Carroll - Everything I Had

chris on November 10 2011

My pup is going into surgery today, wish him luck.

Holy Ghost! - Hold On We're Going Home

Chris on November 27 2013

Nothing like a road trip breakfast. Combos, Redbull and beef jerkey. Happy Thanksgiving for all those on the road. This one goes out to Nic and the Millhiser gang.

Alt J - Breezeblocks

chris on May 14 2012

On a scale of one to exhausted, i'm a fucking million right now. Makes sense if you are more tired than the tiredest person on the world. Does anyone know the mayor of sleepy town, becuase i need to make a house call.

Local Natives - Breakers

alex on October 18 2012

Haven't heard from these guys in a solid minute. Welcome back Local Natives - I'm anticipating your new album which comes out Jan 29, 2013. Feels really weird typing out 2013. Seriously though where's the hovering skateboards? I could do without all the crazy future technology just give me a god damn plank that floats. Is that so much to ask, techology?

Porcelain Raft - Dragonfly

christopher on October 25 2010

This is dreamy stuff. Checking out the rest of their music now. will report back with more information. over and out.

Neon Neon - I Lust You

chris on October 24 2008

Crazy week, woah. Sorry about the hiatus, alex is working his fingers to the bone to revamp the site. Or he is sleeping off a hangover, one. There had been amazing music all week long for CMJ, like tonight is Broken Social Scene and Land of Talk in BK. If you will be there holla atchaboy.

Natural Child - 8am Blues

chris on June 19 2013

Memphis bad boys. Takes me back to my riding in the bed of a pickup days. Back in the all or nothing days. Let the good times roll.

Violens - Already Oslo(Lilys Remix)

alex on April 10 2009

someone get me, a dolorean, a flux capacitor, a HUGE coffee, and the fuck out of here.

Black Mountain - Tyrants

chris on September 18 2012

I was walking over the bridge this morning. A storm was brewing, the wind was gusting and I was all alone as the dark sky rolled in. This song sums that up.

1860 - Snæfellsnes

alex on May 21 2011

Contrary to popular belief - I dont speak Icelandic so I have no idea what this song is about. I'd like to think its about a boy who's remembering the toy train set he had as a kid, he really loved that train set. One day his big brother wrecked that toy train set and the little boy, Stefan, vowed vengeance. Stefan waited 35 years and put a bomb in the older brother's gas tank. That morning as Bjorn, the older brother, got into his car he saw a toy train on the dashboard. Bjorn chuckled it off, one of those long loud laughs that require a sigh at the end; mid sigh Bjorn started the car. Dont fuck with a little boy's train set folks. Additionally - never let me tell your child a story.