Zoo Kid - Broke

alex on January 12 2011

Damn Chris already posted Zoo kid.. oh well. Chris and myself will be at the King Krule show on Friday if anyone wants to punch us in the face. In other news: I'm just discovering I'm allergic to some form of nut in this Men's Health Planters variety mix (Yes, I'm that asshole who buys Men's Health nuts). How does one go almost 29 years without knowing these things?

Grimes - Crystal Ball - Daytrotter Session

chris on January 12 2011


Zoo Kid - Baby Blue

chris on January 12 2011

Zoo kid slash King Krule, the Ginger all Gingers can look up to. I've never been so attracted to a day walker, except that girl from Matchless the other night with the nicest ass I've ever seen that was impossibly stuffed into american apparel red disco pants. It defied logic. Amiright Max?

Sea Wolf - Song of The Magpie

alex on January 11 2011

holy daddy issues, Sea Wolf. I seem to be drawn to all things with daddy isues, this song is no exception.

M83 - Another Wave From You

chris on January 10 2011

M83, master of the segway lead in track.

Jobriath - I'm A Man

chris on January 10 2011

Excuse me, quiet down while I play the most badass song ever made by MAN.

Phantogram - Futuristic Casket

chris on January 10 2011

This is pretty cool. But you don't have to take my word for it. Wait, that's from reading rainbow.

Doe Paoro - Can't Leave You

alex on January 09 2011


The Twilight Sad - Another Bed

alex on January 08 2011

Depeche Mode meets Crystal Castles?

Active Child - Playing House

chris on January 05 2011

Active Child is so on point it's rediculous. When I make my movie, I would like them to score it. Them and Explosions In the Sky. What's the concept you ask?... My life, except 100 times more interesting.