Black Lips - New Direction

christopher on June 22 2011

I have friday off so today is my Thurdsay.

Little Dragon - Twice

alex on July 27 2009

love the layered vocals on this. all about the rainy day tunes.

Buildings Breeding - Eating Pupils

chris on June 30 2016

Sometimes you just want to be sad and not talk to anyone and meander through the streets thinking. THIS is a perfect song for such an occasion. On another note, there are a thousand mosquitoes attacking me in my studio and I don't want a tiny head baby.

Clap Your Hands And Say Yeah - Satan Said Dance

chris on March 03 2009

Yes dark lord, I think i will take this dance. Why thank you. Lucifer..., you sure can cut a rug.

Joe Goddard - Taking Over

chris on April 30 2014

This is Joe Goddard of Hot Chip. Listen to him whisper softly into your ear.

Broken Social Scene - All to All

chris on June 28 2010

So my skin is melting off, no big deal. Other than the extreme heat, this past weekend was pretty dope. Deleware River tubuing, bald eagles, and a Greenpoint pool party.

Mood Rings - The Line

alex on July 11 2013

Well folks - I'm checking out for a week. Heading to the beach with the family to soak up some sun, waves, and children crying. Chris - man the helm.

Nicolas Jaar - Come n get it

Optimus Chris on March 01 2012

I've just decided that I'm back in business! Watch out.

Jookabox - Phantom Dont Go

alex on October 29 2009

Here's the latest off our favorite label Asthmatic Kitty. Sounds like TV On The Radio on steroids, damn y'all.

Mac DeMarco - My Kind Of Womam

chris on August 14 2012

On a dream kick. Last night I broke the pacman record. I must have been in some sort of 80s video game movie similar to The Wizard. Speaking of dreams, this song is dreamy as fuuuuuuugggg.