Stand Up Against Heartbreak - Coffee and Cigarettes

chris on June 13 2011

Keep it downbeat. This is a really nice track, I am feeling that casio keyboard beat. Nice find on the blog, this music doesnt suck.

Gosh Pith - Waves

chris on February 25 2015

I bet these guys catch some serious shit for their name. For God's sake, it sounds like you have a speech impediment when you say it out loud. You know what guys, rise above. At least you don't have an animal combo name like the rest of the jokers out there. So up yours Panda Horse. As far as the music goes, it has a huge amount of promise. It's like The Weeknd, but whiter. And damn, there are some seriously good guitar riffs throughout their collection of tracks.

Gayngs - The Gaudy Side of Town

alex on May 12 2010

youre now tuned in to WLAX all smooth jazz, all the time. so chill the fuck out.

Jungle - Busy Earnin

chris on March 21 2014

It turns out the recording label XL is a freaggin powerhouse. The nicest lineup of artists from Bobby Womack to The XX to SBTRKT to Tyler the Entertainer.

Blood Orange - Champagne Coast

chris on October 14 2013

I'm sweeeepy. Still feeling the effects of Saturday most likely. It's true kiddies; the older you get the worse your hangovers are. They get brutal.

RJD2 - Winter Isn't Coming

Alex on October 09 2013

Hot off RJD2's new album comes the track Winter Isn't Coming. Which I can only assume is a Game of Thrones reference. What house do you think RJD2 would belong to? I'm leaning towards House Baratheon solely based on the fact I like saying and typing the word Baratheon.

Bright Eyes - Beginner's Mind

alex on February 02 2011

I really disliked this album on the first listen through, alas it's one of those albums that you need to acclimate to then you love it. You know those albums that when you hear the first time there's one song and youre like wow FUCK that song. Then when you understand the sound its like man i cant believe i used to hate that song, my bad song.

Dr. Dog - That Old Black Hole

alex on December 06 2011

"sometimes you gotta race." playlist track 1111, holler.

Holy Ghost - I Wanna Be Your Hand

chris on September 19 2013

This album continues to rock my world... but lets talk science. Apparently Ambien can reverse the effects of brain damage caused by strokes and the like. It totally wipes out speech impediments in a matter of minutes. fuck. This song is good too though.

Memory Tapes - Plain Material

christopher on January 19 2010

If I had a penny for every time I listened to this track in a row, I would have at least two pennies. And another thing; If you buy this cd, get the version with the extra track, cause it is an amazing 22 minute long meandering experience that is not to be missed.