Coldplay - Paradise

alex on September 13 2011

Yea that's right, I posted Coldplay. Deal with it.

Body Language - At A Glance(Toro Y Moi rmx)

alex on September 12 2011

Ugh, Atlantic City, you are both friend and foe. BYOB strip clubs, old people on oxygen tanks, fat people, old friends, fried food buffets, and fake tits pretty much sums up my weekend.

Ganglians - Sleep

chris on September 12 2011

Packs of crackers. I love them, especially when I'm on the run and don't have time to make breakfast. Come on NY, is that too much to ask for? A pack of six cheese crackers with peanut butter?

Lana Del Rey - Blue Jeans

chris on September 12 2011

Mesmorized, hyptnotized, and blown away. Female Roy Orbison moments in there.

Built to Spill - The Weather

chris on September 08 2011

And as long as it's talking with you, talk of the weather will do.

The Bird and The Bee - Diamond Dave

alex on September 08 2011

A bunch of years ago on this day Chris was covered in placenta.

Destroyer - The Bad Arts

chris on September 08 2011

Today is my birthday. BLAH BLAH BLAH!

Intergalatic Lovers - Fade Away

alex on September 07 2011

I have a serious first world problem with nose hairs. The more I age, the greater the frequency of nose hair growth, its getting out of control. If I didnt trim my nose hairs I'd look like I was successfully snorting Cousin It from the Adam's Family.

TV on the Radio - DLZ

chris on September 07 2011

We will be dj'n at HighHorse tomorrow. It has been a while. A little birthday sesh for me.

Toro Y Moi - Sweet

alex on September 02 2011

Happy Flyday everyblody!