WILDHART - Stuck In A Second

alex on May 17 2015

I'm stuck working all day, not to mention I worked till 2am last night. Thus is the life of a contract web developer. This song pulled me out of a very dark place last night, so here - take it, do what you will with it.

The Yacolt Burn - Out of Your Head

Alex on May 13 2015

Cruising Soundcloud's song recommendations can be so rewarding. Take The Yacolt Burn for instance, 24 followers on Soundcloud... Listen to this track, this guy kills it and only 24 people want to hear more music from them?? Well I for one will jump on board and be the 25th...... ....and my axe.

Flake Music - Structo

chris on May 12 2015

Who cares that this is James Mercer pre Shins. The only thing that matters is that it sounds like 1997 in the form of musical waves. Just close your eyes and remember entering high school in northwest Georgia. A cute but late blooming kid. Don't worry, you'll have your time in the sun, and the girls will soon be chasing you.

Gateway Drugs - Take Back the Rain

chris on May 12 2015

You know it's time to switch up your job when every little thing annoys the absolute shit out of you. How about this for a scenario... someone asks you if something should be a certain way, instead of just asking you to do it. Fucking man up and make a decision! "Should it be red?".... I dunno, do you want to see it red you fucking fuck tard?!

Natural Child - I Ain't Gonna Stop

chris on May 11 2015

No matter how many looks of disapproval I get from my girl, I'll always be a beer drinking, tequila shootin' southern roughneck. Sorry babe.

Wilsen - Garden

Alex on May 05 2015

Sober Cinco de Mayo.. if you told me I would be sober for a Cinco de Mayo cinco years ago I would have slapped you in the face and called you a bold face liar --and then apologized. I'm not some asshole sober crusader telling you how to live your life, just some dude who's grown to really enjoy living life unfiltered.

It's funny how a few short years can turn you into the exact anti-thesis of your previous self. This notion becomes even more pronounced in my life as I write this new version of left as rain. I go through old posts and almost cringe reading some of the shit I used to write but hold off from hitting the delete post button. It's good having those reminders around about where we used to be so we can see how far we've come. I guess that's why I still have my high school year book, which constantly reminds me its not okay to wear candy jewelry with your bleached spikey hair coming out of a Thundercats visor... ever.

Misun - After Me

Alex on April 28 2015

Sometimes I wonder if I'm a puker... Like one of those people who puke under super tense situations. I honestly devote time to wondering about this, I rarely ever throw up. I certainly don't throw up when I'm stressed .. but then again no one has ever held a gun to my face. That's the fucked up part, you never know if you're a puker until it's way too late. It's gotta suck to have a gun pointed at you but it sucks way more to learn you're a puker.

FMLYBND - Electricity

Alex on April 24 2015

This is one of those tracks that just makes me want to stand in place punching the air like a rock em sock em robot for 4 minutes straight.

SILICON - God Emoji

alex on April 22 2015

Today in chill songs... this one. If I made the music video for this track it would solely contain an overweight dude doing the worm in the slowest motion possible for two minutes and forty one seconds.

Unknown Mortal Orchestra - Sittin On the Dock of the Bay

chris on April 21 2015

I long for the South, so in honor of my southern roots, I bring you some Otis. Otis makes everything better.