Foals - Spanish Sahara

chris on November 28 2011

Long slow buildup. Wait for it...

Radial - A Theory on Time Travel

alex still on a buffalo on November 23 2011

Just went to the gym by my family's house. The front desk girl started chatting with me, she lived in Harlem for a bit - we talked for awhile about NYC.. She asked me where I hang out in NYC to which I replied Williamsburg and Lower East Side. She then proceeded to talk shit about NYC in a flirty sort of way - like in first grade when you pulled the hair of the girl you liked. Dear girls, dont do that after the age of 9. In other news: Holy Ghost! tonight in DC, pretty stoked.

Diamond Rings - You and Me

alex on a buffalo on November 22 2011

I dont understand naps, on paper they sound like the best idea ever - in reality they put me in this half retard state of mind for the rest of the day. "What's wrong with Alex?? He's drooling all over himself and I'm fairly certain he's only wearing one sock" "Oh, he took a nap today."

I'm From Barcelona - This Boy

chris on November 22 2011

This is super dooper upbeat. Borderline too upbeat. Side note, i'm not sure if you know this or not but Alex has a part time job in addition to his full time job. That would be post deleter. Gee thanks!

The Do - Dust It Off

alex on November 20 2011

If these vocals dont pierce directly to your soul then you dont have one... In other news: I was searching for the perfect mac and cheese recipe last night... You know the one I'm talking about.. super cheesy with little bits of crumbly crunchy bread guys in there -- That's the one. Eventually I found it on Martha Stewart's website, but not before a little history lesson in our beloved Macaroni and Cheese. *dim the lights - story time* You see listeners, macaroni and cheese was brought to the US by the one and only Thomas Jefferson (that brilliant bastard). He aparantly discovered the macaroni machine in Italy and brought one back with him. Now.. picture this... the year is 1788 (i think) and youre a full grown adult, you think you've tasted everything this great earth has to offer. Youre over at ol' TJ's place for dinner regaling everyone with tales of yore when all of a sudden a dish of golden radience is put in front of your face. Now at first you'd be hesitant just like anyone else.. "I dont know about this yellow dish... but I shant be rude, I'll give it a go." So you try Macaroni and Cheese for the first. Now assuming you arn't lactose intolerant.. cause if you are you just shit your pants.. but if you aren't you just experienced what I can only presume unicorn turds taste like. Now lets not forget these dudes still believed in witches(sort of) and of course ol Theodore across the table isn't having it. The macaroni is too good - Teddy stands up "JEFFERSON, WHAT IS THIS WIZARDRY!?" Jefferson slyly looks over at Teddy and says "That's witchKraft, baby." - and that's the story of Kraft Macaroni and Cheese.

Breakbot - A Thing For Me

chris on November 18 2011

double you double you double you dot this shit rules dot com.

Mux Mool - Get Better John

alex on November 18 2011

If Emeril was here he would have just said BAM!

People Under The Stairs - This Lifetime

alex on November 17 2011

hanging out in VA with deers and foxes and shit - listening to every white kids favorite hip hop group.

Sneaker Pimps - Low Five

alex on November 16 2011

Taking it back to 1999 - the point in my life where I ate ecstacy like candy and no fucks were given. In other news: I watched xfactor for the first time tonight and just as I suspected I'm fighting off the urge to off myself. Were not too far off from President Dwayne Elizondo Mountain Dew Herbert Camacho at this point..

M83 - Outro

chris on November 16 2011

Hurry up, we're dreaming. It's like my ears are uprising... and i like it. This will change your whole perspective on shit.