Malajube - Montreal -40C

alex on June 19 2009

read what chris said, come by and give us a high five. we love high fives and hope you do too. in fact if you dont like high fives youre most likely a nazi.

Plants And Animals - A L'oree Des Bois

christopher on April 26 2010

Like a child, we get hungry and wrestless and wicked and wild. This is a near perfect album, and they should have a brand new one out which i will make my duty to find this afternoon.

Super Drag - Sucked Out

alexander feeling sucker mejias on September 15 2010

Taking it back to 199motherfuckin6. I've been keeping a secret for 14 years that I'd like to share with all my listeners... are you ready? you might want to sit down. it was me. i sucked out the feeling.

Two Door Cinema Club - I Can Talk

alex on November 12 2009

I said back in June that Two Door Cinema Club will eventually be huge. Here they come folks. On a side note, I'm doing a cleanse, which includes NO FUCKING COFFEE. I had no idea it was possible to have a head ache for this long. Im ready to punch a baby!.... gently. like one pound of force.. but in baby world that's devastating.

Summer Heart - When Worlds Collide

chris on February 19 2013

I think we should celebrate presidents days, commemorating all 44 presidents with their own day. 44 days off in a row and counting. I'm starting a petition.

Ty Segall - The Keepers

chris on October 29 2013

I think the most terrifying thing would be to have a functioning mind and a failing body. Trapped inside like a silent prison with no escape. That and Velociraptors.

Real Estate - Beach Comber

chris on September 23 2009

This is one of the most talented up and comers on the scene right now. Straight outta Jersey. Pretty sure they just have vinyl out right now, which you can score at Other Music if you are in the city. Full Length LP is on the way.

Someone Still Loves Your Boris Yeltsin - House Fire

alex on November 19 2008

I'm gonna try to post a decent amount of tracks today and get a more solid playlist going on, additionally im gonna try to break the site/server and do some load testing. If the sites down tonight you can e mail me and say "hey alex, you broke the fucking site" and then ill respond "hey jerk face, you broke broke something once" and then awkwardly step back slowly from my keyboard.

B.O.Y.F. - The Devil

chris on November 02 2015

We live in an internet world where you can't just go out and buy something that you need. How do they not have fucking printer ink at fucking staples. I refuse to become an amazon prime member or order fucking paper towels online. GET YOUR HEAD OUT OF YOUR ASS YOU LAZY FUCKING PEOPLE! You are making this world unbearable. The new halo doesn't even have split-screen for co-op. The entire point is to play with my buddy in the same room, not over the internet talking into a little microphone headset.

Saskatchewan - Youth Ministry

chris on April 24 2013

Just when you think everythings right in the world, you look up and under the amber glow of the nightly streetlamps is a dood leaning on the hood of a van taking a shit in the middle of Broadway. Is it over... No. Why don't you hobble down the street with your shitty ass hangin out for only me and my dog to appreciate. I'll just lock that gem away in my chamber of terrible thoughts, and hang on to it forever.