STRFKR - Malmö

alex on February 04 2013

Remember when these guys used to be called Star Fucker? This is the best way I can possibly say fuck you to Monday.. a bad ass track.

PLOY - Elevator Talk

alex on February 01 2013

It seems as if this mystery band has been putting out rock solid singles for a couple months now. I am eagerly awaiting a full length album. Not to mention PLOY gets bonus points for being based in my second home, Washington D.C.

In other news... FRIDAY, BITCHES!

FIDLAR - West Coast

chris on February 01 2013

FIDLAR, music for people who shotgun beers. Get your friday on you boners!

The Knife - We Share Our Mothers' Health (Ratatat rmx)

alex on January 31 2013

Knife meet Ratatat. Ratatat meet Knife. Now kiss.

Bedroom - Nostalgic Feel

chris on January 30 2013

I would say 99.973 percent of music is utter shit. This is part of that .027 percent that makes me want to Carlton dance with joy. Thanks for the recommend MXSXK, our friend from Brazil.

Darkside - A1

chris on January 29 2013

I usually judge songs based on how badass they would be as part of my original motion picture soundtrack. Oh, you think I lead a boring life? You just wait because I've been practicing my bullwhip, car drifting, and lock picking skills.

Idiot Glee - F O E

alexander totally normal mejias on January 28 2013

This album makes me feel like a crazy person in the best way possible. You know when you put on an album made by a lunatic artist like Squarepusher or Animal Collective and you just say to yourself "Okay. For the next 45 minutes I get to feel like a fucking schizophrenic crazy person." Then when the album is done reality sets back in and you're normal again. This post is normal right?

The Sweet Serenades - Mona Lee

chris on January 28 2013

I'm not buying these dude's lumberjack vibe. I'll ignore it because your music is good... this time... this time.

Fiona Apple - Dull Tool

alex on January 25 2013

There's always a place in my heart for this girl. Fiona Apple is a truly unique artist in a sea of marginal talent. Who can deny those lyrics? "You don't kiss when you kiss. You don't fuck when you fuck."

Unknown Mortal Orchestra - So Good At Being In Trouble

chris on January 24 2013

I hear you brother. It appears you and I are cut from the same cloth.