Cage - I Never Knew You

alex on January 17 2010

rainy cloudy sunday music. pretty creepy track, dude stalks a girl then kills her. chill out man. breaking news: we will be playing a show at Duck Duck this coming Saturday, this shit is going to be fuckin bananas so i suggest you be there. or ill stalk you... and kill you. ill post more details later this week.

Atlas Sound - Walkabout

chris on January 14 2010

43 degrees outside NY. As long as I'm with you, talk of the weather will do.

Yarn Owl - Bicycle

alex on January 13 2010

sexy music for sexy people.

The Morning Benders - Promises

chris on January 13 2010

Short analysis of this track. It's goooood. Short analysis of this album cover. It's goooood.

Kuroma - Paris

chris on January 13 2010

Brooklyn is fierce, and dont you forget it.

OK Go - In The Glass

alex on January 12 2010

OK Go returns with an absolute success of an album. If you find yourself with a free minute today go check out their latest video for This Too Shall Pass.

jj - The Truth

christopher on January 12 2010

My friend jonny says there are only two types of people in this world, people who know Karate, and people who don't. Now you just think about that.

Mazzy Star - Be My Angel

christopher on January 12 2010

Hope, your voice was amazing. Early 90s is still my favorite period of music, and tends to make me want to jump a train.

Portugal The Man - Work All Day

christopher on January 11 2010

Hire me as a designer, art director, production artist, or creative mad man. Looking to change things up.

Laura Veirs - July Flame

christopher on January 11 2010

I pray, There will come a time when I think of you and I smile.