Bahamas - All The Time

alex on December 15 2014

Sometimes when I'm listening to the chillest most grooviest tracks such as this I just want to melt intro some sort of goo of chillness and live on the floor. Maximum chilling scenario. Maximum goo pile--that's gross.

Jaako Eiono Kalevi - No End

Alex on December 12 2014

Sometimes I hear tracks which I feel belong on the soundtrack of my life. This is one on of those tracks - let's say... track 8. Well then Jaako Eiono Kalevi from Helsinki, welcome to the soundtrack of my life. We've placed you at track 8 right after Nada Surf's cover of Where is My Mind and before (pick literally any song off the Drive soundtrack).

New Build - Pour It On(Table Man Remix)

chris on December 09 2014

I just want to go home, stick myself with some sort of paralysis serum and lay horizontal on the couch whilst staring motionless at a Magnum PI marathon. IS THAT TOO MUCH TO ASK!

Desire - Under Your Spell

chris on December 03 2014

This is one of those unsearchable artists, much like the band Girls. The album title doesn't help either because its simply titled 2. Google's number one page result is Desire 2 Learn, a Millersville University online education platform. Millersville University, Sieze the Opportunity. GO PIRATES!

Tei Shi - Bassically

Alex on December 02 2014

Back in the saddle after a week of constant travel. I write to you a shell of a man who wants nothing more than to spread good tunes.

Brooklyn based Tei Shi popped up on my Soundcloud the other day and I have to say I'm instantly hooked to her Iamamiwhoami vibe.

Broncho - Im Gonna Find Out Where Shes At

chris on November 20 2014

Have you ever been so busy, you forget to take a leak for 9 hours straight. yeah, me right now.

Petite - Backpack

chris on November 18 2014

I'm not usually a proponent of cuteness. For example, I dont don't care about puppy pictures or slow loris videos. But this girl is pretty irresistible, and also the way she says backpack... I think having a killer bass riff and dad-music saxophone helps a ton as well.

Planetarian - Swim

chris on November 18 2014

I just inhaled half a can of Super 77, so it's actually a miracle i can type right now. I'm contemplating suing my company for defamation of brain cells. My brain cells used to have mediocre reputation. Brain cell assassination.

Dan Croll - From Nowhere (acoustic)

Alex on November 18 2014

It's never to late to post a track - never. Good music is timeless, people. On that note - I'm out until after Thanksgiving so keep an eye on the place for me. Let's get fat.

Desire - If I Can't Hold You Tonight

chris on November 14 2014

Jonny Jewel has been on my mind a lot lately. Over the years I've mentioned in posts that songs would appear on the soundtrack to my life. Well JJ has pretty much invented the concept of a fake soundtrack. M83 too, but I'm under the impression that great things happen simultaneously at different parts of the world at the same time. As if the idea is out there and these two channeled it at the same time. The Chromatics are pretty much the best case scenario of a band that makes a fake soundtrack to your favorite fake movie. Tequila Sunrise meets Blue Velvet. "But I Killed For Love" That's passion baby. I have to admit, m83 flies pretty close to perfection with Before the Dawn Heals Us and it's spine tingling poetic track Car Chase Terror. Those early M83 albums, to me, really appear to have influenced Cliff Martinez and his soundtrack to Drive, which was produced by none other than Jonny Jewel.