Hope Sandoval - Blanchard

alex on January 07 2010

holy shit, ive never ever had food poisoning like this. i made some award winning chili called ambush chili on monday, naturally i put the left overs in the fridge. i decieded to polish off the rest of the chili yesterday afternoon, come night fall i was destined to spend the rest of my night into the morning in the bathroom. needless to say, ambush chili successfully ambushed my stomach and my colon. i just wanted to share with the world that i had projectile vomit in the kitchen sink, it was some exorcist shit. i still have the rest in my fridge, maybe we can sell it to the goverment to develop some sort of weapon to battle evil.

Birdie Hilltop - The Sorrow

chris on January 07 2010

Obviously it's sorrowful, but man It comes across as heartfelt too. Nice rhythm of an acoustic guitar, and the lyrics, that's all I need. Damn, rhythm is hard to spell.

Memory Tapes - Green Knight

chris on January 06 2010

This entire album is great, and great to work to because you can kind-of ignore it. Something that I can't ignore, on the other hand, are the tires that are slashed on my car. I love Brooklyn! I have to go deal with that real quick.

Richard Cheese - Last Resort

alex on January 05 2010

Who knew lounge music could be so fuckin bad ass? I discovered this dude while watching Dawn of the Dead, he does an absolutely epic cover of down with the sickness. check out his album, chock full of 90s favorite.

Is Island - When Oh When

chris on January 05 2010

These chaps hail from England, and their sound is bad to f'n bone. Hurry up and release your stuff so you can tour over on this side of the pond.

Air France - Gothenburg Belongs To Me

alex on January 04 2010

The future is now listeners, the year 2010 is upon us. Tomorrow you're going to walk out on to the street and see elroy jetson whiz by on his space car being chased by alien zombies from serenity. just kidding, the coolest shit you'll see is youre neighbors kid on his razor scooter... without a helmet. he's so agro. here's my big band prediction for 2010, air france.

Field - Sunday

chris on January 04 2010

Love the layering on this track. Big shout out to the Malcolm for doing a feature on us today.

Harlem Shakes - Strictly Game

chris on January 03 2010

I felt this was an appropriate choice for the first song of 2010. On another note, this bender has got to come to an end.

Think About Life - Sweet Sixteen

chris on December 31 2009

NOW YOU LISTEN TO ME! 2010 is the year that is going to turn things around. I know some of you have fallen on harsh times, but I can tell there is hope. Some say that '69 was the year that really turned things around which kinda makes more sense, but don't listen to them cause I wasnt even born yet.

MC Chris - Emo Party

alex on December 31 2009

happy news years kids! 2010 will be the year of the left as rain, its a real animal. look that shit up. it looks like that giant red thing the dude in avatar rides.