jj - The Truth

christopher on January 12 2010

My friend jonny says there are only two types of people in this world, people who know Karate, and people who don't. Now you just think about that.

Mazzy Star - Be My Angel

christopher on January 12 2010

Hope, your voice was amazing. Early 90s is still my favorite period of music, and tends to make me want to jump a train.

Portugal The Man - Work All Day

christopher on January 11 2010

Hire me as a designer, art director, production artist, or creative mad man. Looking to change things up.

Laura Veirs - July Flame

christopher on January 11 2010

I pray, There will come a time when I think of you and I smile.

The Mary Onettes - Dare

christopher on January 08 2010

Enter the Cure, no wait... Now enter The Mary Onettes. Clever name doods, clever.

Rogue Wave - Good Morning

alex on January 08 2010

I havnt quite formed an opinion on what I think of Rogue Wave's new direction. Lets listen to this and just marinate on it for a little while. yeeaaa, just let that sauce simmer, now cover up the pan, thats it, now bring it to a slow boil, back down to simmer, thats nice. Rogue wave has had a pretty rough life, two members have passed on since the band formed. So maybe even if it is out of pity lets embrace Rogue Wave's new style and hope for an acoustic album.

Hope Sandoval - Blanchard

alex on January 07 2010

holy shit, ive never ever had food poisoning like this. i made some award winning chili called ambush chili on monday, naturally i put the left overs in the fridge. i decieded to polish off the rest of the chili yesterday afternoon, come night fall i was destined to spend the rest of my night into the morning in the bathroom. needless to say, ambush chili successfully ambushed my stomach and my colon. i just wanted to share with the world that i had projectile vomit in the kitchen sink, it was some exorcist shit. i still have the rest in my fridge, maybe we can sell it to the goverment to develop some sort of weapon to battle evil.

Birdie Hilltop - The Sorrow

chris on January 07 2010

Obviously it's sorrowful, but man It comes across as heartfelt too. Nice rhythm of an acoustic guitar, and the lyrics, that's all I need. Damn, rhythm is hard to spell.

Memory Tapes - Green Knight

chris on January 06 2010

This entire album is great, and great to work to because you can kind-of ignore it. Something that I can't ignore, on the other hand, are the tires that are slashed on my car. I love Brooklyn! I have to go deal with that real quick.

Richard Cheese - Last Resort

alex on January 05 2010

Who knew lounge music could be so fuckin bad ass? I discovered this dude while watching Dawn of the Dead, he does an absolutely epic cover of down with the sickness. check out his album, chock full of 90s favorite.