M83 - Another Wave From You

chris on January 10 2011

M83, master of the segway lead in track.

Jobriath - I'm A Man

chris on January 10 2011

Excuse me, quiet down while I play the most badass song ever made by MAN.

Phantogram - Futuristic Casket

chris on January 10 2011

This is pretty cool. But you don't have to take my word for it. Wait, that's from reading rainbow.

Doe Paoro - Can't Leave You

alex on January 09 2011


The Twilight Sad - Another Bed

alex on January 08 2011

Depeche Mode meets Crystal Castles?

Active Child - Playing House

chris on January 05 2011

Active Child is so on point it's rediculous. When I make my movie, I would like them to score it. Them and Explosions In the Sky. What's the concept you ask?... My life, except 100 times more interesting.

Grimes - Oblivion

chris on January 05 2011

This is rad. It's like The Bangles 2.0 up in here.

Shawn Lee's Ping Pong Orchestra - Kiss The Sky

chris on January 04 2011

Bring the beat back up with a touch of soul.

Teletextile - I Don't Know How To Act Here

alex on January 04 2011

So I started taking this shit Alpha Brain, which basically promotes better brain function, one of their claims is "Lucid Dreams." So I took a bit a few hours before I went to bed and had an insanely awesome dream of swimming in the sun, there were rope swings, friends, lazy rivers, mansions, pools, gift shops, and best of all warmth. Now...generally when I have a dream like this I wake up and realize I pissed myself - thankfully no pee pee. I did however wake up to a 14 fucking degrees New York, fuck you Alpha Brain for making me dream about swimming in the sun then waking up shivering in my bed.

Future Islands - Blind

chris on January 04 2011

I was watching NOVA the other night on the subject of artic ice shevles melting. Let me put it this way, if you want to prepare for the future, you might as well go ahead and watch all of the mad max movies. Hints the choice of playing Future Islands.