Spark Alaska - Aloe Vera

Alex on February 13 2014

The past two weeks of my life have had two very notable moments. One of those moments arriving just this morning with Spark Alaska releasing yet another phenomenal musical arrangement, solidifying his place in my heart right next to Throw Me The Statue. The other - watching Bob Costas repeatedly say the word "Pussy Riot" with two blood red infected eyes.

Yellerkin - Tomboy

chris on February 11 2014

Has Brooklyn become a cliche of itself? It's tracks like this that make me think we still have a fighting chance. Now lets go knockdown those towers.

SELA - ay

chris on February 11 2014

This is what elevator music in heaven sounds like. A touch of MF Doom in the background, nice beats playa.

Bombay Bicycle Club - Overdone

Alex on February 07 2014

I was in Mexico and saw a Bombay Bicycle Club and thought for sure that's where these guys got their name. I cracked the case of the curious band name. The second I had internet access I looked up where the name Bombay Bicycle Club came from - turns out its from a (now shutdown) chain of Indian restaurants in Britain. My response? Keep telling yourself that Wikipedia -- I know the true truth. The truthful truthy truth.

Kitty - Ay Shawty 3.0 feat. lakutis

chris on February 06 2014

Highschool babe girl next door that hangs out with community college dudes and can't remember your name, comes hard with this sweet sexy serenade with an amazing beat. Lakutis has some serious white boy skills.

Beck - Morning

Alex on February 04 2014

Sweet mercy this song is chill, if it were any chiller I might just slip into a coma. Someone get me a farmer's hat, a piece of straw to put in my mouth, a hay bale to lean on, and a sunset.

Hospitality - Rockets and Jets

chris on February 04 2014

Whenever I notice someone is staring at me on the subway, my immediate thought is my fly is down. That's really the only way I can rationalize someone staring at me. It's only down about seventy five percent of the time though. The other twenty five percent I have no explanation for... Probably boogers.

Painted Palms - Spinning Signs

Alex on January 31 2014

I'll never understand why people around here don't see the need to pick up their dog's poop when there's snow on the ground. Where is the logic behind that - "There's a thin frozen liquid barrier between my dog's steaming shit and the side walk.. I should just leave it there. I'm a great person and a real team player when it comes to urban society."

Palma Violets - Best of Friends

chris on January 30 2014

A little late on the lowfi bandwagon, but I have to say... I can totally see myself at Bushwick Summer house party circa 2006 jumping and sweating and yelling this at the top of my lungs with 50 strangers and a few of my closest buddies. Throwing beer in the air and running from the cops when they bust in while holding hands with a cute stranger. Then biking her on the handlebars to another party I heard some friends were at.

Money Mark - Color of Your Blues

chris on January 30 2014

Money Mark collaborated with the Beastie Boys on 4 entire studio albums. Respect.