Kay Kay and His Weathered Underground - Oh, Motherfuckers

alex on November 17 2010

My favorite word. Some gnarly guitar in this jam.

People Under the Stairs - Trippin At The Disco

alex on November 15 2010

I'm pretty sure I experienced my favorite moment ever this morning. So i'm riding the M train over the Williamsburg bridge(for those of you who dont know - the M train travels above ground along a bridge connecting Brooklyn to Manhattan, the train runs almost parallel with the walking/bike path over the bridge). I'm jamming out to the new Girl Talk album and I look up to check out the sweet view of the city. There he was, my unforseen hero, a small asian man on a giant moped with his long raven black hair dancing in the wind. he pulls up to my window, we make eye contact and he laughs hysterically then proceeds to race the train across the bridge. M train 0 Asian Hero 1.

Dan Auerbach - I Want Some More

christopher on November 15 2010

Now let us see here. The Decoded Jay-Z ad campaign is wrapping up, and my magazine release party is this Friday. Hit me on my beepa!!!!

Headless Horseman - Wavlgnth

alex on November 12 2010

I fold.

Darkstar - Aidys Girl Is A Computer

chris on November 11 2010

I see your computer music alex, and raise you more computer music.

Martial Canterel - You Today

alex on November 08 2010

COMPUTER MUSIC!!!11one!!11elevent!!111!

Florence and the Machine - Girl With One Eye

alex on November 08 2010

Left as rainers, I'm being worked to death. dont you miss the good ol days when I had the energy to think of something funny to write and make the world laugh? me too.

The Chemical Brothers - The Pills Won't Help You Now

christopher on November 07 2010

How did I let this one slip through the cracks? So just to break it down real quick... this song is featuring Tim Smith, the vocalist and song writer from Midlake. His voice kinda makes you want to start over. Pitchfork gave this album a 3 out of 10. Go fuck yourself pitchfork. This is post 777 on the 7th.

Blood Diamonds - Heart

alex on November 03 2010

No internet in my new apartment makes me a sad boy. Posts will be coming pretty slow from me for the next few weeks but i still love ya kiddos. In other news I just spent about 10 minutes watching a homeless guy on special K walking MAYBE 3 feet a minute.

UNKLE - Natural Selection

christopher on November 03 2010

Featuring the Black Angels. I think I saw her at the picture with her only. I'm not sure if that is the lyric, but i'm sticking with it cause i like it.