Banjo or Freakout - Left It Alone

Alex on December 07 2009

This song is to commemorate my fallen tooth brush. Yesterday, at apoximately 12pm my fallen comrade drowned in a piss filled toilet. I wrote this next bit yesterday in anger, I've calmed down since then and brought a brand new sonic care toothbrush into my life. Dear Toothbrush, fucking really tooth brush? really? youre going to fall out of the medicine cabinet, bounce off the sink, and land perfectly in the toilet. this isnt a fucking mid 90s mcdonalds commercial starring michael jordan, asshole. May you burn in hell, -Alex.

Saskatchewan - Youth Ministry

chris on April 24 2013

Just when you think everythings right in the world, you look up and under the amber glow of the nightly streetlamps is a dood leaning on the hood of a van taking a shit in the middle of Broadway. Is it over... No. Why don't you hobble down the street with your shitty ass hangin out for only me and my dog to appreciate. I'll just lock that gem away in my chamber of terrible thoughts, and hang on to it forever.

Unknown Mortal Orchestra - Sittin On the Dock of the Bay

chris on April 21 2015

I long for the South, so in honor of my southern roots, I bring you some Otis. Otis makes everything better.

Kuroma - Alexander Martin

christopher on March 04 2009

Apparently Karoma is a fan of France too. See what happens when you kick my man out of MGMT, he brings the heat. He obviously played a huge role in their sound. Your loss you heroin junkies.

Bleached - Think of You

chris on March 26 2012

Cruisin in my 5.0, got the top down so my hair can blow.

The Ocean Party - Head Down

Alex on January 08 2015

When you're really jonesing for some solid Real Estate but it's not accessible you can always reach for the poor man's Real Estate -- The Ocean Party. I really do mean that in the most endearing way possible; The Ocean Party's album has some great brass and is absolutely worth checking. There's always room for more bands whom sound like Real Estate - especially when they're half a world away in Australia. I bet they had some crazy spider, snake, and croc experiences while recording this album -- word on the street is their drummer lost a pinky. You know how hard it is to drum without a pinky?! ...and really that's where The Ocean Party shines - perseverance in a outback filled with shit I never want within a 10 foot radius of me.

SPORTS - Get Bummed Out

chris on January 08 2016

They are from Ohio. I knew it. It has that midwestern darkness and just the right amount of amazingness with just a pinch of the Cranberries.

Summer Fiction - Chandeliers

alex on June 07 2011

The dude at my bodega must have confused my large coffee request with molten lava. It's hot outside and im drinking liquid hot magma, great. On the other hand, what a fucking great song to start this beautiful day. fuck yeah music.

Phantogram - When Im Small

chris on March 14 2011

Her haircut is dangerously sharp.

Hooray for Earth - Same

Alex on August 30 2013

I imagine this band got their name because they wake up every morning all "HOORAY FOR EARTH AND THE INTERSTELLAR EVER EXPANDING EXPLOSION WE CALL OUR UNIVERSE." then they put on flip flops, make coffee, and eat cheerios with no sugar for breakfast.