Millionyoung - Day We Met

Alex on August 01 2016

How's your summer going? That's good. Oh, mine? You know.. working 70-80 hours a week staring out the window wishing I was on the beach. Or maybe on Mars helping to further mankind by terraforming but actually inadvertently starting an interstellar war.. but no -- I write Javascript all day.

Black Marble - Cruel Summer

Alex on August 01 2016

Please for the love of all that's good and holy stop sending me your band's bullshit press releases. I can't begin to describe how many emails I get a day for some terrible band announcing it's UK tour dates.... I'm not your guy, guys.

The Avalanches - The Wozord of Iz

Alex on July 12 2016

Well... it's been 16 years since the last Avalanches album, or about as long as it's been since I last posted. So much has changed since I bumped Avalanches, the only similarity now is their sound. I suppose I should go listen to this on repeat for the next 16 years, or until a new Avalanches album comes out.

Posture - Bitter

chris on July 08 2016

These young Londoners sound a bit like good ol' Steve Malkmus, but 24 years later, which means they were about... negative 4 years old when Slanted and Enchanted came out.

Big Data_Dangerous (feat. Joywave)

chris on July 08 2016

One time I heard that if you stay awake for 3 days straight, you can start to hallucinate... or start to trip, or can get away with murder legally... I can't remember exactly. One of those.

Spectrolite - Bayonne

chris on July 07 2016

Heres the thing about working for yourself; You find yourself grinding until the wee hours of the morning because you are doing everything by yourself. So next time you are like, hey I want to be a freelancer... Just think about how on every other project, you will pull at least one all nighter. But hey! I don't have a boss. Fuck bosses... except Rob Lugo, he's cool as fuck.

Buildings Breeding - Eating Pupils

chris on June 30 2016

Sometimes you just want to be sad and not talk to anyone and meander through the streets thinking. THIS is a perfect song for such an occasion. On another note, there are a thousand mosquitoes attacking me in my studio and I don't want a tiny head baby.

Daniel Spaleniak - Back Home (feat. Katarzyna Kowalczyk)

chris on June 08 2016

I am going to Greece for 10 days. See you later Alligator... After awhile Crocodile.

Thundercat - Them Changes

Alex on May 31 2016

I like everything but the band name... makes me feel like I'm at a rave circa 2001. I say this because I used to wear a Thundercats visor... to raves... circa 2001.

Sierra Manhattan - Moonburned Girl

chris on May 25 2016

I have absolutely no business posting this track. I just listened to it on repeat for 2 days and the tape is stuck in my car tape deck. I'll soon, most likely, wish they were dead as I try to pry the tape out with a tire iron while yelling profanities as the neighbors call the cops from behind closed blinds telling the children to hide in the closet and if anything happens... just run! don't worry about mommy and daddy... just run!