Your Twenties - Folks Back Home

alex on May 14 2010

If you fellow New Yorkers are feeling depressed, like me, because you havnt seen the sun all week I have just the solution, were DJing Good Co. this Thursday, 10 Hope St Brooklyn NY. I cant promise there will be sun considering its at 10PM but I can promise sunshine like good times.

Gayngs - Crystal Rope

christopher on May 14 2010

Yeah, thats a double dose of the illest. just in case you were wondering.

Gayngs - The Gaudy Side of Town

alex on May 12 2010

youre now tuned in to WLAX all smooth jazz, all the time. so chill the fuck out.

Crystal Castles - Celestica

alex on May 12 2010

Love of my life, Alice Glass, and that other dude whos name I dont know return with an absolute home run of an album. Alice, lets go out for milk shakes sometime? whats that? you dont drink milkshakes? your diet consists solely of heroin and sour patch kids...? no biggie, i'd still tap that.

LCD Soundsystem - All I Want

christopher on May 12 2010

Hey brothers and sisters, let us turn up the volume knob. pow pow.

The Detroit Cobras - It's Raining

christopher on May 11 2010

I had a New York City day today; A day that really makes you appreciate this place. People are down and out, but let me tell you something. When you hear that lone trumpeteer on the subway belting out blues that brings a tear to your eye, and you take a walk through the park that makes you forget all your worries, everything is all good and well on it's way being back to normal. trust. This is an Irma cover in case you were wondering.

The Sea And Cake - Showboat Angel

christopher on May 07 2010

Sanity... I think I'm losing it at an alarming rate. Songs like this keep me barely hangin on. Thank you mid 90's.

The Radio Dept. - Never Follow Suit

alex on May 05 2010

Folks, LA DIA DE MADRES is upon us! Tomorrow ill start my great trek down to the beautiful state of VA and earn some awesome son points while spendin time with the family. in other news: if youre just trying to kick it and relax I suggest puttin on this album and just tuning out of reality for a bit. such great noises.

Morning Benders - Cold War

alex on May 05 2010

I got on board really late with this album, but damn everything ive heard is true. magical piece of music right here. Happy cinco de mayo everyone, taco and margarita appreciation day ahoy! in other news: thanks to the folks who made it out on saturday... and to the people who didnt, youre fucking dead to me!! ... JAY KAY!

Wolf Parade - Ghost Pressure

christopher on May 05 2010

what's that overwhelming crushing feeling. Oh right... crippling anxiety.