Vacationer - Everyone Knows

chris on March 27 2012

Speaking of being a vacationer, eff i want to go away. New York is really playing with my emotions right now. I woke up this morning as a popsicle. Thanks to Music that Doesnt Suck for the track.

Rhye - Open

alex on March 26 2012

Dido 2.0

Bleached - Think of You

chris on March 26 2012

Cruisin in my 5.0, got the top down so my hair can blow.

Ludovin - How To Find A Party

alex on March 22 2012

Let's kick off the week with a banger.

Vacationer - Summer End

alex on March 22 2012

Travel technicians Vacationer kill it. I have a hard time some days thinking of witty shit to write, I usually think of my best stuff while I'm riding on the subway and I'll jot down a note in my phone and come back to it later. The only problem with that is the notes I leave are like cryptic serial killer messages. Let's take a look back through some - "Old Boy" "Bathroom Light" "Fucked up fairy tales" "Question Mark" "Zombie Dad" - Zombie dad sounds like a Fox sitcom...

Teen Daze - Treten

alex on March 21 2012

Its no secret I was a weird fucking kid but I think people will be able to relate to me on this. When I was younger everytime I took a shower I looked down at my hands and I noticed it looked like they were shooting out water. I remember being astounded by this fact, every day I would get in the shower and feel like a boss while telling myself "yep, I have super powers." .... moral of the story is reality is a mother fucker.

Crystal Fighters - Swallow

chris on March 20 2012

These guys ignited glasslands last night in a rad way. Oh and this song gets hard as fuck with a flip of a switch.

Beach House - Wishes

alex on March 19 2012

If I was president I'd make the weekends one day longer. Mejias 2012.

Built to Spill - Car (live)

chris on March 19 2012

I want to see, movies of my dreams. Doug Martsch continues to be my favorite, sorry young bloods.

Loyal Divide - Vision Vision

alex on March 16 2012

Chris and myself are off to the woods to recreate every horror movie from the early 80s (especially E.T.).