Bibio - Saint Thomas

Alex on April 01 2016

Bibio's latest album has been my goto on repeat album of the last week. This particularly bubbly track is one of my favorite, if I told you how many times I've listened to it I would feel ashamed and awkward... but then probably okay with it.

Car Seat Headrest - Drunk Drivers Killer Whales

chris on March 27 2016

This is the best song I've heard all year. Full stop.

Lucius - Dusty Trails

Alex on March 23 2016

Sure, it's a little poppy... but don't we all need a little pop in our life? And maybe it does sound a little bit like country music but like REALLY good country music that's extremely accepting of gays, black people, and muslims. Furthermore you simply can't deny those siren calls. Sing it, sisters.

Alex G - Bug

Alex on March 16 2016

Alex G's latest album Beach Music is exactly that -- beach music. In my current flu ridden state being healthy on the beach sounds amazing to me.. I guess for now I'll just have to settle for an album called Beach Music. What do you think the G in Alex G stands for? I'm going with Ghost.. or maybe Gorilla. Grapes? Probably Gary.

Behaviors - Don't Fight It

chris on March 16 2016

Listen people. I just want to be totally honest with you. I would hate for y'all not to trust me after all these years of dedicated listenership. Here it goes... I'm posting this from the toilet. There!!! Oh man, I fell so much better. Because I told you, not cause the other thing.

Miike Snow - My Trigger

Alex on March 09 2016

This probably isn't the only place you'll hear this song in the coming months.

Exit Someone - Sydney the List Goes On

Chris on March 08 2016

This band is mysterious. It's the side project of the guy from Vesuvio Solo, who are already underrated. This can only mean this band is destined to be double underrated.

Deptford Goth - Union

Alex on February 29 2016

Pardon my absence, I've been in the woods. In other news: I noticed something today -- as you grow older the floor gets further and further away. I notice when I bend over to pick up stuff I make this audible noise I use to hear my parents make and be like "LOL UR OLD!" Jokes on me I guess, getting old sucks.

Larry Gus - A Set of Replies

chris on February 23 2016

This has nothing to do with this particular song, but has a song completely taken over your life before? I've become totally obsessed with Cortez the Killer by Neil Young, and all the people who have covered it over the years. Matthew Sweet and the Indigo Girls, Slint, Built to Spill and even Dave Matthews and Warren Haynes. This song has seeped into my subconscious and is now haunting my dreams. There is something about it that I can't quite figure out. I feel like Jim Carey in that movie where he is obsessed with the number 23. I'm basically about to lock myself in a room and start scribbling all over the walls and carving into the floor.

Conspiracy of Owls - A Silver Song

chris on February 23 2016

I can't find Alex. Let us all bow our heads and have a moment of silence. Don't turn off the song though, it's amazing.