Portugal The Man - Work All Day

christopher on January 11 2010

Hire me as a designer, art director, production artist, or creative mad man. Looking to change things up.

Chromatics - Cherry

chris on February 27 2013

Genre names started to become a bit too specific and hard to keep track of. I call this Cool. The Chromatics are cool, Holy Ghost! is cool, Ratatat is Cool, Kavisnsky is Cool, Bob Seager is Cool.

Primary 1 - The Blues feat. Nina Persson

alex on April 12 2010

hittin close to home.

Cold Cave - Life Magazine

alex on November 06 2009

Nope, not Starfucker, its Cold Cave dropping some fucking knowledge. Happy Friday loves.

Architecture in Helsinki - Contact High

alex on February 18 2011

The absolutely perfect first warm Friday party song. Enjoy.

Mister Lies - Cleam

chris on April 30 2012

This track is wonderfully ambient and full, but still simple and relaxing. Good job musician.

Chromatics - Lady

chris on April 11 2012

Excuse me while I proceed to blow your mind with cool. You are required to wear a black leather jacket while you listen to this track... and also give no fucks.

Edward Sharpe and The Magnetic Zeros - Home

chris on July 23 2009

Actually... yeah. The good lord gypped me. You fucking asshole.

Big Pink - Dominos

chris on August 26 2009

Damn kid, this hits like Massive Attack. Never have I been more decieved by an album cover. I was ready for some belle and sebastian sad bastard music.

Nalepa - Monday(Glitch Mob rmx)

alex on January 16 2008

sssooooo, if you google new music blog were the 5th search result, right below our buddies rolling stone.