Gabe Wax - Saddest of Views

Alex on June 05 2013

Gabe Wax submitted his music to LAR November of 2011 (you can find him by searching the site for Carroll), since then I've been an admirer of his work. There's no doubt in my mind Gabe Wax will unveil an LP someday and become a household name. Keep up the good work, brother.

In other news: I was just riding the L train (standing holding the pole because somehow I justify that as "exercise."), I noticed an odd character sitting there holding a magazine to her face. For those of you who commute in NYC on public transportation you're quite familiar with the fact that every train ride you see something pretty weird. Just as I brushed her off as just another odd character on my commute the doors began to close on the train - Odd bird ran full speed into my arm holding the pole and clothes lined the shit out of herself.. she crawled to the door to keep it open. I proceeded to watch the door close on her twice before it dawned on me to help her and hold the doors open. She finally exits the train with, which what some people would consider, the least graceful train dismount since the birth of the MTA. at this point everyone on the train is looking at me like "wtf, bro??" I then proceed to say to myself "What the fuck just happened?" but my music was playing so loud in my ear buds I'm pretty sure it came out as "WHAT THE FUCK JUST HAPPENED?!" Just another day in Brooklyn...

Zola Jesus - In Your Nature - David Lynch Remix

chris on June 04 2013

Zola Jesus only lets David Lynch remix her music. If I made music, I would only let Steven Soderbergh remix mine because Magic Mike really plucked at my heart strings.

Phoenix - Trying To Be Cool (Breakbot Remix)

Alex on June 03 2013

All it took was a little Breakbot lovin' to make a track from Phoenix's latest album sound decent. After their last album Phoenix is currently the red headed step brother in the shadow of it's older French twin brothers Daft Punk.

Majical Cloudz - Mister

Alex on May 30 2013

I was watching a bird the other day in Brooklyn (cool story, bro). He would fly from tree to tree but every time he flew he made this high pitched noise. It got me thinking that maybe he needs to make that noise every time he flies... can you imagine the burden? What if every time you walked you needed to hum, then when you ran you had to scream at the top of your lungs - what a bummer. I feel like I would find myself wondering if I'm hearing a group of ambulances in the distance or a track meet.


Alex on May 29 2013

You gotta be kidding me... Chvrches is already pumping out more banger singles. This band just doesn't quit. We're going to have to re-name the site left as chvrches if they keep it up.

Night Moves - Colored Emotions

chris on May 29 2013

And this years award for dreamiest intro goes to... obviously this track without a shadow of a doubt. Wouldn't it be great if you dozed off to harp strums like in old movies.

Classixx - Borderline

chris on May 29 2013

Classixx are some of the best electronic music at this moment, which is hard for me to say because I normally don't like to give credit to LA. It's a problem I have. It's not you LA... It's me.

Bear in Heaven - You Do You (Eskmo Remix)

Alex on May 28 2013

Currently hanging out in Seattle enjoying beautiful scenery, top notch food, and most importantly a population with great taste in music.

Natural Child - Thats How I Got to Memphis

chris on May 28 2013

This one is a dedication for my girl Lilli, who traveled to the edge and back. Welcome home.

I Am the Cosmos - Wide Awake

chris on May 23 2013

Very peculiar progression but, great. This album pretty much bangs on all cylinders. Too bad it cost 20 fucking euros!!!! This aint a fucking released only in Japan first pressing vinyl record people. drop the price.