Darkside - The Only Shrine I've Seen

chris on March 05 2014

This is one of those tracks that is not really radio friendly, as they say. Who are they man!? It's like a conspiracy against quality music man! It's like if you don't conform to the norm man, it's like you can't even make it in today's world man.

Chet Faker - Melt

chris on March 04 2014

A little funk. A little Hip Hop style. A little bit of errything.

Magic Man - Paris

Alex on March 03 2014

Well. I finally did it. I left NYC to make my home down south. After 8 awesome years in New York I've decided that it's time for me to move on and try my hand at a slower pace of life, back yards, and beaches. This would be a great time to talk shit about NYC and all the reasons I decided to leave but I wont... what I will leave you with is the defining moment where I finally said "Okay get me the fuck out of this place."

As the native New Yorkers know we've had snow on the ground for about 3 months - with snow comes just heaps of trash. (Suddenly trash cans cease to exist when the white stuff covers the ground.) I'm running some errands in Greenpoint and round a street corner, just as I round the corner a bus is taking off from a stop at greater than normal acceleration. The bus manages to fling about 5 pounds of trash directly into my mouth and eyes (through sunglasses mind you). I'm coughing, I'm blind--and then it hit me, a taste - it's salty. My face covered in dirt, pulling hair from my mouth, and trying to spit the salty flavor out.. It was like a homeless man just came in my mouth. That's when I audibly said "okay.. I'm done" and b lined back to my apartment to begin packing.

Dog Candi - The Hound

chris on February 27 2014

This song is pretty tough. Check em out at Bossa Nova. Thanks Goldsteezy.

Natural Child - Saturday Night Blues

chris on February 27 2014

One piece of advice to all you young bloods out there. Do what you want when you're young. Fly by the seat of your fucking pants, because before you know it, you are drowning in responsibility. Gasping for a shred of freedom.

Julia Losfelt - You Took Your Time (Mount Kimbie Cover)

Alex on February 26 2014

I woke up to more snow in Brooklyn today, you have got to be kidding me. When will the madness stop??

Phantogram - My Only Friend

Alex on February 20 2014

One of my favorite personalities in the universe, Joe Rogan, would call this track "powerful" -- I'd tend to agree. Powerful Phantogram.

Fog Lake - It Was Never Enough

chris on February 13 2014

People ask me what my process is for discovering music. Here is my secret. Click on the internet a million times until something sounds good in your ear drums. I'm thinking about writing a book about it.

Papercuts - Still Knocking at the Door

chris on February 13 2014

These guys have that breathy seductive sound complemented by sophisticated strings. Very adult of you to use cellos and violins Papercuts... very adult.

Spark Alaska - Aloe Vera

Alex on February 13 2014

The past two weeks of my life have had two very notable moments. One of those moments arriving just this morning with Spark Alaska releasing yet another phenomenal musical arrangement, solidifying his place in my heart right next to Throw Me The Statue. The other - watching Bob Costas repeatedly say the word "Pussy Riot" with two blood red infected eyes.