Hayden - The Van Song

chris on July 06 2009

What's that feeling in the pit of my stomach? hunger?... No, it's just my always present sense of foreboding. I feel like a piano is going to drop on my head at any second.

Spoon - Got Nuffin

alex on July 06 2009

Oh 4th of july, why must you always make me get so black out? im still not fully recovered and im fairly certain my liver is still on vacation.

Foreign Born - In The Shape

chris on July 06 2009

For some reason a change in routine provides you with a rush of clarity. Was I jaded? Probably.

Neon Indian - Deadbeat Summer

chris on July 02 2009

So I am gonna jet tommorrow, so here is another jam for your ears. Way into this by the way, no diggity.

Fruit Bats - When U Love Somebody

chris on July 02 2009

"You know what my philosophy of life is? That it's important to have some laughs, but you gotta suffer a little too, because otherwise you miss the whole point to life" - DR

Spanish Prisioners - Los Angeles Guitar Dream

chris on July 02 2009

Spanish Prisoners, that is good. I always wanted to be in a band called Spanish Armada. This song has fucking guts.

Portugal, The Man - The Sun

alex on July 02 2009

New Portugal, The Man which proves he really is, in fact, the man. Welp it's July, were knee deep in summer time and about to light off some fucking explosions.

Jay Electronica - Eternal Sunshine

alex on June 30 2009

this shit put me in a good place. avid suggestor of music, matt p, told me to check this track out. i was like hey cool, ill check it... then i listened it to and i was like HEY COOL IM GLAD I CHECKED IT OUT. then we high fived. and i burped. and he waved and winked at me. thats when it got sort of gay. not that theres anything wrong with that.

The Greenhornes - Hold Me

chris on June 30 2009

Life goes on long after the thrill of living is gone. On another note, look outside new york, maybe there is some beauty in this god forsaken city. Join me to get blasted tonight?...

Silversun Pickups - Lazy Eye

chris on June 29 2009

Just keep going. Wake up, breathe in and out, get on your feet and go. keep going.