Kid Cudi - Switchin Lanes

christopher on June 19 2009

No fuckin doubt! You know I stay on wheels kid. You can catch me and alex droppin hot biscuits tomorrow at TopShop 3-5. You know this.

Two Door Cinema Club - Pyramid

alex on July 30 2012

aaaaaannnndd we're back. Chris and myself have returned from Fire Island where many a beers were dranken, many a hot dogs grilled, and many a... suns... were.. absorbed...into our skin??-we were at the beach.

Munk and Peaches - You Can't Run From My Love

chris on November 14 2012

This video is amazing fyi. Lyall Coburn from South Arfica... This guy is legit.

Awesome New Republic - Birthday

alex on March 05 2009

Miami represent! Death from above with a dash of synth pop. I took the day off tomorrow so my weekend officially starts 6pm tonight, see ya suckas!

UNKLE - The Answer

christopher on September 13 2010

Let us all hold hands and praise the music Gods for bestowing upon us the new UNKLE album. Now can we smooch a little bit too. Too far?

Lynyrd Frynd - Everything For The Sake Of Everything

alex on February 07 2012

I'm on the fence about whether this track is too poppy or not but that's not going to stop me from posting it. This is coming from the same guy who posted Coldplay a couple months ago... So if you guys follow my posts you'll remember me telling you I'm taking this stuff called Alpha Brain that improves brain function but also gives you fucking batshit crazy dreams, like movie trailer dreams - like lord of the rings meets avengers in a super battle dream. Well I've been enjoying those dreams for a few weeks now but came to the quick realization that there's potential for piss your pants nightmares. Last night I dreamt a 400 lb guy with glasses and acne was trying to stab me in the stomach, truly terrifying. Anyways, I woke up with a stomach flu - I guess my subconscious was trying to tell me something...

Chairlift - I Belong in Your Arms

alex on December 20 2012

Those familiar with the site are aware of my undying love for Caroline Polachek. Somehow I missed this album release and am just now comprehending at how absolutely flawless this album is. For the most part every song can stand alone as a decent track and that's hard to come by these days. Too often artists just cram together whatever bullshit they've assembled in the studio and you get an album with one single and a bunch of b sides and the record labels wonder why we pirate music. Bravo Chairlift. (Caroline, call me)

In other news: We may not be here soon. Samuel L. Jackson told me on a History channel special that the Earth is probably ending on the 21st. I feel a rant coming on... How the fuck can people be so stupid to think with all of our modern technology people who did shit like cut off heads to appease the gods knew more about our universe than modern society? These mother fuckers didn't even have cars with spinners, their math was on point but homeboys didn't even know how to make a cheese steak. And really isn't that the real testament to technology? Cheese steak technology.

Phantogram - Fall In Love

Alex on December 10 2013

Phantogram doing what Phantogram does best - killing it musically. I can only assume this is what they do best, for all I know what they do best is make a killer shepherd's pie.

Black Marble - Cruel Summer

Alex on August 01 2016

Please for the love of all that's good and holy stop sending me your band's bullshit press releases. I can't begin to describe how many emails I get a day for some terrible band announcing it's UK tour dates.... I'm not your guy, guys.

Santigold - Disparate Youth

chris on August 07 2012

This is how you do it, with a real drum kit dropping beats in the studio.