Plucking Wings - Back

Alex on January 02 2015

Happy New Years left as rainers! Supposedly as you get older your perception of time alters, years go by faster. I must be old as fuck cause 2014 flew by. Let's ring in the new year with a new track from 50% of the The Twelves duo, Joao Miguel.

Caribou - Silver

Alex on December 23 2014

This is my nomination for album of the year. I've listened to Dan Snaith for 15 years now and have heard him go through various stages of making incredible music to making mediocre music to making noises which probably shouldn't be classified as music. I can confidently say Caribou's latest album, Our Love, is his best work to date. To put it in real terms - all of his other shit was grey wizard non-sense, this new stuff--white wizard.

Diplo + Edward Droste + Rostam - Long Way Home

Alex on December 19 2014

In case you wondering what would happen if you put Diplo, Grizzly Bear, and Vampire Weekend in a blender. This track isn't even fair to other artists. This is like music production on steroids.

Glass Candy - Miss Broadway

chris on December 19 2014

I absolutely love this direction of music but... What we really need is another wave of grungy pop songs. Think Marcy Playground. I smell sex and candy here. Who's that lounging in my chair? Who's that casting devious stares in my direction. Mama this surely is a dream. Dig it.

Majestyy - Dark

chris on December 18 2014

Brian Jacobs, central member of defunct band Apes and Androids, comes through with a strong vibe. Very ELO. I was just reminiscing today about the old Apes and Androids shows, and let me tell you something mister... That was a fucking religious experience. Listening to Hot Cathy live staring at a florescent tribe of spear toting Zulu warriors whilst flanked by two 10 foot tall unicorn yeti's led by Asian space beauties. All of which is being cheered on by a team of scorching hot galactic cheerleaders. I'm pretty sure they were sent to us from another planet to show us the true ways of rock. They've since returned home because we're super fucking lame.

Number Station - The Money

Alex on December 16 2014

Number Station hit us up on our SoundCloud introducing us to their new EP Back Seat. Over the years (8 of them, fuck this site is old) it's become all to easy to ignore submissions. Honestly 97% of the stuff we're sent just isn't good music - which is why I've mostly stopped listening to submissions. I reluctantly checked out Number Station's sound - to my surprise I really enjoyed their EP.

As a huge Bear in Heaven fan this EP felt extremely approachable, if their sound was a person it would be that guy you meet at a bar while ordering your drinks and tell them that embarrassing story about that time at the middle school dance when they called over the loud speaker for you and Beth to come slow dance and you walked out to the middle of the dance floor like a boss only to realize they were talking about that other shit head Alex. Everyone's done that right?

Anyways here's Number Station's SoundCloud so you too can feel the warm embrace of an approachable stranger -

HONNE - All In the Value

chris on December 16 2014

Now take note young bloods. Never, ever, ever underestimate the value of Steve Vai-level face melting guitar solo. This song is a legitimate ride, full of ups and downs... just like a relationship. HONNE is mad sensitive.

Bahamas - All The Time

alex on December 15 2014

Sometimes when I'm listening to the chillest most grooviest tracks such as this I just want to melt intro some sort of goo of chillness and live on the floor. Maximum chilling scenario. Maximum goo pile--that's gross.

Jaako Eiono Kalevi - No End

Alex on December 12 2014

Sometimes I hear tracks which I feel belong on the soundtrack of my life. This is one on of those tracks - let's say... track 8. Well then Jaako Eiono Kalevi from Helsinki, welcome to the soundtrack of my life. We've placed you at track 8 right after Nada Surf's cover of Where is My Mind and before (pick literally any song off the Drive soundtrack).

New Build - Pour It On(Table Man Remix)

chris on December 09 2014

I just want to go home, stick myself with some sort of paralysis serum and lay horizontal on the couch whilst staring motionless at a Magnum PI marathon. IS THAT TOO MUCH TO ASK!