Vagina Wolf - Nic Cave

christopher on June 01 2010

This is what I'm talkin about. This is Chris' kind of music people. Vagina Wolf has since changed their name to World Unite Lucifer Youth Foundation, and from what I can figure out the band consists of some really talented Manchesterian rapscallions.

the Gorrilaz - On Melancholy Hill

christopher on June 01 2010

Pretty soon they are going to have to make the gulf coast plastic beaches. thanks bp.

Broadcast 2000 - Get Up and Go

alex on May 28 2010

It's 3:04pm on Friday afternoon and I feel fucking fantastic.

Arcade Fire - The Suburbs

alex on May 27 2010

Killer chorus. Ive been working on the new version LAR for the past few days straight, looks pretty good. Probably will launch next week.

Karen Elson - The Ghost Who Walks

alex on May 26 2010

am i too old to think icing someone is funny? i mean, you folks who know me are fully aware i love a good LOL but i just dont think thats funny at all. the last thing i want to do is walk around all day with a smirnoff ice in my pocket. furthermore, youre making someone drink a smirnoff to humiliate them... but.... its your smirnoff.... you actually BOUGHT a smirnoff ice, people saw you buy them in a store with your own money.

Arizona - Don't Pretend to Turn Time Around

christopher on May 24 2010

This song is bananas, and is dedicated to the truly maddening sounds coming from across the street. Three jackhammers. REALLY, 3?!!.

The Morning Benders - I Wanna Be Like You

chris on May 24 2010

The Morning Benders come through with more red hot fire. This is a cover of probably the best Disney song in history, originally sung by King Louie the Orangatang.

Toro y Moi - Leave Everywhere

alex on May 24 2010

Adios LOST, it was a good run.

The Piano Plays Itself - Who We Were

christopher on May 24 2010

Introducing The Piano Plays Itself from Atlanta Georgia. Big sound players.

Your Twenties - Folks Back Home

alex on May 14 2010

If you fellow New Yorkers are feeling depressed, like me, because you havnt seen the sun all week I have just the solution, were DJing Good Co. this Thursday, 10 Hope St Brooklyn NY. I cant promise there will be sun considering its at 10PM but I can promise sunshine like good times.