Classixx - Borderline

chris on May 29 2013

Classixx are some of the best electronic music at this moment, which is hard for me to say because I normally don't like to give credit to LA. It's a problem I have. It's not you LA... It's me.

Bear in Heaven - You Do You (Eskmo Remix)

Alex on May 28 2013

Currently hanging out in Seattle enjoying beautiful scenery, top notch food, and most importantly a population with great taste in music.

Natural Child - Thats How I Got to Memphis

chris on May 28 2013

This one is a dedication for my girl Lilli, who traveled to the edge and back. Welcome home.

I Am the Cosmos - Wide Awake

chris on May 23 2013

Very peculiar progression but, great. This album pretty much bangs on all cylinders. Too bad it cost 20 fucking euros!!!! This aint a fucking released only in Japan first pressing vinyl record people. drop the price.

Be The Bear - Bump

Alex on May 23 2013

Props to Tea Leigh and her amazing Soundcloud feed (link after the jump). In other news: I'm currently sitting in my family's freezing cold house in VA -- what is it about older people feeling the need to exacerbate temperature? I woke up this morning and did what most people do when they wake up - I went to the bathroom. I walk down the hallway shivering like Michael J Fox after a week long molly bender - Finally I reach my destination - the bathroom. I turn the frigid handle to the bathroom and open the door.... there he was in all his terrifyingly alien like glory -- a spider cricket. Not only was it the most alien creature on the face of the earth it was the most alien creature on the face of the earth eating the bristles on my tooth brush like a little Somalian boy having bacon for the first time. I couldn't believe my eyes, the alien life form paid no attention to me, he was in a trance. I went in for the close up -- it was like watching a priest swearing off celibacy - going to a strip club - and motor boating size D tits for the first time. I deiced to let it happen, I place my tooth brush along with it's new lover into the trash can and turned off the lights so they could enjoy their moment together.

Tea Leigh's Soundcloud

Magical Cloudz - What That Was

chris on May 23 2013

There is nothing more amazing than an enormous eighteen-wheel truck with shiny chrome and mudflaps and extended cab with beautifully airbrushed typography on the side............ filled to the brim with rotting garbage parked on the side of one of the busiest streets in New York city, for all to take in. Breathe deep, for it's summer in the city. Now I leave you with a tale of best friends.

L ECK$ - No Troubles

chris on May 22 2013

I'm really into talk rapping right now. It almost makes me think that I can be a rapper. Almost. I'll stick to dropping the ill beats.

The Dig - I Already Forgot Everything You Said

Alex on May 21 2013

Lets take it down about 12 notches, shall we?

It's no stretch of the imagination to say I have some of the worst ADD known to man. This has fueled my freelance career and given me the uncanny ability to do a conference call while writing code on one screen and designing logos on the other. However the draw back is trying to pay attention to just one thing -- in particular someone trying to talk to me face to face without any distractions. So if we're ever in an intimate conversation and you speak for five minutes while I blankly stare at you then I respond with "I have no idea what you just said to me," please don't be mad.. I cant help it.

Bibio - Take Off Your Skirt

chris on May 20 2013

Plug in that talk box and rock my world with equal parts shred and facemelt. This song is journey.

Har Mar Superstar - Lady, You Shot Me

Alex on May 20 2013

I forgot how much I enjoy a solid tempo shift. I am in full support of the soul movement (soul movement sounds like a shoe taking a shit). In other news: Har Mar Superstar is my new personal hero.