Sierra Manhattan - Moonburned Girl

chris on May 25 2016

I have absolutely no business posting this track. I just listened to it on repeat for 2 days and the tape is stuck in my car tape deck. I'll soon, most likely, wish they were dead as I try to pry the tape out with a tire iron while yelling profanities as the neighbors call the cops from behind closed blinds telling the children to hide in the closet and if anything happens... just run! don't worry about mommy and daddy... just run!

BADBADNOTGOOD - Time Moves Slow (feat. Sam Herring)

Alex on May 24 2016

This is the only song I listen to anymore. That's it, this is the only song you'll ever need in your life.

Lower Dens - I Get Nervous

chris on May 23 2016

There is so much music coming out left and right, that sometimes you need to remember which bands and albums fucking rule. Lower Dens.

EMAAD - Retaliate

chris on May 18 2016

I can sense a new generation of young rap artists arriving on the scene. So Future and Kanye and everyone else... You can shove that autotune bullshit right up your ass.

Islands - Outspoken Dirtbiker

Alex on May 17 2016


Field Trip - 4 ca

chris on May 10 2016

It should be smooth sailing from here on out gentlemen. What does Doug Martsch say? Perfect... From now on. Starting now.

Air - Le Soleil Est Près De Moi

chris on May 02 2016

This track has the strength of three chill pills, so be careful and don't overdose. They used to make tracks way stronger back in the 90s.

Stairwell (Golden Vessel) - cln

Alex on April 28 2016

When you're married and live in the burbs like me some days you take a step back and realize just how crazy domestic your life has become. One day you're making breakfast and look for a cooking utensil and then all of a sudden it becomes clean the mother fucking lazy susan day because all your shit has been accumulating inside said lazy susan for over a year. Before you know it you got a broken susan and no access to ANY cooking utensils... these are the extreme realities of the first world problems I face.

Built to Spill - Lifes A Dream

chris on April 21 2016

When a truly great Built to Spill track comes on, it feels like that first breathe after you surface from being underwater too long. Panic subsides because shit's gonna be just fine. Just fine.

Jack and Eliza - Oh No

Alex on April 11 2016

Two words come to mind while listenings to this track - wholesome.... fun. We could totally sit around, drink some pop, and listen to this song all the while feeling really good about ourselves, or you know.. not do that at all and live like the normal self destructive adults we are.