White Denim - Some Wild Going Outward

alex on December 02 2010

oh hey sexy song, whats up? if you were a person you'd be a pretty blonde girl with denim shorts and a cut up 80s metal band shirt on. we'd hang out for a bit until i realized that youre going to get me arrested cause youre too wild, then i'd stop returning your calls. a week later I'd call you at 2am and tell you to come over in that Iron Maiden shirt and cuddle. You'll bitch me out and hang up on me then I'd wallow in my own self pity. God damn this song is depressing WTF.

Future Islands - Old Friend

chris on December 01 2010

I before E except after C. Ahhh, now i am starting to get it. What? It only took me twenty eight years.

Daniel Johnston - Desperate Man Blues

chris on December 01 2010

This is one of the saddest songs I have ever heard by the truly extroidinary and troubled Daniel Johnston.

The Get Up Kids - Regent's Court

alex on November 30 2010

Oh happy day, a new Get Up Kids single, I thought for sure all the dudes from The Get Up Kids worked at gas stations now. Just for the record I did NOT puke last week, I am, in fact, slightly dissapointed and may drink syrup of ipecac to recreate the experience.

The National - Wake Up Your Saints

alex on November 23 2010

Welp... turkey day is fast approaching and you know what that means. I'm bound to throw up this week from over eating and drinking too much. Like clock work every year, this week, I puke out my guts from raging too hard. I, for one, welcome the vomit this year, bring on the cranberry sauce mixed with cheap dessert wine and the ocassional stuffing bit coming out my nose and mouth! I thank with my puke.

Cults - Go Outside

chris on November 22 2010

So the word of the day today kiddies is normality. Let's try it in a sentence. Chris' life has finally returned to normality after two straight months of hell on earth. Great job!

Band of Horses - Georgia (Cee lo Cover)

alex on November 19 2010

UGA redcoat marching band kills it. Over the years posting catchy tunes to LAR i've noticed a couple things... what does make an incredible song, alex? well I'll tell you... more than one drummer, be it a percussionist, a drum machine overlaid on top the drums, or a homeless guy flapping his buttcheeks together simulating a clapping sound.

Mew - Comforting Sounds

chris on November 18 2010

Listen to this while alone and sad. Then come to my mag release tomorrow at Rouge58 in BK.

Kay Kay and His Weathered Underground - Oh, Motherfuckers

alex on November 17 2010

My favorite word. Some gnarly guitar in this jam.

People Under the Stairs - Trippin At The Disco

alex on November 15 2010

I'm pretty sure I experienced my favorite moment ever this morning. So i'm riding the M train over the Williamsburg bridge(for those of you who dont know - the M train travels above ground along a bridge connecting Brooklyn to Manhattan, the train runs almost parallel with the walking/bike path over the bridge). I'm jamming out to the new Girl Talk album and I look up to check out the sweet view of the city. There he was, my unforseen hero, a small asian man on a giant moped with his long raven black hair dancing in the wind. he pulls up to my window, we make eye contact and he laughs hysterically then proceeds to race the train across the bridge. M train 0 Asian Hero 1.