The Electronic Anthology Project - I Dim Our Angst In Agony

arex on August 10 2010

Suprisingly enough this is Built To Spill's new album, they rehashed some old stuff of theirs and put some dope synthy 80s style beats over them. All in all not a bad album, I certainly commend BtS for stepping out of their analog box and trying something purely digital.

Hayden - The Van Song

william christopher thomas on August 10 2010

2nd up-post in the history of left as rain. don't hate on me.

Future Islands - Long Flight

chris on August 09 2010

Eff it, this is too good.

Future Islands - Beach Foam

chris on August 09 2010

This track is off their last album, Wave Like Home. I am giving the new one a listen to now, and am impressed so you will probably hear some shortly. If you can't wait, come to the Rock Yard in Brooklyn this weekend.

Wavves - King of the Beach

chris on August 09 2010

I caught an actual shark during shark week. What did you do?

The Go Team - Milk Crisis

alex on August 06 2010

Here's a go team single from 2008 that slipped between the cracks. so crank up those speakers, do some light stretching, and unzip your pants- shit.. i mean... tighten.. your shoe laces.. for dancing. FUNNY AWKWARD HUMOR FRIDAY!!

Ra Ra Riot - Too Dramatic

alex on August 06 2010

I know what youre saying, WTF Alex there's like 700 ra ra riot songs on left as rain alreeady(technically there's not considering there's 710 songs total on left as rain so thats a gross exaggeration on your part, chill out dude). and yes, i agree, but its all part of my secret plan to take over the world-ive said too much.

Wild Nothing - Live In Dreams

christopher on August 06 2010

Hey Bands out there across the world. Send us your stuff and we will be happy to post your amazing music, so don't be shy. You can just send it to me, alex is the mean one.

Arcade Fire - Rococo

alex on August 05 2010

back from the ol' vacay feeling refreshed with a healthy dose of skin cancer. did you guys miss us? i stayed up multiple nights without sleep thinking about how much i missed my lovely listeners. *pinch on the cheek* ... ...... *face cheek, not butt* *well maybe butt* *why am i writing like this?*

Danger Mouse and Sparklehorse - Daddys Gone

christopher on August 05 2010

This one goes out to Diveesha in Honk Kong. Whats up Hong Kong, and whats up Brooklyn. Im back from vacation holler.