Calvin Love - Magic Hearts

chris on March 13 2013

I met Calvin Love when he opened for Mac Demarco in Brooklyn about a week ago. Super cool dude. He's young, he's tall, he's talented, he's going places. Look out.

The Sea And Cake - Showboat Angel

christopher on May 07 2010

Sanity... I think I'm losing it at an alarming rate. Songs like this keep me barely hangin on. Thank you mid 90's.

BBNG - Fall in Love (J Dilla Tribute)

chris on February 06 2016

Like a finely printed book, a hand crafted mid century chair, a misty fall morning, an early 90s Porsche, the Welsh countryside... This is perfection. Haters to the left.

X.O. - Grind Baby

alex on January 09 2008

duck duck, tomorrow, be there. 10pm. Lets make this one a big one, eh?

Rogue Wave - Lake Michigan

chris on July 13 2009

Speaking of the passed away. Let us not forget about summers past. So in honor of last summer, here is one of my jams from yesteryear.

Money Mark - Color of Your Blues

chris on January 30 2014

Money Mark collaborated with the Beastie Boys on 4 entire studio albums. Respect.

Kings of Convenience - Gold for the Price of Silver - Erot Collab

christopher on February 04 2009

Kings of Convenience are gonna drop some red hot fire on us this year, I have no idea when though. This is from their 2001 remix album.(duck duck saturday)

Red Monroe - Pat Mayes Lake

chris on April 14 2009

Wow alex, didnt you do that all last night. MOLEMAN!!

Solar Drive - No Drama

Chris on March 26 2013

I'm definitely back in NYC. Nothing like stepping over a bum's pee stream on the way to work as a reminder of that.


chris on September 18 2014

In my head it's already Friday. It's ON!