LowerDens - Propagation

chris on July 24 2013

I always feel the need to speed up the tracks on leftasrain. Maybe it's because it often gets played at house parties or get-togethers, but that's not the mood i'm most often find myself in, or the music that I most often enjoy. I'm tend to be drawn to more sentimental music. Those dance jams don't have this kind of depth. And I don't want to feel upbeat and good all the time. Sad music makes me feel good actually. Bad good.

Wild Ones - Paia

Chris on April 14 2014

I was carrying a guitar in a case down the street a couple weeks ago, and let me tell you something. That shit's a woman magnet like I have never experienced. They had no idea that I can barely play a lick, but it didn't even matter. I had to duck around a corner to lose a few of them at one point. I may just start carrying around an empty case all the time.

Black Mountain - Tyrants

chris on September 18 2012

I was walking over the bridge this morning. A storm was brewing, the wind was gusting and I was all alone as the dark sky rolled in. This song sums that up.

Blackbird Blackbird - Into The Sun

Alex on May 09 2014

Vibing real nicely with this washed out drum situation. On a completely unrelated note I've been driving around a lot more now that I've left NYC. You may ask "Hey Alex - what do you notice most when driving around town??" Well eager listener, I'll tell you. The biggest lesson I've learned is there's a distinct correlation between a meth addiction and standing in the very narrow median on a busy street.

Stand Up Against Heartbreak - Coffee and Cigarettes

chris on June 13 2011

Keep it downbeat. This is a really nice track, I am feeling that casio keyboard beat. Nice find on the blog, this music doesnt suck.

Young Buffalo - New Beat

chris on August 24 2009

Straight out of Oxford son. Oxford Mississippi that is. Now excuse me will I escape from work and soak in some of these dangerous summer rays.

Two Door Cinema Club - Something Good Can Work

alex on May 27 2009

uplifting hump day song. feeeeeelin it.

Fiona Apple, Jon Brian, and The Punch Brothers - So Sleepy

alex on June 22 2010

Fiona, my love, has finally released a new song. There are two things that are certain about this song 1.) its fucking awesome 2.) youll find yourself 10 minutes later going "IM A GUMMY BEAR!" this shit sticks in your head like oil to an osprey in the gulf coast.

Bat for Lashes - A Forrest

chris on January 27 2008

This girl can produce some dark dark sounds. If you are unfamiliar with BFL, check out her video for Whats a Girl to Do. Man o Man... Let's just say animal heads and synchronized bmx tricks in the foggy night.

Ceelo - F**K You

alexander cortes on August 20 2010

my kind of fuckin song. fuck yeah.