Crystal Castles - Plague

alex on July 31 2012

Dear little kid eating a McDonald's chicken sandwich on NYC public transportation shooting lettuce all over everyone/everywhere, you are my hero. That time you shot lettuce between the dude wearing flip flop's toes and he had to pick it out with his fingers was fucking gold. Thank you.

Dalton - Breaker

chris on July 30 2012

Just cause Alex said we were at Fire Island, doesnt mean we're gay. nttawwt.

Two Door Cinema Club - Pyramid

alex on July 30 2012

aaaaaannnndd we're back. Chris and myself have returned from Fire Island where many a beers were dranken, many a hot dogs grilled, and many a... suns... were.. absorbed...into our skin??-we were at the beach.

The xx - Angels

alex on July 18 2012

Watching this gigantic storm roll into NYC while listening to the xx.. life is good.

Twin Shadow - The One

chris on July 17 2012

In response to Alex. I maintain that whomever smelt it, most certainly dealt it.

Frank Ocean - Crack Rock

alex on July 16 2012

Got two dogs ripping farts in their sleep next to me... typical day at work.

Dirty Projectors - Swing Lo Magellan

chris on July 13 2012

This album is actually pretty complex. It's nice to hear some music once in a while that has some heart, pushes some boundaries.

Purity Ring - Ungirthed

alex on July 12 2012

Some day I'll be on the recieving end of a slow clap which progresses to hysterical cheering....

Hot Chip - Look At Where We Are

chris on July 12 2012

This album is totally on and off. But when it's on, it's definitely on baby.

Tame Impala - Apocalypse Dreams

alex on July 11 2012

Space jamathon (which could also be interpreted as an alien gang bang porn). In other news: I'm making a push for 1k likes on FB - we have like 40 more to go, so please like us.