Palma Violets - Best of Friends

chris on January 30 2014

A little late on the lowfi bandwagon, but I have to say... I can totally see myself at Bushwick Summer house party circa 2006 jumping and sweating and yelling this at the top of my lungs with 50 strangers and a few of my closest buddies. Throwing beer in the air and running from the cops when they bust in while holding hands with a cute stranger. Then biking her on the handlebars to another party I heard some friends were at.

Money Mark - Color of Your Blues

chris on January 30 2014

Money Mark collaborated with the Beastie Boys on 4 entire studio albums. Respect.

Marcy Playground - Sex and Candy

chris on January 30 2014

Here is a fun fact. When it's as cold outside as it is here, you can actually freeze a big soap bubble. Fuuuuuuuck Thaaaaat. This is throw back thursday by the way. There is no way any current songs are this freaking good.

Summer Camp - Fresh (Thumpers Remix)

Alex on January 27 2014

Optimal tune right here. Summer camp vocals accompanied by a Michael Jackson drum situation in the back - what could possibly go wrong?

Keep Shelly In Athens - Old Time Glory

Alex on January 24 2014

I didn't think Keep Shelly in Athens had a 70s montage song in them. This is a promising look for our favorite Greek band -- well really the only Greek band we know.

Future Islands - Seasons

chris on January 22 2014

The snake which cannot cast its skin has to die. As well the minds which are prevented from changing their opinions; they cease to be mind. - FN

Gardens & Villas - Colony Glen

Alex on January 21 2014

That hot fire from Gardens & Villas. G&D's new album Dunes will be out Feb. 4th and I'll be the first person in line to purchase it -- and by in line I mean going to the iTunes store and clicking purchase from the warmth and comfort of my home office.

Pillar Point - Cherry

chris on January 21 2014

Come on Pillar Point, quit trying to steal my heart away. This is what people in the industry refer to as "that hot fire."

Mac DeMarco - Passing Out

chris on January 21 2014

This track is an hour old... now this is having your finger on the pulse. Martin had a dream! Martin had a dream! Kendrick have a dream!

Born Ruffians - Needle

chris on January 19 2014

Working for the weekend... More like working on the weekend!!! Insert frowny face.