The Evangelicals - Bloodstream

chris on March 07 2011

This band came out of left field with a wonderfully dreamy vibe. In other other news, why the fuck is alex buying progresso breadcrumbs? Pepperidge Farm for life you amateur!

Devendra Banhart - Baby

chris on September 21 2009

Hey Girl. Whats yo name? This is off of Dev's upcoming album that will be out next month. It should be good cause I'm pretty sure he has super powers.

Night Panther - Lioness

chris on February 25 2013

I read about Night Panther a few months ago and checked em out. Wasn't impressed. Saw this trailer and almost shit my pants due to it's badassness. It's a song cool enough to have a trailer.

Banjo or Freakout - Left It Alone

Alex on December 07 2009

This song is to commemorate my fallen tooth brush. Yesterday, at apoximately 12pm my fallen comrade drowned in a piss filled toilet. I wrote this next bit yesterday in anger, I've calmed down since then and brought a brand new sonic care toothbrush into my life. Dear Toothbrush, fucking really tooth brush? really? youre going to fall out of the medicine cabinet, bounce off the sink, and land perfectly in the toilet. this isnt a fucking mid 90s mcdonalds commercial starring michael jordan, asshole. May you burn in hell, -Alex.

Vintage Moon - Tyro

chris on September 17 2013

Sinterpretation. That's sin combined with interpretation. Some sort of sense that's able to sense and analyze sins. Boom! It's appropriate since it's the name of this EP. And another!!

League - Golden Maps

chris on June 07 2011

So I left the house with a poor choice of footwear. You better think long and hard what you might get into during the course of your day/night before you put on something you might regret.

Summer Camp - Fresh (Thumpers Remix)

Alex on January 27 2014

Optimal tune right here. Summer camp vocals accompanied by a Michael Jackson drum situation in the back - what could possibly go wrong?

Meligrove Band - Youre Alive

alex on December 01 2008

One of my favorite tunes, check out this album if you dig the track. im feeling minorly refreshed from the vacay, but my liver sure as hell isnt.

Petite League - Ocean Honey

Alex on November 13 2015

Our friend from Spark Alaska returns with a band -- a great band. I'm old enough to say "this kid is going places!" I encourage everyone to purchase their latest album on their band camp.

Cloud Control - Dojo Rising

chris on August 05 2013

Well I just missed a court date. Smooth move exlax.