Alek Fin - Waiting Like a Wolf

alex on November 15 2012

Today was one of those days where you feel like the universe just wants to work against you at every turn. Finding this track was probably the highlight of my day.

Rapture - It Takes Time To Be A Man

alex on August 10 2011

Im tan as fuck. In other news: Rapture kills it on their latest album. Chris and myself were lucky enough to see them at a secret show in a tiny venue in williamsburg(way too many prepositions there). Crazy good.

Solid Gold - Sold God

alex on October 31 2012

Sooo... New York is a shit show...

Van Morrison - Into the Mystic

chris on September 11 2012

On this day 11 years ago 2,977 undeserving souls were lost. And when that fog horn blows I will be coming home.

Grizzly Bear - Southern Point

alex on March 03 2009

For the past two days ive worn one sock thats too big for me on my left foot, two totally different socks, it just so happened they were both too big for me and both attached to my left foot at one point in time. so anyways when socks are too big for you they fall off into your shoe, its really fucking awkward. so really what im getting at is stay in school kids.

Stephen Malkmus and the Jicks - Lariat

chris on January 09 2014

I feel like a moleman for playing the obvious hit of the album, but you know what... It's really the only radio song. This album has a total early grateful dead san fran vibe.

Junip - So Clear

Alex on April 16 2013

Chill out and listen to Jose G and buddies. While I don't know anything about Jose Gonzalez I feel like he's probably the chillest dude around. One of those guys who feet you accidently step on and he's the one who says sorry. I bet if you rear ended Jose Gonzalez' car he'd get out and be like "MY BAD, BRO! I SHOULD HAVE BEEN ACCELERATING FORWARD MOVING AWAY FROM YOUR CRASHING CAR! NO BIG DEAL -- CAN I PLAY YOU MY HIT SINGLE DOWN THE LINE WHILE WE WAIT FOR THE COPS?" Then you high five Jose Gonzalez like Tom Cruise and Anthony Edwards in Top Gun.

Nouvelle Vague - Love Will Tear Us Apart

alex on October 29 2008

sshiiiitt thats ones chilled out cover right there boys and girls, I still think new order does the best cover of this song orig. by Joy Division. most everything is done with new left as rain just need to do internal testing whoop whoop.

wemakemusic - Dance with a Statue

christopher on December 02 2009

Shoot the Jay! Shoot the Jay! Game... Blouses. how you like that scroll bar update. yeah you like that. mmmmmmmm. sorry that was gross.

Baio - Brainwash Yyrr Face

Alex on June 18 2015

I heard this track and thought damn this sounds remarkably like Vampire Weekend making sweet glitchy love to Hot Chip. Well that's because Chris Baio is Vampire Weekend's bass player, so there you have it folks -- mystery solved.