White Rabbits - Percussion Gun

alex chops mejias on May 22 2009


Tickle Torture - Lie to Me

chris on February 25 2013

Funky fucking freak from Minneapolis.

Tame Impala - Mind Mischief (Ducktails Remix)

alex on March 06 2013

We'll file this in the hot beats drawer AKA that drawer where you put awesome shit in high school -- other items which exist in this drawer are one of Grandpa's war medals, a hustler magazine from 1994, a single fire cracker, and a mostly smoked J which you may or may not ever finish.

Cake - Long Time

chris on January 03 2010

Some bands have a knack for making cool music. Listen to this and tell me this shit aint James Dean. Cut yo ass.

Ra Ra Riot - Is It Too Much

alex on January 11 2013

A personal favorite returns with a new album - Beta Love. After spending some time with this album I can say it leaves me wanting something. Their previous album "The Orchard" was one of my favorites from 2010 so obviously I hold them at a pretty high standard. Perhaps losing their incredibly sexy cellist Alexandra Lawn plays a pretty big part in this. After all.. their previous music was driven by symphonic strings which have all been replaced by synths in this current release.

With that said.. I'll leave you with a picture of Alexandra Lawn -because I can.

Kendrick Lamar feat. Dr. Dre - The Recipe

alex on May 10 2012

Sorting through heaps of terrible music I find this gem, I have no one to high five so I'm going to take a hand shake from my dog.

Kindness - I'll Be Back

chris on December 29 2015

So there is a Dominican dude with Tourettes that hangs out on my block. He tends to yell DIABLO! at all hours of the night and punch things. He really has it out for the garbage can and phone booth on the corner of Broadway and Hooper Street. I'm no Doctor, but his Turrets seems to be exacerbated by alcohol consumption, and he drinks about twelve 24oz Crazy Stallion malt liquors a day... The Arizona big cans of malt liquor. This morning he was doing something rather worrisome. While sitting in pouring rain on a milk crate at the base of a street lamp, he had pulled the wires out from the electrical company access point at the base, and had spliced in a boom box. Using his bare hands, he was wrapping the wires around the prongs of the electrical cord, only taking breaks to yell DIABLO and chug his Crazy Stallion. I'm going to go check on him in a few hours to make sure he isn't sizzling in a pool of his own urine.

Tame Impala - Apocalypse Dreams

alex on July 11 2012

Space jamathon (which could also be interpreted as an alien gang bang porn). In other news: I'm making a push for 1k likes on FB - we have like 40 more to go, so please like us.

Pallers - The Kiss

chrissy poo, there is that less formal? on August 20 2010

Music from Stockholm. Stockhold has their shit together. Incredibly beautiful people, a good looking city, fun, great design and fashion, and apparently pretty cool music too.

Built To Spill - Made Up Dreams

alex on January 14 2008

Its cold outside, im not in a good mood, built to spill is rocking me. Here's a quote a librarian found inside a book in a prison library(god my grammar sucks) - No matter how high or old the wall may be Life still finds a way to make something ugly Breathtaking.