Egyptian Hip Hop - Moon Crooner

alexander on August 16 2010

If there's one thing im certain of, it's the fact that I'll probably never die to a dragon's fiery hot stinky molten flavored breath. Another thing im certain of is that in a few months everyone will know the name Egyptian Hip Hop.

The Strange Boys - Laugh at Sex, Not Her

christopher on August 12 2010

Just adding some additional flavor to the mix. Making a gumbo over here.

Salem - King Knight

alex on August 10 2010

Damn Salem, you hit hard. Step aside Crystal Castles theres a new "almost goth industrial band" in the house.

Bob Hillary and The Massive Mellow - Hear Mi

christopher on August 10 2010

Gorrilaz meets Velvet Underground equals soothing karate kicks to the ear drums.

The Electronic Anthology Project - I Dim Our Angst In Agony

arex on August 10 2010

Suprisingly enough this is Built To Spill's new album, they rehashed some old stuff of theirs and put some dope synthy 80s style beats over them. All in all not a bad album, I certainly commend BtS for stepping out of their analog box and trying something purely digital.

Hayden - The Van Song

william christopher thomas on August 10 2010

2nd up-post in the history of left as rain. don't hate on me.

Future Islands - Long Flight

chris on August 09 2010

Eff it, this is too good.

Future Islands - Beach Foam

chris on August 09 2010

This track is off their last album, Wave Like Home. I am giving the new one a listen to now, and am impressed so you will probably hear some shortly. If you can't wait, come to the Rock Yard in Brooklyn this weekend.

Wavves - King of the Beach

chris on August 09 2010

I caught an actual shark during shark week. What did you do?

The Go Team - Milk Crisis

alex on August 06 2010

Here's a go team single from 2008 that slipped between the cracks. so crank up those speakers, do some light stretching, and unzip your pants- shit.. i mean... tighten.. your shoe laces.. for dancing. FUNNY AWKWARD HUMOR FRIDAY!!