Wampoire - People of Earth

chris on August 18 2015

I was driving around today in a sweaty haze, and it seemed as if everything was moving in slow motion. If you really step back and observe the kooks of New York, it's quite a trip. The drug addicts, people talking to themselves, couples fighting in the street, chinese dude cutting weeds with a pair of scissors, kids playing in fire hydrants, Dominican guy with a huge grey afro cutting a guy in a wheelchair's beard with trimmers, Jehovah's Witnesses spreading the word in full suits during this heat wave... Come to think of it, a Summer heat wave in the city brings all the crazies out. This song embodies this feeling perfectly.

Salt Cathedral - Tease

Alex on August 13 2015

Well.. here it is. There's plenty to be done .. but isn't there always?

Lowell - I Love You Money

Alex on August 12 2015

Lowell coming correct with the proper Go Team! vibe. Over the past 8 years of finding tracks for lar I've found the common denominator for a solid banger is hand claps in quick succession. So there you have it folks.. the recipe for success(ion).

Sinkane x Peaking Lights - How We Be (DFA Dub Remix)

chris on August 12 2015

Let's finish this summer off strong ladies and gentlemen. Have you been to a lake? Have you been to the beach? Have you been to a waterslide? HUH!!! Have you!... No?... Then get after it for God's sake, and listen to this on the way, with your arm out the window slapping the drivers side door to the beat. Either that or fist pumping out of the sunroof. Both good.

BRVS - Pale

Alex on August 07 2015

Man you guys.. I wen't to set the new version of left as rain live last night and double checked browser compatibility and it wasn't working in Safari. It was a punch to the gut... my attempt to secure songs from being downloaded was thwarted by the ghost of Steve Jobs. He's still bitter I used to be a Flash developer...

Sister Girlfriend - Old Enough to Know Better

chris on August 06 2015

This track has every ingredient needed to make an eargasm. Synthesizers, handclaps and 80s saxophone. Signed sealed delivered.

Classixx - wiw 16tp

chris on August 04 2015

Classixx made a terrific first album and it's been a couple years since they've dropped something on us, so I'm pretty psyched that this doesn't suck. They say the sophomore effort is the work that can make or break you. No pressure guys.

The Commodores vs The Cure - EasyHeaven (The Brat Mashup)

chris on August 03 2015

Just as you are slipping into the darkness, losing all hope in humanity, there is a faint glimmer of hope. Listening to this song should reassure all of us that everything is going to be OK.
Get the MP3 here


Alex on August 02 2015

After working 2 60 hour weeks in a row writing code all day I definitely DO NOT have function lust. I have the opposite of function lust, it's called I-just-want-to-go-outside lust. Excuse me while I return to my hole.

Treasureseason - Julep

Alex on July 28 2015

Can't help but get that 80's movie vibe from this track, you know what I mean... That feeling like you really need to save the summer camp and get your first kiss from Mandy. That bitch, Mandy, always with Todd the life guard. Fuck Todd.