Josh Ritter - Long Shadows

chris on October 09 2016

Sometimes life problems are misconceived, jumbled and or muddled. Small problems seem really-really big, and big problems seem inconsequential. Just take a step back and get some f-word perspective. I think that Nietzsche had some insight when he blabbered, There are no facts, only interpretations.

Kidda - VIP

alex on November 20 2008

Check out Kidda theyre money, sort of a Jurassic 5 Go Team mixture. High five!

The Sweet Serenades - Mona Lee

chris on January 28 2013

I'm not buying these dude's lumberjack vibe. I'll ignore it because your music is good... this time... this time.

Sparks - Angst In My Pants

chris on April 03 2009

Come to duck duck tomorrow. It should be jamtastic, yeah that is a new word. Get with the program.

Feist - Sea Lion Woman

alex on January 11 2010

sleepy time music.

Evangelicals - Midnight Vignette

chris on July 27 2011

This album is like a mercury marauder, a sleeper. A car that has high performance and an unassuming exterior.

Oh No Oh My - The Party Punch

chris on March 20 2009

I stole this post from another blog. fuck you, say something.

Star Slinger - Baby Mama

alex on April 13 2012

If this isn't a "it's friday lets fucking party" jam then I dont know what is.

Number Station - The Money

Alex on December 16 2014

Number Station hit us up on our SoundCloud introducing us to their new EP Back Seat. Over the years (8 of them, fuck this site is old) it's become all to easy to ignore submissions. Honestly 97% of the stuff we're sent just isn't good music - which is why I've mostly stopped listening to submissions. I reluctantly checked out Number Station's sound - to my surprise I really enjoyed their EP.

As a huge Bear in Heaven fan this EP felt extremely approachable, if their sound was a person it would be that guy you meet at a bar while ordering your drinks and tell them that embarrassing story about that time at the middle school dance when they called over the loud speaker for you and Beth to come slow dance and you walked out to the middle of the dance floor like a boss only to realize they were talking about that other shit head Alex. Everyone's done that right?

Anyways here's Number Station's SoundCloud so you too can feel the warm embrace of an approachable stranger -

Alpine - Foolish

Alex on April 16 2015

On multiple occasions whilst talking about local dining experiences I've had people recommend restaurants and follow that recommendation with a phrase which just sucker punches my soul -- "YOU GOTTA TRY THE MEAT LOAF!" It's at that point I question said person's life decisions, we're they raised on cardboard and cheerios? Have they ever eaten food before? Your oblong cube of meat never tastes good... ever.