Unknown Mortal Orchestra - Sittin On the Dock of the Bay

chris on April 21 2015

I long for the South, so in honor of my southern roots, I bring you some Otis. Otis makes everything better.

Alpine - Foolish

Alex on April 16 2015

On multiple occasions whilst talking about local dining experiences I've had people recommend restaurants and follow that recommendation with a phrase which just sucker punches my soul -- "YOU GOTTA TRY THE MEAT LOAF!" It's at that point I question said person's life decisions, we're they raised on cardboard and cheerios? Have they ever eaten food before? Your oblong cube of meat never tastes good... ever.

Snowden - Fineshrine (Purity Ring Cover)

Alex on April 14 2015

Cutting open sternums has never sounded so peaceful.

Magic Potion - Deep Web

chris on April 10 2015

Lets start this cold dreary day out right, with some lethargic indie rock. What's that you say? It's partly sunny and a refreshing 68 degrees over in California? GO &%$# YOURSELF.

Hot Chip - White Wine and Fried Chicken

Alex on April 08 2015

This track is impossibly chill. Anytime someone is singing to me about fried chicken I will listen and most likely agree. We should make a new Mission Impossible movie called Mission Impossible: Impossibly Chill which would just be Tom Cruise wearing Top Gun aviators sitting on a beach drinking pina coladas with a friendly stray dog watching a sunset.

Built to Spill - Never Be the Same

chris on April 02 2015

My number one band is coming out with a new album. Same great sound, half as much depression. I'm not so sure that formula actually works for Built to Spill. You fuckers better not have found Jesus.

Active Child - Never Far Away

chris on April 02 2015

Active Child seems to have gone the way of 90s R&B. Actually, I'd be pretty hard pressed to find a genre in which this guys voice didn't sound spectacular. I was going to say death metal, but I think it would sound mind-blowingly good. I'm stumped.

Lower Dens - Your Heart Still Beating

Alex on April 01 2015

Goodness gracious - Lower Dens kills it on this intro. Fuck the song, just listen to the first 30 seconds on repeat.

Peaking Lights - Everyone and Us

chris on March 31 2015

This is a husband and wife music team. Just think about that for a second. No thanks.

Jamie XX - Loud Places (Feat. Romy)

Alex on March 31 2015

Finally a return of the Jamie XX we've all come to know and love - not this all under one roof raving bull shit. Now we if could only get Alt J back to its former self we would be all set - that's right J, I'm calling out you and your "I'm a female rebel" garbage.