Recoilers - Talking About You

chris on July 22 2015

I've been hound doggin' this track for weeks. It proved to be quite elusive, but my internet skills prevailed. Recoilers are an old Canadian band that recently reunited and dropped some amazing work. Kelp Records definitely dropped the ball on promoting these guys.

Club Kuru - Seesaw

Alex on July 21 2015

This is damn fine listening.... damn fine!

Has anyone else ever noticed older women have a propensity towards cherub trinket collecting? What is that all about? At what point did the cherub fad fade out because I can tell you whole heartedly I don't know anyone born within the last 40 years who has anything remotely cherubesque in their home. I think I may have actually found my calling - bringing back the cherub. Excuse me while I go call my mom and tell her the good news.

Seoul - Real June

chris on July 18 2015

I've been locked out of the site for days and finally got in. It's like I left my keys and I had to climb up the fire escape and climb in through the 4th story window.

Pink Skulls - Peter Cushing

Alex on July 18 2015

I hath returned from my European tour. Surviving solely off bread, cheese, and cured meats for 2 weeks I am somehow still standing. I have successfully recovered the Sorcerer's stone, and defeated many black knights. My bowels have completely given up on me so now I must go begin the process of re-earning their trust. On that note --you folks have yourself a fine day.

GANGLY - fuck with someone else

Alex on July 06 2015

Off to Europe for 10 days, you guys look after the place while I'm gone - no parties. ok some parties. ok parties all day but clean up.

Kiiara - Gold

chris on June 24 2015

Just woke up from a mid afternoon nap. I could really get used to this unemployment stuff real quick. Idle hands are the devil's workshop or something... that's a good thing right?

Salt Cathedral - Holy Soul

Alex on June 24 2015

Well it's time I share this you, ...I'm an addict. I'm addicted to tea tree oil tooth picks. I know what you're saying - "but Alex, tooth picks make you look like king douche!" and I completely agree. Oddly enough back when I lived in Brooklyn I used to always have a tea tree tooth pick in my mouth when I rode the train, I saw the looks I got and didn't care. In all reality the tooth picks were just an oral fixation coping mechanism for the perpetual class 7 anxiety attack known as the the New York subway system. So I have that going for me....

The Growlers - Good Advice

chris on June 24 2015

This song is entirely about being hard headed... and I agree with every word. It really speaks to my sense of independence and asshole-ness.

Steven A Clark - Not You

chris on June 22 2015

This sounds like it could be a love song, but don't be deceived. This dude definitely wants love, as long as it's not with you. So if you can refrain from texting it would be greatly appreciated. Like a bandaid, just delete his information.

Chet Faker - Bend

chris on June 19 2015

The Prodigal Son has returned. Please accept the return of the sinner and break bread, for I have awoken from the dead in search of undeserving redemption and your bountiful mercy.