Kiiara - Gold

chris on June 24 2015

Just woke up from a mid afternoon nap. I could really get used to this unemployment stuff real quick. Idle hands are the devil's workshop or something... that's a good thing right?

Salt Cathedral - Holy Soul

Alex on June 24 2015

Well it's time I share this you, ...I'm an addict. I'm addicted to tea tree oil tooth picks. I know what you're saying - "but Alex, tooth picks make you look like king douche!" and I completely agree. Oddly enough back when I lived in Brooklyn I used to always have a tea tree tooth pick in my mouth when I rode the train, I saw the looks I got and didn't care. In all reality the tooth picks were just an oral fixation coping mechanism for the perpetual class 7 anxiety attack known as the the New York subway system. So I have that going for me....

The Growlers - Good Advice

chris on June 24 2015

This song is entirely about being hard headed... and I agree with every word. It really speaks to my sense of independence and asshole-ness.

Steven A Clark - Not You

chris on June 22 2015

This sounds like it could be a love song, but don't be deceived. This dude definitely wants love, as long as it's not with you. So if you can refrain from texting it would be greatly appreciated. Like a bandaid, just delete his information.

Chet Faker - Bend

chris on June 19 2015

The Prodigal Son has returned. Please accept the return of the sinner and break bread, for I have awoken from the dead in search of undeserving redemption and your bountiful mercy.

Baio - Brainwash Yyrr Face

Alex on June 18 2015

I heard this track and thought damn this sounds remarkably like Vampire Weekend making sweet glitchy love to Hot Chip. Well that's because Chris Baio is Vampire Weekend's bass player, so there you have it folks -- mystery solved.

Post Malone - White Iverson

Alex on June 10 2015

Classify Post Malone right next to The Weekend in "bands I would love to sing along to but am too white."

Someone Still Loves You Boris Yeltsin - Step Brother City

Alex on June 04 2015

I had a rough time finding a cover image I liked for this track... but you know what? The new version of left as rain has no cover images - so fuck these images -- I never liked them anyways.

Speak - Mystery Lights (Step Rockets Remix)

Alex on May 26 2015

I'm a new home owner and a Jacksonville, Florida (of all places?) citizen. I've spent the last two weeks with my fiance doing a DIY-ish renovation like you see on those terrible TV shows (which I shamelessly love). What they don't show you on those shows is the literal seventh layer of hell you plunge yourself head first into. This is why everyone you meet who works in construction is an alcoholic.

LTPage - On a Wave

Alex on May 20 2015

If you know me, you know I love me some aliens. I've watched the Ancient Aliens series probably 4 times through, it's really more of an obsession which stemmed from a terrible fear of aliens as a child. Maybe I'm subconsciously studying my enemy? Regardless I've started to re-watch all the X-Files episodes, and I'm always haunted by that "The Truth is Out There" poster Mulder has. This got me thinking.. there's no doubt in our lifetime's we'll discover some sort of alien existence -- at which point I'll have this golden one liner ready... "the truth really was out there..."