Arcade Fire - Culture War

alex making shit awkward since 1983 on June 03 2011

Did you guys miss us? We missed you, I woke up in a cold sweat thinking about you.... sexually.

Drums - I Can't Pretend

Alex on September 08 2014

Sup bros? How was your weekend? Mine was alright - I got some new candles. One in particular smells like pine needles which reminded me that we're only weeks (maybe even hours) away from hearing fucking Christmas music blasting at various "makeyouwanttokillyouself" department stores.

Service Lab - Aquatic (Mochipet's Aquatic Alien Remix)

alex on January 23 2013

So this is the first I've heard about Mochipet and I'm not quite sure what to think just yet. Pretty interesting stuff but I have a hard time vibing with most of the ol' glitch hop. The vocals on this song are a bit Fred Durst-ish and I think I speak for the majority of the human population when I say - that's something which is really hard to come to grips with. It's funny now that I write my posts in the new back end I actually have a spell check to work with - It's like a sea of red squiggles.

Sam Mean - Yeah Yeah

chris on October 01 2009

I need to get me a little bit of Yeah Yeah if you know what i mean, ehhh.... ehhh....

When Saints Go Machine - Kelly

alex on May 16 2011

I rarely post the same band twice in two weeks... but.. nevermind-fuck you i do what i want.

Gomez - Airstream Driver

chris on May 26 2009

Gomez are one of those bands that you appreciate for being remarkable musicians, but you just can't really get into it. I used to listen to their early stuff in highschool, Liquid Skin.

Starfucker - German Love

chris on November 14 2008

I dont even care if alex spoiled it for you yesterday, these Star Fuckers are bringing the heat. Put on two pairs of socks for round two people. Those first pair are gonna blow right off. Happy Friday.

Portishead - Wandering Star

Alex on December 12 2015

Personally speaking - no other album in the history of music could possibly be so nostalgic as Portishead's Dummy. I spent HOURS upon HOURS smoking weed in high school listening to this album on repeat - just hearing those crisp drums brings me back to late nights at the Krispy Kreme donuts inhaling little pillowy morsels of heaven-- brb going to Krispy Kreme.

The Virgins - Rich Girls

alexander brooklyn mejias on October 10 2008

The first e-mail I ever recieved after starting this site was from a listener by the name of Amanda, she recommended some Virgins on here and I regretfully brushed the name aside like an arrogant asshole. I checked them out a couple weeks later and wasn't feeling it, days passed, months passed, I got a couple hair cuts, ate a bunch of meals, worked out a couple times, broke some hearts, and grew up. Now I'm digging The Virgins, see Amanda, I wasnt ready yet, but now I've advanced to your level in musical taste. Cheers Amanda.

BØRNS - 10,000 Emerald Pools

Alex on November 12 2014

Something tells me we can expect hear a ton more from BØRNS. With a Portugal The Man base and a dash of poppy synth it's undeniably a hit recipe for a popular band. Their EP, Candy, gives off the same vibes as MGMT and Passion Pits early work - while we all know those bands are just completely relevant these days we can't deny their early work was spot on.

Basically what I'm saying is - when BØRNS is playing Madison Square Garden and you ask me to go see the show I'll say "We posted them like 2 and half years ago get with the times."