Mystery Jets - Lorna Doone

chris on August 03 2011

1000 songs deep kiddos. The quest for new music for awesome people continues on strong as ever.

Werewolf Congress - Hipster Empire

alex on August 01 2011

If I was three years old I would call this site weft as wain.

Wu Lyf - Brooklyn Girls

chris on July 28 2011

I have a little soft spot for my brothers from across the sea. This was the encore when I saw them last week, and was preluded by a story about the girls they stayed with when they last came to BK.

Neon Indian - Fallout

alex on July 28 2011

Were so close to 1000 songs, I can feel it in my plums. No, that's not the empire state building in my pants, thats my massive erection because this song is so good. ..... Two references to my genitals in one post, there should be a law. -- a law to always post twice about my genitals!

Computer Magic - Take It Or Leave It

alex on July 27 2011

Strokes cover album put out by Stereo Gum, fantastic.

Evangelicals - Midnight Vignette

chris on July 27 2011

This album is like a mercury marauder, a sleeper. A car that has high performance and an unassuming exterior.

Fruit Bats - Dolly

alex on July 26 2011

THE FEEL GOOD SONG OF THE SUMMER! in other news - I'm on a juice fast and it makes me feel like I've been pertually smoking crack all day. Fuck redbull you put a shit ton of kale, apples, lime, lemon, carrots, spinach, ginger, and celery in a blender and you'll be jacked all day. MARK MY WORDS FRIENDS.

Family of the Year - Psyche Or Like Scope

christopher on July 25 2011

killer use of handclaps. Subtle and classy.

Gaurds - I See It Coming

christopher on July 25 2011

Two tracks in a row about coming. On an absolute tangent, I went to see wu lyf in bk again and they rocked my face off and gave me shivers simultaneously.

Dum Dum Girls - Coming Down

christopher on July 25 2011

This track has a wonderful Mazzy Star vibe to it. I hope the rest of the album follows suit, although I have always been infatuated with 90s music.