no facts, only interpretations.