Let's Wrestle - I won't lie to you

christopher on August 19 2009

I really can't imagine myself in another city than Brooklyn. But damn I need a new apartment real bad.

Arcade Fire - Wake Up

christopher on August 18 2009

Sorry for up-posting, but give me a break cause that second Where The Wild Things Are trailer really has me goin. You better look out for love.

Jerry Reed - Don't think Twice It's alright.

christopher on August 18 2009

All right. There has been some ups, some downs, but this southern boy is back in the big city.

Mayor Hawthorne - Your Easy Lovin Aint Pleasin Nothing

alexander on August 17 2009

back from the beach. refreshed... sort of. im workin on updating the code for this piece of poop site, which will include a new scroll bar, finally.

Tori Y Moi - Human Nature (MJ Cover)

alexander on August 06 2009

alright listeners, peace the fuck out, were going to the beach.

Why? - Amplive Remix - The Vowels pt.2

christopher on August 06 2009

Southbound again!

Maccabees - Young Lions

christopher on August 06 2009

We Survive, we abide, we dance the last dance and drink all the gin in the room, and all of these things are love.

Voxtrot - Berlin, Without Return...

alex. on August 05 2009

No one told me Voxtrot was the next Cure, a little heads up next time would be nice. Voxtrot never lets me down... that's a lie actually, going to one of their shows and seeing all their 17 year old fans really threw me for a doozy. that shit will change you man, you think you listen to little girl music. really fucks with your shit. then you see one of your bros rock out to voxtrot and youre like "OH FUCK YEAH, HIGHSCHOOL MUSIC!" its wierd.

Mayer Hawthorne and the County - Just Aint Gonna Work Oout

chris on July 31 2009

Here is a little diddy from last years single. Mayer has a new EP out on stones throw as you read this. This guy was born in seventy-frickin-nine?!? what the eff, he sounds like a transplant from the motown era.

Fool's Gold - Surprise Hotel (Micachu and The Shapes remix)

alex on July 31 2009