Grizzly Bear - While You Wait for the Others

alex on February 23 2009

Grizzly bear's newest album is going to make you wonder why you never listened to department of eagles. department of eagles is going to make you wish you had fucking wings so you fly around and spit on shit. flying around and spitting on shit is gonna make you wish you had lazer beam eyes so you could fly around and spit on shit while shooting lazers out of your eyes. flying around an- just kidding.

Ferraby Lionheart - Harry and Bess

alex on June 04 2010

FERRABY LIONHEART? seriously? is this a real name? even if I had never heard this song and someone asked me if i wanted to goto a Ferraby Lionheart show I would respond with ARE YOU SERIOUS? IM GONNA BE FRONT AND FUCKING CENTER! This guy could murder babies and all his attorney's defense would need to be is his last name is Lionheart. Your honor I'd like to bring it to the court's attention that my client's last name is Lionheart, ... CASE DISMISSED BITCHES! Lionheart for president!

Juveniles - Hard Working Girl

chris on June 20 2014

Friday, super nice, still at work. You kids go enjoy yourselves though. Don't you worry about Chris over here, have yourselves a good time. Jump in some water or something for me.

Arcade Fire - The Suburbs

alex on May 27 2010

Killer chorus. Ive been working on the new version LAR for the past few days straight, looks pretty good. Probably will launch next week.

Deep Sea Arcade - The Devil Won't Take You

Alex on August 23 2015

So let me get this straight.... -what you're saying is the devil will not take me away?

Har Mar Superstar - Lady, You Shot Me

Alex on May 20 2013

I forgot how much I enjoy a solid tempo shift. I am in full support of the soul movement (soul movement sounds like a shoe taking a shit). In other news: Har Mar Superstar is my new personal hero.

The Bears of Blue River - Cry Baby

alex on October 17 2011

Sometimes the universe takes a comet tail and shoves it directly in your black hole.

Kuroma - Paris

chris on January 13 2010

Brooklyn is fierce, and dont you forget it.

Pictureplane - Post Physical

alex zombie slayer mejias on November 01 2011

I've been sleeping 12 hours a night for the past 2 days, my dreams have become absolutely insane. Mostly zombie slaying - which I'm incredibly skilled at in dream land.

King Krule - Out Getting Ribs

chris on August 19 2013

Never have Alex and I been so spot on in terms of predictions. This is King Krule's re-recorded and razor sharply honed version of Out Getting Ribs. He's no longer a 16 year old zoo kid, but a 19 year old ginger king.