Hockey - Curse This City

chris on August 21 2009

I find Hockey reminiscent of the strokes, and I dig it. You dig?

Soft Black - The Earth Is Black

chris on August 20 2009

Please god let me find an apartment this afternoon. Here is a track from some fellow Brooklynites

Asobi Seksu - Transparence

alex on August 20 2009

Asobi Seksu makes such sexy music, see what i did there? cant wait to hear the new album.

Tigercity - Fake Gold

alex on August 19 2009

new york, im gonna need you to turn down the heat for a little bit this is getting ridiculous. worst feeling in the world is getting out of the shower sweating.... burning alive comes in a close second.

Jack Penate - Tonights Today

christopher on August 19 2009

Very cool song Jack.... But why exactly is today tonight again?

Let's Wrestle - I won't lie to you

christopher on August 19 2009

I really can't imagine myself in another city than Brooklyn. But damn I need a new apartment real bad.

Arcade Fire - Wake Up

christopher on August 18 2009

Sorry for up-posting, but give me a break cause that second Where The Wild Things Are trailer really has me goin. You better look out for love.

Jerry Reed - Don't think Twice It's alright.

christopher on August 18 2009

All right. There has been some ups, some downs, but this southern boy is back in the big city.

Mayor Hawthorne - Your Easy Lovin Aint Pleasin Nothing

alexander on August 17 2009

back from the beach. refreshed... sort of. im workin on updating the code for this piece of poop site, which will include a new scroll bar, finally.

Tori Y Moi - Human Nature (MJ Cover)

alexander on August 06 2009

alright listeners, peace the fuck out, were going to the beach.