Niall G - In the Mood (Demo)

chris on December 06 2016

Is anyone out there? This is Chris from Left As Rain, trying to make contact...

The Smashing Pumpkins - By Starlight

chris on October 24 2016

Sometimes, on a Monday morning, you just have to hearken back to a time when perfect music was made. It's the balance of sadness and hope.

Yo La Tengo - Mr. Tough

chris on October 11 2016

Here are some facts about Yo La Tengo... They have been dropping rad under-appreciated tracks since before you were born. They have a girl drummer. They are from Hoboken. And finally, this album title is the best of all time... It's called, I Am Not Afraid of You and I Will Beat Your Ass.

Derek Simpson - Baby Come Home

chris on October 11 2016

Damn, when this came on, I thought some late 90's G Love was coming through the speakers. In reality, this is Derek Simpson from the lesser know Boston band, Planetarian. I like it, I love it, I want some more of it.

Josh Ritter - Long Shadows

chris on October 09 2016

Sometimes life problems are misconceived, jumbled and or muddled. Small problems seem really-really big, and big problems seem inconsequential. Just take a step back and get some f-word perspective. I think that Nietzsche had some insight when he blabbered, There are no facts, only interpretations.

Seven Saturdays - Secret Things

chris on September 20 2016

The emotional connection between mind and body and soul is an extraordinary thing. Plato says that the soul does not exist in time or space, yet the body does... So when you feel something deep in your soul, for a moment in time, the immortal soul syncs with the material world that your physical being inhabits. All that I know is that it feels fucking amazing. When music hits that sweet spot, reality melts away, and you are left only with a feeling. You aren't just Chris(or Sarah or Abe or Jim) anymore; You're a feeling or an emotion. If you ever have an outer-body experience when listening to music, guaranteed, it will change your whole perspective on life.

Car Seat Headrest - Does It Feel Good To Say Goodbye

chris on September 16 2016

This hits all my marks for a perfect track. Melancholy with a touch of shred, and a perfectly placed Fuck You.

Astronauts etc. - Shake It Loose

Chris on September 04 2016

What... A... Track... This album was recorded live, you know, like the old days. Just a bunch of guys in a room playing until they get it right. None of that Pro Tools bullshit.

Papercuts - Boys of Summer

chris on September 01 2016

Apparently I fell of the face of the Earth. Turns out it was actually flat all along... and Christopher Columbus was a fucking asshole.

Millionyoung - Day We Met

Alex on August 01 2016

How's your summer going? That's good. Oh, mine? You know.. working 70-80 hours a week staring out the window wishing I was on the beach. Or maybe on Mars helping to further mankind by terraforming but actually inadvertently starting an interstellar war.. but no -- I write Javascript all day.