The Zolas - Knot in my Heart

Alex on July 22 2014

Hemlock Grove returns to Netflix for season 2. Two things we can count on A.) Being introduced to awesome new music. B.) Being introduced to awesome new bare breasts.

The War On Drugs - Red Eyes

chris on July 18 2014

So I trying to upload Wymond Miles and talking about how he rules and I like him better than his main band, The Fresh and Onlys... But it wouldnt upload, so I figured I'd follow the same theme. This is Adam Granduciel, long time guitarist for Kurt Vile and the Violators. TWOD sound like if Tom Petty and Bruce Springsteen had a love child. I think Bruce would be a power bottom.

Wild Yaks - Million Years

chris on July 17 2014

As you get older and wiser, the hourglass becomes emptier of life. And life most certainly becomes harder with age, as if those trickling grains of glass are grabbing ahold of you feet. As Jimmy Cliff said, there are many rivers to cross but I can't seem to find my way over.

Chet Faker X Gold Link - On You

chris on July 16 2014

Have you ever been so tired you can't even lift your own arm? If so, I just discovered the cure for that. Pass out and sleep for 13 hours straight, not a second longer.

Kyla La Grange - Cut Your Teeth

Alex on July 15 2014

Kyla La Grange is smoking hot and makes amazing music - I'm sold.

Craft Spells - You Should Close The Door

Alex on July 15 2014

Always close the door after yourself. The other day I had to participate in what I would call an "awkward moment" or if you're a 15 year old girl a "totes awk situ." I was opening the door to an apartment building and someone was coming in behind me.. they walked in.. didn't close the door... I had to u-turn, walk past them, and close the door. We both looked at each other - she said "Oh yeah....." then I stared deep into their soul capitalizing on their bone crushing stupidity and said "Oh yeah." Then we both drew our swords and fought for our lives. She's dead now. Totes awk!

Generationals - Gold Silver Diamond

chris on July 10 2014

Generationals coming correct with that hard knock life beat. Every time I say your name, I have to sound it out like i'm a five year old.

Part Time - I Want To Go

Alex on July 10 2014

Listening to this track without any sand in sight should be a crime.

Javelin - Beyondce

chris on July 08 2014

This title implys that they took this track right to the limits of Beyonce's musical capabilities, then wend farther. And that is just an awesome concept.

CYMBALS - The Natural World

Alex on July 07 2014

This is me trying to google this band -- Cymbals Cymbals Band Natural Cymbals Band Natural World Fuck You Google...jackpot.