Rogue Wave - Eyes

alex on December 11 2009

Oh my beloved Rogue Wave, your new album comes out march 2010. Not soon enough. Hands down one of my favorite bands.

Little Dragon - Feather

chris on October 26 2009

single white male

Bats for Lashes - Oh Yeah

alex on October 10 2012

I get so uncomfortable on public transportation when people start dozing off... When the nodder offer is only centimeters away from sleeping on the shoulder of the person next to them - I just want yell "DONT DO IT, MAN!" Watching that shit go down is like the epitome of awkward. In other news: My girl Natasha Khan has a new album and it's stellar. I'd rather wait years for an artist to release a new album than have an artist drop an album every year that's only marginal.

Mock and Toof - Farewell to Wendo

chris on January 05 2010

I love waking up in a pool of sweat. Love love love it. Not.

Memory Tapes - Follow Me

Chris on December 12 2012

I've been sleepless for three days, and that's a strange feeling. I'm not sure what actually happened and what I just made up in my head.

Magic Arm - Said Things

Al on August 31 2009

saw grizzly bear yesterday, was fuckin amazing. big ups to jelly nyc for organazing amazing free shows all summer. thanks for all the hard work guys.

Dr. Dog - Heart It Races

chris on March 19 2009

Chris is on hard times here in Brooklyn. Nothing like a little Dr. Dog to cheer a lad up.

Spinto Band - Jackhammer (Slim Version)

alex on October 08 2009

This is what The Annuals should sound like right now, hear that Annuals?? you country blumpkin wanna-bes, you can now bow down to the almight Spinto Band.

My Morning Jacket - Holding on to Black Metal

2cool4schoolalex on May 05 2011

Gotta love that last second of the track.. LETS ROCK! epicjams4realz

Born Ruffians - Needle

chris on January 19 2014

Working for the weekend... More like working on the weekend!!! Insert frowny face.