Ocotillo - LetMeLoveYou

alex on January 29 2009

I want to make music like this. Welp, welcome to Thursday folks, we're almost through the week and preparing our bodies for an invariable toxin assault. Left as rain will be at the Apes and Androids show tomorrow night at Music Hall of Williams, (tom cruise/jerry maguire style) WHO'S COMIN WITH ME!? Were not gonna do what you all think were gonna do, WHICH IS JUST FLIP OUT! *throws briefcase in the air*. ok im done, thats neat, i should do impressions on here more often.

Frontier Ruckus - Orion Town 2

christopher on January 29 2009

Weathered romantic voice... check. Under-mic-ed drums... check. Horn section... check. Grunge Garage Folk Rock... super check.

Vetiver - Everyday

christopher on January 29 2009

I am safe Alex, but I appreciate the concern. I am posting from an disclosed location. Here is a little Vetiver, easy on the ears and good design, the cover that is. It always puts an artist a couple notches up in my book when I respect their album art.

Final Fantasy - The CN Tower Belongs to the Dead

alex on January 28 2009

Someone put out an amber alert for chris.

Built to Spill - Reasons

chris on January 28 2009

Built to Spill makes me want to run away from home. In a good way. A very good way.

Mikael Karlsson - Until We Bleed (Feat. Lykke Li)

alexcifur on January 28 2008

I had to take it down a notch here at left as rain, something to soothe this hangover. You know when you get in a cab drunk and you have this epic conversation with your driver that normally you could never share with another human being? Something happens with the space and time continuum and your souls start conversing on an astral plane. His name was Eddy, and Eddy loves latina girls.

Whitest Boy Alive - Intentions

Christopher on January 27 2008

The new Whitest Boy Alive is here, the New Whitest Boy Alive is here! Jump on the Erlend Oye train people and ride it to amazingmusicville.

Bat for Lashes - A Forrest

chris on January 27 2008

This girl can produce some dark dark sounds. If you are unfamiliar with BFL, check out her video for Whats a Girl to Do. Man o Man... Let's just say animal heads and synchronized bmx tricks in the foggy night.

Swan Lake - All Fires

alex on January 27 2008

so, our daily hits have doubled over the past month, and thats pretty fucking sweet. You know what else is fucking sweet??? mother fucking Swan Lake, you know why? because they sound fucking sweet, this song gives me fucking goose bumps everytime, and whats cooler than a god damn swan? NOTHING. Unless youre seeing fucking unicorns in the wild you aint got shit on a majestic as shit swan swimming in that lake there. in other news: I will going to a secret Natalie Portman's Shaved Head show tonight, shhh dont tell anyone, its a secret!

Deer Tick - Not So Dense

chris on January 27 2008

I am really drawn to the haggard exhausted grittiness of Deer Tick. Although relatively young, John brings the wise lyrics and mature sound.