Van She - Radio Waves I

alex on July 10 2012

Serious slump of new good music, I blame big oil and fox news.

Glass Candy - Feeling Without Touching

chris on July 06 2012

Glass Candy always has that young love vibe to it. Heart break summers of the glory years.

FM Belfast -DeLorean

chris on July 06 2012

What a long strange week it's been. Holdiay mid week throws a kink in your internal clock.

Poolside - Slow Down

chris on July 03 2012

Off to the beach. Big day tomorrow America. Biiiiig Day.

Howlin' Wolf - Shake For Me

alex on June 27 2012

I wish the weather was as cool as this song makes me feel. Today I discovered the cure for global warming is electric blues.

Paul Banks - Summertime Is Coming

alex on June 27 2012

I'm the uncle to a brand new nephew, which brings the total number of children who call me uncle ninja to three.

Jessie Ware - Wildest Moments

chris on June 26 2012

This girl seems to not be messing around from a singing standpoint.

Plants and Animals - Lightshow

chris on June 26 2012

Somewhere between a crisis and a really good time.

Purity Ring - Fineshrine

alex on June 22 2012

If this band were cats it would be called Purrrrrity ring.

Alt J - Fitzpleasure

chris on June 21 2012

Sometimes this album comes across as a bit trippy or even jam-like, but occasionally it will bang pretty hard.