Back Ted N-Ted - 999 Buttons

alex on October 16 2008

He is a classic track from The Specials' Debut album. You can cash this one in at the bank my friends.

The Piano Plays Itself - Who We Were

christopher on May 24 2010

Introducing The Piano Plays Itself from Atlanta Georgia. Big sound players.

Night Panther - Lioness

chris on February 25 2013

I read about Night Panther a few months ago and checked em out. Wasn't impressed. Saw this trailer and almost shit my pants due to it's badassness. It's a song cool enough to have a trailer.

Electric Guest - Under the gun

chris on May 10 2012

So weird being a land lubber again. I miss that open ocean and seeing hundreds of dolphins and ospreys everyday. sigh. Anyway, this that funky stuff.

Jaako Eiono Kalevi - No End

Alex on December 12 2014

Sometimes I hear tracks which I feel belong on the soundtrack of my life. This is one on of those tracks - let's say... track 8. Well then Jaako Eiono Kalevi from Helsinki, welcome to the soundtrack of my life. We've placed you at track 8 right after Nada Surf's cover of Where is My Mind and before (pick literally any song off the Drive soundtrack).

Kisses - Bermuda

christopher on March 09 2010

Came across this duo while i was checking out some sxsw lineups. Now excuse me while I go bask in the mid 50s sun.

Vampire Weekend - Horchata

alex on October 06 2009

oh hey vampire weekend, welcome back. im curious as to what kind of beverage horchata is, im affraid to look it up because it might ruin this vision i have in my head of something beyond amazing.

Angus and Julia Stone - Draw Your Swords

christopher on December 29 2010

This is romantic and shit.

Miike Snow - My Trigger

Alex on March 09 2016

This probably isn't the only place you'll hear this song in the coming months.

Pather - Goblin City Holy Ghost! Remix

chris on April 08 2013

Turning this Monday frown right upside down. You can't fuck with Holy Ghost!