Jethro Fox - Lonely Sound

alex on August 21 2012

It's like dim sum for my ears. ....I have no idea what that means but it felt good writing it so lets stick with it and pretend we all know what im talking about.

Cage - I Never Knew You

alex on January 17 2010

rainy cloudy sunday music. pretty creepy track, dude stalks a girl then kills her. chill out man. breaking news: we will be playing a show at Duck Duck this coming Saturday, this shit is going to be fuckin bananas so i suggest you be there. or ill stalk you... and kill you. ill post more details later this week.

Jai Paul - Str8 Outta Mumbai

Alex on April 18 2013

Gettin' mad cultured up in here at left as rain. There's just not enough finger cymbals in contemporary American music.

Pixies - Where is My Mind

christopher on April 30 2009

Damn this song makes me want to play drums again. and again. and again. Hey Chris, this is old. FUCK YOU!

TV on the Radio - DLZ

chris on September 07 2011

We will be dj'n at HighHorse tomorrow. It has been a while. A little birthday sesh for me.

Bright Moments - Tourists

alexander on February 18 2012

I dont think I've ever posted a band twice in a row like this, just goes to show how undeniably amazing I think these dudes are. In other news: I just looked at my phone to check the time and the clock went from 4:18 to 4:17, I really hope that happens more often.

Middle Distance Runner - Holiday (Be Good To Me)

alex on December 14 2009

From our friends at Middle Distance Runner, awesome track guys.

Music for Animals - If Looks Could Kill

christopher on June 23 2011

I'm pretty sure looks can definitely kill. Clash of the titans is a true story.

Band Of Horses - Blue Beard

chris on April 30 2010

So let's start this day out easy with a track from the new album from Band of Horses that leaves something to be desired. In an hour or two I am going to kick it up a notch, so stay tuned. Oh yeah, as alex said, we are going to blow the mo'fuckin roof off duck duck tomorrow.

World Unite Lucifer Youth Foundation - Heavy Pop

chris on June 09 2010

WU LYF clan aint nothin to fuck with.