Sons of The East - Hold On

alexander mejias on February 15 2013

I'll follow chris' lead on the down tempo chilly folky tip. I have nothing of value to say today.. I've spent at least 40 hours working and 10 hours in the gym this week with 1 more day of work and gym to go. Hi my name is Alex and I'm a maniac.

Grant Lee Buffalo - The Hook

chris on February 15 2013

Sometimes you're up and sometimes you're down. When your down, there ain't nothing like crying into a few beers and a tequila back. It's necessary to get way down before you get back up. way down.

Mark Eitzel - I Love You But You're Dead

chris on February 15 2013

His cadence is reminiscent of Bob Dylan. Bold statement.

A$AP Rocky - 1 Train

chris on February 14 2013

I never jumped on the A$AP Rocky band wagon, much like i have never said the word swag out loud. But fuuuuuuuuck, this track is bad muffickin ass. Oh yeah, it features Kendrick Lamar, Joey Badass, Yelawolf, Danny Brown, Action Bronson, and our dog Big KRIT.

CHVRCHES - Recover

alex on February 13 2013

I have difficulty putting my hate for 3D movies into words. If I had to describe it visually it would be the head of a clown on the body of Ursula from the Little Mermaid trying to talk to me about God. It's a deep seated hatred. Here's how the first meeting in Hollywood should have gone when they we're discussing 3D movies. ".. wait a second Jeff are you telling me I have to wear glasses during the ENTIRE movie? You know people pay thousands of dollars to have fucking fiery hot laser beams shot into their eyeballs so they NEVER have to wear glasses again, right?" Then they kill Jeff.

King Tuff - Just Strut

chris on February 12 2013

I'd like to dedicate this to Chris Goldstein, for not thinking anyone cares.

Fitz and The Tantrums - Out of My League

alex on February 11 2013

I have no complaints about this new Fitz single nor do I have anything bad to say about the direction their sound is moving in.. furthermore this cajun nut mix I'm eating tastes pretty good so all in all things are pretty good over here. Have you ever seen this guy? The bleached strip of hair in the front just does not work. He looks like the villain in The 5th Element.

MO - Glass

chris on February 11 2013

MØ the music babe come hard with a solid second single. Check the crop top yal.

Rhye - The Fall Maurice Fulton Alt Mix

chris on February 11 2013

Rhye meets Michael Jackson meets Jaco Pastorious... doing that triangle cross armed handshake while twirling.

Postiljonen - We Raise Our Hearts

chris on February 11 2013

I feel like this could be the musical equivalent of tacky love photos with poems photoshopped ontop, but the last part sold me. I chose it, and I'm sticking to my guns.