MGMT - Hot Love Drama

chris on April 26 2013

Alex and I have an interview up on Models and Rappers, check er out. I reference this song.


alex on April 25 2013

I'm conducting an experiment in my shower. It's called the "How many empty product bottles can we keep until we hit critical mass" experiment. So far things are going really well. I'll be sure to keep everyone updated on my progress barring I don't get caught in an avalanche of empty Thai Massage Axe body wash bottles. TO BE CONTINUED........

Saskatchewan - Youth Ministry

chris on April 24 2013

Just when you think everythings right in the world, you look up and under the amber glow of the nightly streetlamps is a dood leaning on the hood of a van taking a shit in the middle of Broadway. Is it over... No. Why don't you hobble down the street with your shitty ass hangin out for only me and my dog to appreciate. I'll just lock that gem away in my chamber of terrible thoughts, and hang on to it forever.

Saint Motel - You Do It Well

Alex on April 24 2013

Caught this gem last night whilst (yea I said it) watching Hemlock Grove. Then proceeded to go into a meltdown for an hour trying to figure out what the fucking song/band was. Shazam - total garbage. Lyric search - just a shit show. Yahoo Answers - surprising helpful (there's a first for everything). Luckily my long time friend and music confidant Matt P found the Yahoo answer -- otherwise I wasn't sleeping until I figured it out.

White Prism - Dance On

chris on April 23 2013

You know we like to support bands from the hood. It just so happens that some of the best bands in the world are from BK. Not our fault. If you want to support White Prism in person, they're having a record release tonight at Glasslands. So go by and get a beer and a dose of tetanus from the balcony.

Dead Gaze - I Found the Ending

chris on April 22 2013

I feel like such a piece of shit walking around with a Starbucks cup. So many people shaking their heads in disapproval. As soon as the local shop comes up with a drink as delicious as a mocha frappachino, I'll start buying it. Until then... eff off.

Night Panther - All For Love

Alex on April 22 2013

I'm having trouble typing this due to my face being melted all over the place from that guitar solo accompanied Phil Collins-esque drums. Entertain yourself.

The Darcys - I Got the News (Rey Pila Remix)

chris on April 19 2013

It's Friday, so let's pick up the pace... then bring it way down with 10cc. Big boys still cry.

Jai Paul - Str8 Outta Mumbai

Alex on April 18 2013

Gettin' mad cultured up in here at left as rain. There's just not enough finger cymbals in contemporary American music.

Voxtrot - Fast Asleep

Alex on April 18 2013

I know every word to every Voxtrot song ever. ..... no one sentence has ever made me feel more like a 14 year old girl. I suppose I should just embrace it and have a slumber party. What a weird event - slumber party. At what age did the slumber party become the "fuck I'm too drunk to walk home so I'm crashing on your couch" party?