alex on April 25 2013

I'm conducting an experiment in my shower. It's called the "How many empty product bottles can we keep until we hit critical mass" experiment. So far things are going really well. I'll be sure to keep everyone updated on my progress barring I don't get caught in an avalanche of empty Thai Massage Axe body wash bottles. TO BE CONTINUED........

Oliver - Mechanical

chris on February 27 2013

This EP on Fools Gold is nasty. Ey girl... you pretty nasty.

Air - Le Soleil Est Près De Moi

chris on May 02 2016

This track has the strength of three chill pills, so be careful and don't overdose. They used to make tracks way stronger back in the 90s.

Blonde Redhead - My Plants Are Dead

chris the voice of reason thomas on September 17 2010

Hear one alex. Hear one.

The Dutchess and The Duke - Out of Time

Christopher on April 27 2009

On the road. And a rocky road at that. I tell you what, I'm tired of hearing that too, Dutchess and Duke.

Captain Black - Sister

alex on November 20 2008

So I for one will be out tonight celebrating national dance like a robot day doing guess what?-the robot. I can only hope that while I'm sporadically moving my arms around that someone else half way across the country is also enjoying a mechanical good time. In other news: im retarded.

Anthems - Up In Mine

Alex on September 24 2014

If I could go back in time and change one historical event it would be pulling Paul Walker from that burning Porsche -- there. I said it.

Citizens! - True Romance(Gigamesh Remix)

alex on October 22 2012

I've been a big follower of the Kitsune Maison compilations for years now. This one didn't quite deliver the same amount of pure gold tracks like previous mixes had. In other news: Today I saw a full grown man walk face first into a closed glass door, dude was speed walking like he was on a mission too. Next time slow down, bro. It bugs me how people walk in NYC, like where they're going is the most important destination known to man when in reality they're just going to Pet Land to buy Mr. Rufus some more wee-wee pads.

Hybrid - Break My Soul

alex on August 30 2012

Did someone order a mind blowing track? Coming right up! (I cant remember the last time I used a exclamation point in one of my blurbs (never mind.. august 9 (why I wouldn't just press backspace right now is completely beyond me but lets go with it.))) I used to rock Hybrid hard back in my raver days (yes I had raver days (yes I'm still using these fucking parentheses (yes I enjoy crisp outdoor air))).

The Knife - We Share Our Mothers' Health (Ratatat rmx)

alex on January 31 2013

Knife meet Ratatat. Ratatat meet Knife. Now kiss.