Swan Lake - All Fires

alex on January 27 2008

so, our daily hits have doubled over the past month, and thats pretty fucking sweet. You know what else is fucking sweet??? mother fucking Swan Lake, you know why? because they sound fucking sweet, this song gives me fucking goose bumps everytime, and whats cooler than a god damn swan? NOTHING. Unless youre seeing fucking unicorns in the wild you aint got shit on a majestic as shit swan swimming in that lake there. in other news: I will going to a secret Natalie Portman's Shaved Head show tonight, shhh dont tell anyone, its a secret!

Deer Tick - Not So Dense

chris on January 27 2008

I am really drawn to the haggard exhausted grittiness of Deer Tick. Although relatively young, John brings the wise lyrics and mature sound.

Fiona Apple - Paperbag

ALEX!!! on January 25 2008

Seriously though, lets talk about fiona apple for a minute. While i am absolutely smitten by zooey deschanel, homegirl is getting married, so basically shes dead to me now. There's still hope though, fiona apple is still relatively single and beautiful as ever. Listen to my girl kill it on the keys, where's your piano zooey? nowhere!

Q Lazzarus - Goodbye Horses

christopher on January 25 2008

So here is how much of a loser I am. I sleep through my Saturday Night... Damnit! A dj dropped this jam on Friday night at a house party and it reminded me of that amazing scene from scilence of the lambs.

Robert Bobbert and the bubble Machine - We R Super Heroes

alex on January 23 2008

Need nap, very hungover, thank you mr whiskey. Tomorrow I will be in a room all day long with internet celebrities cracking jokes. ROFLthing 2009 here i come. I decieded I want to make my own comic character, its going to be a ninja robot vampire zombie pirate who fights crime.

Coconut Records - Any Fun

chris on January 23 2008

The only thing that is going to pull me through this day is the fact that it is friday. Oh and that it is actually above 40 degrees today. It's a scorcher.

Why? - Fatalist Palmistry

chris on January 22 2008

You dont really have to dance like a ninja robot pirate assassin zombie, because it could be dangerous to anyone around you. And then Alex would be an accomlice. This sounds like a late 90s Matthew Sweet type jam. into it.

Matt and Kim - Cinders

alex on January 22 2008

Dare I say this is Matt and Kim's best album to date? I think yes. Not to mention its called Grand named after Grand St, AKA brooklyn whats up. Ok its thursday, dance like a ninja robot pirate assassin zombie.

Animal Collective - The Girls

chris on January 21 2008

I personally find it hard to keep the creative juices flowing with the everyday grind and all. No, not sperm. Now these guys have dropped nine albums in nine years. No big deal.

Cage the Elephant - Back Against the Wall

chris on January 21 2008

this week is flying. that is all.