Buildings Breeding - Arms And Elbows

chris on May 08 2009

Day off, cruising around on the Moped... then breaking down... the running again... then breaking down... you get it, but fuck is it nice out. DJ set tomorrow at Duck Duck, roll through.


Alex on January 17 2014

As the native NYCers know the weather recently has been pretty bleak. Endless days of rain and grey walls. Today things are looking up - the sun has graced us with it's presence. However one thing really stood out to me during the rainy days - possibly because my commute has changed and I transfer in midtown now. Mother fucking business men in their long over coats protecting their shitty suits swinging their umbrellas like golf clubs. This is a thing -- people do this on the platform waiting for the train. I cant think of a worse douche bag beacon. Are you really sharpening up your golf driving skills for your next round of 18 on NYC's illustrious golf courses? On the train platform? With a soaking wet umbrella that shoots little dirty water particles everywhere whilst you swing it in all your douche-ly glory? I'll see ya on the green, Tiger.

Au Revoir Simone - Through The Backyards

alex on March 31 2009

I had the most fucked up dream last night about genetically engineered hawk aliens blowing up new york city, i could feel the waves of heat against my skin, it was fucked. I caught one of the aliens disguised as a human and i punched him in the face a bunch of times cause they killed my dog and family. serves him right.

Pine Mall - Hi Lo

chris on May 16 2013

pine mall music dot com

Rrset - French Connection

Alex on October 31 2015

Rrset playing off that Bear in Heaven steez. I'm curious to hear their upcoming EP Tokyo Honeymoon -- their first album left a lot to be desired. In other news: Happy Halloween left as weeners. See what I did there? Everyone be careful tonight, don't end up like I did in college - dressed as Veruca Salt from Willy Wonka (blueberry bloated of course) stabbed by a testosterone fueled Army Ranger. Halloween is serious business, guys.

Everything Everything - MY KZ UR BF

chris on September 29 2010

From the album man alive. These guys have an apes and androids vibe about them. Chris has a headache.

My Morning Jacket - Victory Dance

chris on May 11 2011

Here is another little taste of the Glory. That sounded like Nacho Libre in my head.

Wild Combination - We Are the Creatures

alex on December 26 2012

Happy holidays listeners. Here's to hoping you got that Red Ryder BB gun you wished for.

This band has better songs but like most bands who don't have a clue how to market themselves I cant download the tracks until their album is out. And when their album does come out I wont pay for it intentionally. Bands - don't release your music until you're ready to sell it. You're in no way creating a "buzz" around your band by teasing people with your tunes, you're simply making bad choices which lead to inevitable monetary losses. It's like showing someone a delicious dinner then saying you cant eat it until next month when it's gone stale.

Richard Cheese - Last Resort

alex on January 05 2010

Who knew lounge music could be so fuckin bad ass? I discovered this dude while watching Dawn of the Dead, he does an absolutely epic cover of down with the sickness. check out his album, chock full of 90s favorite.

Javelin - Vibrationz

christopher on March 31 2010

who the eff are you calling a piece of ish?