Field Trip - 4 ca

chris on May 10 2016

It should be smooth sailing from here on out gentlemen. What does Doug Martsch say? Perfect... From now on. Starting now.

Air - Le Soleil Est Près De Moi

chris on May 02 2016

This track has the strength of three chill pills, so be careful and don't overdose. They used to make tracks way stronger back in the 90s.

Stairwell (Golden Vessel) - cln

Alex on April 28 2016

When you're married and live in the burbs like me some days you take a step back and realize just how crazy domestic your life has become. One day you're making breakfast and look for a cooking utensil and then all of a sudden it becomes clean the mother fucking lazy susan day because all your shit has been accumulating inside said lazy susan for over a year. Before you know it you got a broken susan and no access to ANY cooking utensils... these are the extreme realities of the first world problems I face.

Built to Spill - Lifes A Dream

chris on April 21 2016

When a truly great Built to Spill track comes on, it feels like that first breathe after you surface from being underwater too long. Panic subsides because shit's gonna be just fine. Just fine.

Jack and Eliza - Oh No

Alex on April 11 2016

Two words come to mind while listenings to this track - wholesome.... fun. We could totally sit around, drink some pop, and listen to this song all the while feeling really good about ourselves, or you know.. not do that at all and live like the normal self destructive adults we are.

Bibio - Saint Thomas

Alex on April 01 2016

Bibio's latest album has been my goto on repeat album of the last week. This particularly bubbly track is one of my favorite, if I told you how many times I've listened to it I would feel ashamed and awkward... but then probably okay with it.

Car Seat Headrest - Drunk Drivers Killer Whales

chris on March 27 2016

This is the best song I've heard all year. Full stop.

Lucius - Dusty Trails

Alex on March 23 2016

Sure, it's a little poppy... but don't we all need a little pop in our life? And maybe it does sound a little bit like country music but like REALLY good country music that's extremely accepting of gays, black people, and muslims. Furthermore you simply can't deny those siren calls. Sing it, sisters.

Alex G - Bug

Alex on March 16 2016

Alex G's latest album Beach Music is exactly that -- beach music. In my current flu ridden state being healthy on the beach sounds amazing to me.. I guess for now I'll just have to settle for an album called Beach Music. What do you think the G in Alex G stands for? I'm going with Ghost.. or maybe Gorilla. Grapes? Probably Gary.

Behaviors - Don't Fight It

chris on March 16 2016

Listen people. I just want to be totally honest with you. I would hate for y'all not to trust me after all these years of dedicated listenership. Here it goes... I'm posting this from the toilet. There!!! Oh man, I fell so much better. Because I told you, not cause the other thing.