Idiot Glee - F O E

alexander totally normal mejias on January 28 2013

This album makes me feel like a crazy person in the best way possible. You know when you put on an album made by a lunatic artist like Squarepusher or Animal Collective and you just say to yourself "Okay. For the next 45 minutes I get to feel like a fucking schizophrenic crazy person." Then when the album is done reality sets back in and you're normal again. This post is normal right?

The Sweet Serenades - Mona Lee

chris on January 28 2013

I'm not buying these dude's lumberjack vibe. I'll ignore it because your music is good... this time... this time.

Fiona Apple - Dull Tool

alex on January 25 2013

There's always a place in my heart for this girl. Fiona Apple is a truly unique artist in a sea of marginal talent. Who can deny those lyrics? "You don't kiss when you kiss. You don't fuck when you fuck."

Unknown Mortal Orchestra - So Good At Being In Trouble

chris on January 24 2013

I hear you brother. It appears you and I are cut from the same cloth.

Still Corners - Velveteen

alex on January 24 2013

So this album magically showed up in my iTunes... I have absolutely no clue where it came from. After a couple listens I can wholeheartedly and certifiably say this album is fucking awesome. (I felt like Don King writing that last sentence.) I would like to thank whatever music god whom bestowed this album to my music collection. Upon further research into the band I find that Tess Murray, vocals, is a stone cold fox. Tess, I'd appreciate it if you stopped hacking into my computer and putting your siren calls in my iTunes - thanks.

Service Lab - Aquatic (Mochipet's Aquatic Alien Remix)

alex on January 23 2013

So this is the first I've heard about Mochipet and I'm not quite sure what to think just yet. Pretty interesting stuff but I have a hard time vibing with most of the ol' glitch hop. The vocals on this song are a bit Fred Durst-ish and I think I speak for the majority of the human population when I say - that's something which is really hard to come to grips with. It's funny now that I write my posts in the new back end I actually have a spell check to work with - It's like a sea of red squiggles.

TOPS - Easy Friends

chris on January 23 2013

If left as rain were a label, we would strive to be as cool as Arbutus. TOPS help their credibility, big time.

Solid Gold - All The Way Until It Stops

chris on January 23 2013


Idiot Glee - Pinkwood

chris on January 23 2013

I call this New Yacht Rock and I'm pretty sure this little guy is channeling the spirit of Christopher Cross, and I like it. Lexington can create some tunes, and that's the truth.

Foxygen - Oh Yeah

chris on January 22 2013

Here's some more of that new new. What a wild strange trip this jam is, and guess what?! It's out today on Jagjaguwar Records.