Delicate Steve - Wondervision

chris on February 18 2011

Remember Paper and Inventory Zine Party tomorrow. It will be like listening to this song but with drinks and other people.

Ariel Pink's Haunted Graffiti - Round And Round

alex on March 18 2010

funky little toon right here. the single cover art is a chick making out hardcore with a dog. im talking like sucking face. somehow the artist makes it look totally socially acceptable.

Evangelicals - Party Crashin

chris on April 21 2011

Amazing album. I spent my hard earned loot on it a couple months ago and it was well worth it. Side note, have fun at work tomorrow suckas!!!!

Team B - On My Mind

alex on December 29 2008

Ladies and gentlemen it's a christmas miracle.

Evan Voytas - Can't Let Anybody Know Who You Are

chris on December 19 2011

Banging Christmas Party Jam central the other night! Photos are on the way.

Only Real - Backseat Kissers

chris on November 15 2012

Attack of the British daywalkers.

Bob Hillary and The Massive Mellow - Hear Mi

christopher on August 10 2010

Gorrilaz meets Velvet Underground equals soothing karate kicks to the ear drums.

La Sera - Devils Hearts Grow Gold

alex on February 23 2011

Oh hi Katy Goodman from the Vivian Girls, so nice of you to join us on our "little schmorgezborg of sweet music" we have going here. I decieded not to spell check that, I think schmoregezborg is funnier left untouched.

Why? - Amplive Remix - The Vowels pt.2

christopher on August 06 2009

Southbound again!

Mansions on the Moon - It's Not Too Late (ft. Paper Diamond)

Alex on October 18 2013

For fuck's sake iPhone if I wanted to type ducking I'd type ducking. No one in the history of iPhone's has had their typo corrected to ducking. iPhones - correcting explicit rants to be humorous since 2007.