Mayer Hawthorne and the County - Just Aint Gonna Work Oout

chris on July 31 2009

Here is a little diddy from last years single. Mayer has a new EP out on stones throw as you read this. This guy was born in seventy-frickin-nine?!? what the eff, he sounds like a transplant from the motown era.

Fool's Gold - Surprise Hotel (Micachu and The Shapes remix)

alex on July 31 2009


Islands - No You Dont

alex on July 31 2009

massive. hangover. so i may or may not of accidently deleted chris' posts, theyre back up but with no comments. and by no comments i mean i took free reign of writing for him.

Danny Fujikawa - Dear Brandon

chris on July 31 2009

I feel like the calm before the storm right now. I could lose control at any second.

Lou Reed - The Gun

chris on July 31 2009

Fuckin bad ass. can't touch this.

Edward Sharpe and The Magnetic Zeros - Janglin

chris on July 31 2009

Ole Edward bares quite the resemblance to the Man of Galilee. Wait?... who the fuck knows what he looks like? All a bunch of liars. Whatever, just enjoy another dose of the magnetic zeros.

LAKE - Madagascar

alex on July 30 2009

(in my deepest voice possible) ooohhh yeaahh, checkin out the smooth jams of W-leftasrain. stay tuned while we tantalize your ear drums allll nniigghhtt loonngg. whats that baby? you didnt know left as rain was 400 songs long? well it is now... and they say size doesnt matter.

Woolfy - Odyssey

chris on July 30 2009

4th dimensional rocketships goooooiiiiinnnngggg uuuuppppp.

Ganglians - Cryin' Smoke

chris on July 29 2009

And here I am praying for rain.

The Octopus Project - Wet Gold

alex on July 28 2009

This band has a ton of potential we'll see what happens with the full LP.