Robert Palmer - Woke Up Laughing

Alex on December 25 2009

sooo, we've almost streamed almost 1 terabyte of data this month, which is media temple's max. We may have to switch hosting companies soon since media temple has shit for packages. Any listeners want to offer us a sweet deal? I heard this song watching Pineapple Express last night, one of the 5 movies I watched yesterday. YOU JUST GOT KILLED BY A DAE WOO LANOS MOTHER FUCKER!

White Denim - I Start To Run

William Christopher Thomas on February 18 2010

I have been speeding around town trying to finish up on my magazine that drops tomorrow. 7-11 at ARTJAIL in chinatown. Remember Paper.

ANR - Big Problem

chris on April 08 2011

Great album by the Floridians, Awesome New Republic. Love that hint of TV on the Radio they have going on. Do work!

CYMBALS - The Natural World

Alex on July 07 2014

This is me trying to google this band -- Cymbals Cymbals Band Natural Cymbals Band Natural World Fuck You Google...jackpot.

Washed Out - Belong

Alexander Mejias on August 28 2009

Ive been patiently waiting till friday to post this. do me a favor and rock the fuck out. Additionally, everything they say is true, left as rain really is "teh sehcks" not to be confused with surprise butt sehcks.

Dent May - Best Friend

chris on March 29 2012

Came in this morning and someone had put some disturbing porn on my screen for everyone to see and judge me by. I swear im not into 50 year old gay guy foursomes. I SWEAR! Thanks a lot travis.... you dick.

Party Supplies - The Light in the Addict feat. Action Bronson and Black Atlass

chris on October 13 2014

Party Supplies ticklin the ivories... Rollin down I Seventy-Three... On the way to Myrtle Beech... I got rhymes for days G!

Milk Music - Caged Dog Runs Wild

chris on June 25 2013

Continuing on my theme of Rock. Good ole fashion Rock music that blasts whining guitar riffs through the air waves. A taste of the glory days, the live fast and die young days.

Twin Shadow - When We're Dancing

chris on October 31 2011

Happy Halloween kiddies. I dressed up as Wayne from Waynes World. What were you?

Starfucker - Mona Vegas

chrissy t on February 07 2011

I want starfucker to play at my birthday party. On another note, calling all interns for Remember Paper magazine.