The Commodores vs The Cure - EasyHeaven (The Brat Mashup)

chris on August 03 2015

Just as you are slipping into the darkness, losing all hope in humanity, there is a faint glimmer of hope. Listening to this song should reassure all of us that everything is going to be OK.
Get the MP3 here


Alex on August 02 2015

After working 2 60 hour weeks in a row writing code all day I definitely DO NOT have function lust. I have the opposite of function lust, it's called I-just-want-to-go-outside lust. Excuse me while I return to my hole.

Treasureseason - Julep

Alex on July 28 2015

Can't help but get that 80's movie vibe from this track, you know what I mean... That feeling like you really need to save the summer camp and get your first kiss from Mandy. That bitch, Mandy, always with Todd the life guard. Fuck Todd.

Other Lives - Beat Primal

Alex on July 24 2015

This is one of those magical albums just that appears out of nowhere in my iTunes library one day. I had no clue who Other Lives were until yesterday and today I absolutely love them - so thank you mystery music ghost for haunting my music library and gifting me solid music. I shall re-pay my debt to you by not holding my weekly Friday seance -- this week. Next week it's back to exorcising.

Party Supplies - A Perfect Life

chris on July 23 2015

I've kept a VHS player in my house for years just to play a two movies on tape. High Fidelity and Last of the Mohicans. Does this make me strange... No! You can keep your opinions on the matter to yourself buddy. It just doesn't feel right to play them digitally. It's hard to explain... so just shut up about it.

Recoilers - Talking About You

chris on July 22 2015

I've been hound doggin' this track for weeks. It proved to be quite elusive, but my internet skills prevailed. Recoilers are an old Canadian band that recently reunited and dropped some amazing work. Kelp Records definitely dropped the ball on promoting these guys.

Club Kuru - Seesaw

Alex on July 21 2015

This is damn fine listening.... damn fine!

Has anyone else ever noticed older women have a propensity towards cherub trinket collecting? What is that all about? At what point did the cherub fad fade out because I can tell you whole heartedly I don't know anyone born within the last 40 years who has anything remotely cherubesque in their home. I think I may have actually found my calling - bringing back the cherub. Excuse me while I go call my mom and tell her the good news.

Seoul - Real June

chris on July 18 2015

I've been locked out of the site for days and finally got in. It's like I left my keys and I had to climb up the fire escape and climb in through the 4th story window.

Pink Skulls - Peter Cushing

Alex on July 18 2015

I hath returned from my European tour. Surviving solely off bread, cheese, and cured meats for 2 weeks I am somehow still standing. I have successfully recovered the Sorcerer's stone, and defeated many black knights. My bowels have completely given up on me so now I must go begin the process of re-earning their trust. On that note --you folks have yourself a fine day.

GANGLY - fuck with someone else

Alex on July 06 2015

Off to Europe for 10 days, you guys look after the place while I'm gone - no parties. ok some parties. ok parties all day but clean up.