King Tuff - Just Strut

chris on February 12 2013

I'd like to dedicate this to Chris Goldstein, for not thinking anyone cares.

Fitz and The Tantrums - Out of My League

alex on February 11 2013

I have no complaints about this new Fitz single nor do I have anything bad to say about the direction their sound is moving in.. furthermore this cajun nut mix I'm eating tastes pretty good so all in all things are pretty good over here. Have you ever seen this guy? The bleached strip of hair in the front just does not work. He looks like the villain in The 5th Element.

MO - Glass

chris on February 11 2013

MØ the music babe come hard with a solid second single. Check the crop top yal.

Rhye - The Fall Maurice Fulton Alt Mix

chris on February 11 2013

Rhye meets Michael Jackson meets Jaco Pastorious... doing that triangle cross armed handshake while twirling.

Postiljonen - We Raise Our Hearts

chris on February 11 2013

I feel like this could be the musical equivalent of tacky love photos with poems photoshopped ontop, but the last part sold me. I chose it, and I'm sticking to my guns.

Kelley Stoltz - Old Pictures

chris on February 07 2013

I like when Kelley makes music like this.

Local Natives - Wooly Mammoth

Alex on February 06 2013

Took me a bit to really enjoy this album, its certainly a departure from their Gorilla Manor album. Maybe not necessarily a departure.. more of a tangent. You won't find many Friday evening banger tracks on here but that doesn't hinder the fact the tracks are chock full of energy. The space nerd in me wants to call this phenomenon dark energy. I think if you folks knew how many times I've watched every episode of How The Universe Works you might think I'm a lunatic.. There's a certain utopia that exists via Mike Rowe dropping bombs space of knowledge upon me.

STRFKR - Say to You

chris on February 06 2013

I found myself counting down the seconds until the next appropriate time to post another song from this album. I couldn't wait until that moment. This is why people open presents on Christmas Eve. It actually is taking unprecedented levels of restraint to prevent myself from putting this entire album up. It's that good.

Shintaro Sakamoto - You Just Decided

chris on February 06 2013

Excuse me while I spin that funky smooth stuff on this cold February humpday.

Tickle Torture - Forgotten

chris on February 04 2013

For containing tons of space noises and ambient sound, this track is pretty fuckin hard.