Hinds - Bamboo

Alex on November 19 2015

Classic chick rock, can't go wrong - right? This track makes me feel like I should be wearing washed out baggy denim jeans covered in holes. But I'm a 32 year old man so I can't really do that --- or can i?

Santigold - Can't Get Enough of Myself

Alex on November 15 2015

I don't generally post at 9:30AM on a Sunday morning but when I do it's gold --- santigold.

Petite League - Ocean Honey

Alex on November 13 2015

Our friend from Spark Alaska returns with a band -- a great band. I'm old enough to say "this kid is going places!" I encourage everyone to purchase their latest album on their band camp.

Kali Uchis - Ridin' Round

chris on November 12 2015

Cover up the kiddie's ears people, cause this a bad bitch. Sometimes chris picks gonna drop F bombs. That's just science.

Cage the Elephant - Telescope

chris on November 12 2015

This type of singing gives me some shred of hope that I could actually sing in a rock band, along with the likes of Dr. Dog and Built to Spill. I feel like if you get emotional enough and just shout-whine-sing it could be gold. Having your still beating heart pulled from your chest multiple times by girls is also a prerequisite. Check.

Pillar Point - Part Time Lover

chris on November 12 2015

Pillar Point's sophomore release is dropping in January and that makes me happy. I need all the happiness I can get right now because I just watched 15 seconds of The Bedford Stop. I've slipped into a deep dark depression and loosing faith in the future of this world by the second.

Max Frost - Let Me Down Easy

Alex on November 10 2015

Yep. It's one of those guilty pleasure pop tracks that just sucks you in, don't resist - just let it consume you. I wont lie, I accompany mr Frost's vocals with my pathetic asthmatic lungs.

Joywave - Somebody New (St. Lucia remix)

Alex on November 06 2015

Initiate Friday party music mode. Friday party music mode initiated. Commence dance-a-thon-till-you-drop-a-thon.

CHROMATICS - Girls Just Wanna Have Some

chris on November 06 2015

Shout out to long time Leftasrain supporter Francis Villanueva for the inside track on this amazing cover. It first appeared in an advertisement this summer and I've been hoping that it would be featured on the upcoming album Dear Tommy. Lo and behold, here she is.

STORMS - Shame

Alex on November 02 2015

Just gritty grimy rock and roll. Songs like this make me wish I owned a black leather jacket that smelled of cigarettes and sweat. I own nothing even remotely similar to this.. the closest thing I have is a weathered brown leather wallet - maybe I can fashion it into some sort of make shift neck poncho? Take notes folks, this is how you inadvertently start a global trend -- neck ponchos everywhere.